Physicians Group says Bush-Era Doctors Helped Perfect Torture Methods

Monday, June 7, 2010

This report is enough to make Dr. Joseph Mengele proud!

Physicians for Human Rights, a prominent physicians group is alleging medical personnel were used to refine the effectiveness of waterboarding and other harsh torture techniques used on terror detainees in U.S. custody under the guise of safeguarding their health.

The group outlined the allegations stemming from a Bush-era interrogation program and called on the Obama White House to investigate. The report was based on a re-examination and new interpretation of records that had been previously released.

U.S. government officials denounced the report, saying the government did not conduct human research on detainees. The officials said that such charges and documents have already been made public and were examined by multiple government investigations.

The author of the report, Nathaniel Raymond, said the declassified documents had never been examined with an eye on laws including the Nuremberg Code, established to ban Nazi Germany medical experimentation.

Recently, former president George W. Bush — who, like a stubborn case of herpes, just refuses won’t go away, defended his administration’s use of torture, claimed the use of torture was legal and effective.

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9 Responses to Physicians Group says Bush-Era Doctors Helped Perfect Torture Methods

  1. Dale L. Suyeishi says:

    I heard rumors about this practice by doctors during the Bush years and thought it couldn’t be possible.

    Doctors take a sworn Hippocratic oath to protect and care for their patients above all else.

    The Obama administration can’t shy away from this request by Physicians for Human Rights. Obama has repeatedly said, “we don’t torture.”

    We don’t cover up incidents of torture either.

  2. Rachel says:

    Bush, Cheney and every member of his cabin-not should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague. As long as these people are free to roam the world, selling books and getting rich, America has no moral authority.

  3. joost says:

    For Christ’s sake! Only the Bush junta could find docs willing to help them construct torture, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Those 8 years Bushco was in power were truly dark days for this nation. I will often reflect how lucky we are to have survived.

  4. Capt. Wosocki says:

    Any doctor who advised the Cheney/Bush team on torture should lose their license to practice medicine in all 50 states.

    It’s simple, really.

  5. Harry says:

    The Bush administration was even worse than anyone ever thought. Only the previous administration could flip doctors to engage in this.

  6. Big Hank says:

    You have to wonder how much money Bush Inc. paid these physician advisers to teach the Rummy boys how far they could push before the detainee died?

    I bet these dirty doctors made out like bandits.

  7. Estacada says:

    Sorry, but I’m not nice or civilized when it comes to torture.

    I would argue the doctors who helped the neocons in the Bush cabal design “enhanced interrogation” techniques, should suffer the same fate the detainees endured at Abu Ghraib and in Romania.

  8. fran says:

    Gitmo is America’s Gulog.

    It disgusts me entirely.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    And yet, Rushpubliscum whiners scream and cry if you use a Hitler analogy when talking about their beloved monkey.

    This really is no surprise; the Chimpy dynasty has been Nazi for nearly as long as there have been Nazis. I tried to point out to people that good old Prescott was joined at the hip with Nazi Germany before the monkey ever got into the Oval Office, but no one wanted to listen.

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