Oil-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard; Concern over Fire Extinguishers and Life Vests

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sixty days into the worsening Gulf oil disaster and it’s difficult to figure out who’s in charge in Louisiana.

Gov. Bobbly Jindal ordered specially equipped barges to begin vacuuming up the toxic crude from his state’s oil-soaked waters. But the sixteen barges sat idle, even as more oil flowed toward the Louisiana shore.

The reason? Coast Guard officials ordered the stoppage because they needed to confirm there were fire extinguishers and life vests on board each barge, and then had trouble contacting the people who built the barges.

The governor said he didn’t have the authority to overrule the Coast Guard’s decision, though he said he tried to reach the Obama White House to communicate his concerns.

“They promised us they were going to get it done as quickly as possible,” he said. But “every time you talk to someone different at the Coast Guard, you get a different answer.”

After Jindal strenuously objected, the barges finally got the go-ahead to start work, vacuuming up the oil from the water after more than 24 hours of sitting idle.

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10 Responses to Oil-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard; Concern over Fire Extinguishers and Life Vests

  1. Jack Varney says:

    Case in point, 17 nations, many of whom have a lot of experience in petroleum, offered their expertise to help the U.S. clean up the oil in the Gulf.

    But BP said no to all but Canada, Mexico and Norway. So when I hear President Obama insist his administration is in charge of the cap and clean effort, I just laugh out loud because he is deferring to BP and has all along.

    Imagine turning down an offer from Saudi Arabia who has 60+ years experience in the field? It just doesn’t square, so this Coast Guard story is one more example of the utter lack of leadership from the Obama administration.

  2. Estacada says:

    Of all the state governors, who would’ve predicted Bobby Jindal to emerge as a leader and a hero?

    I thought the guy was a moron but, he’s shown more determination and leadership in this crisis that the president and Congress combined.

  3. Vivzzz says:

    Fire extinguishers and life vests? Please.

    The Coast Guard was checking with BP to determine who has legal possession of the vacuumed oil before they allowed the work to commence. This is BP’s operation. It was from the beginning and will be until the oil well is capped.

    The Obama White House and the American people are just casual observers.

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  5. Harry says:

    I’m totally confused. Obama says he’s in-charge. BP claims it’s in-charge. Now the Coast Guard is making decision?

  6. mbmdl says:

    Jindal has more than made up for his terrible GOP response to President Obama’s SOTU address. He isn’t someone I would support but, everyday since April 20th, he’s been on-site and on the job, showing the leadership Americans want from Washington but sadly, is in short supply.

  7. Walk on Socks says:


    I think most of us are confused.

    We can’t get a straight answer from BP, or MMS, or Interior, the Coast Guard, or President Obama.

    It’s not you. We’re all scratching our collective heads in disbelief.

  8. Lessir says:

    What prevented the Coast Guard from boarding the barges and simply doing a visual inspection???

  9. lessir says:

    I cannot believe the inefficiency, in the middle of the worst ecological disaster the Coast Guard did not feel the need to board the barges and do a visual inspection.

  10. najam awan says:

    I am also confused. that seems interesting but really confusion

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