Relentless Heat

Monday, July 5, 2010

I hope everyone had a fun and a relaxing July 4th holiday. I took a few days off from blogging and enjoyed the weekend. As you can see from the map, a persistent heat wave covers much of the United States, with the East Coast roasting under a bubble of high pressure leading to record high temperatures. Here are a few of the numbers being reports.

· The official high at JFK International Airport yesterday was 101′
· A thermometer at Yankee Stadium hit 110′ yesterday
· In Rochester, NY the thermometer today stands at 91′ with a heat index of 98′
· Cleveland is currently 92′ with a heat index of 98′
· Philadelphia hit 96′ today but tomorrow is forecast to reach 101′
· Washington DC is currently broiling in 98 degrees’
· Houston, TX is 91′ with a suffocating heat index of 101′

Welcome to summer 2010!

If you hate the heat and want to get away to cooler climes, try Seattle, where you can enjoy a frigid 61′ or San Francisco at 60′.

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13 Responses to Relentless Heat

  1. R.J. says:

    It’s 72 degrees and breezy where I’m at. And I’m complaining because it’s usually 85 to 90 degrees this time of year, which is perfect for my bad sinuses.

  2. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    I grew up with hot, humid weather in Manila but it’s a funny thing thing how quickly your body forgets and gets accustomed to the usually milder weather in Sacramento, CA.

    It’s been hot for months this year. Hotter than last year but I like it.

  3. Walk on Socks says:

    West Hollywood is in the mid-70’s. Very pleasant.

    I’m surprised Glo hasn’t shown up? Everytime there’s a thread about the weather and heat, she musters the energy to claw her way out of her drunken haze long enough to argue global warming is a liberal hoax and Al Gore is the Devil.

    I didn’t know they had computers on skid row?

  4. lea-lea says:

    Si, Christopher. Mi lavadero dried fast today.

    No need to use the dryer!

  5. Estacada says:

    The heat is headed west.

    Local news reports are warning the temperature in Portland, OR will hit 98′ Thursday and possibly 100′ Friday. This is a very hot July for the Pacific Northwest.

  6. ZarathustraMike says:

    This is soooo weird! I live in South Florida, and we’re the cool spot in the country!

  7. Bee says:

    with the East Coast roasting under a bubble of high pressure

    We certainly are. 101 in Richmond, VA today, more of the same tomorrow. I’d give my right arm to be in San Fran today…

  8. Shayne K. says:

    It’s hotter in Philadelphia than Ft. Lauderdale!

    The country is flipped. South is north and north is south. Weird.

  9. fran says:

    Oregon had a high of 75 today & it’s 65 now. It was a cool breeze that kept temps down.
    Next week we will get high 80’s temps they say…
    but we had the rainiest June on record.
    We all need something to complain about, first the rain, now the heat.
    Ya nevah know ~ but its always something!

  10. Jolly Roger says:

    I’m going back to the Lake for the weekend. At least, the breeze lets you function in the evening.

  11. sean says:

    The heat might be record setting but so is the lack of humidity, 43% due point is as dry as it gets and is making the heat in NY quite bearable.

  12. bradfrmphnx says:

    111-112 all last week in Phoenix.
    What global warming?

  13. cva says:

    global warming??? who came up with that silly old quirp??? 😉

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