George Alan Rekers Has a Rent Boy Eruption Problem

Saturday, May 8, 2010

George Alan Rekers, the viciously homophobic activist and co-founder of the Family Research Council has a RentBoy eruption on-track to rival Tiger Woods’ celebrated bimbo eruption.

A second man by the name of Carl Shepard has come forward with the sordid details of his sexual encounter with the ever horny Rekers.

Shepherd says the encounter took place at the Hyatt Regency at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in 1992.

Now 41, Shepherd claims that during the summer of 1992, he was living in Chicago where he’d placed an advertisement in Gay Chicago Magazine‘s models and escorts section offering his services and boasting of his porn experience. The ad listed a pager number for prospective clients.

One evening the pager went off. It was George Alan Rekers:

It was an old pager, so all that came up was a telephone number and a three digit number after that.

I called back – it was the Hyatt Regency Hotel at O’Hare airport, so I gave them the three digits as a room number.

“Hello, did you page me?”


“What can I do for you?” There was a pause.

“I’m looking to spend an hour with a smooth young man for an… intimate massage. Nude. I’m kinda vanilla—I just want light touching, not sex.” He knew the lingo. It seemed like he’d done this before.

“OK, but I have a rule—I have to have your real name. I write the name down, and I leave it here so my roommate knows where I’m going and who I’m with in case anything happens to me. It’s not negotiable.

“George Rekers,” he said with no hesitation.

I took the train from my apartment in downtown Chicago to the hotel, about 45 minutes. When he answered the door he was wearing dress pants, and a polo shirt. He said hi and was very friendly and polite as he started to undress. I took it as my cue to do the same.

He lay on the bed, stomach down. I climbed astride him and started massaging his neck.

“Lighter, just run your fingers over my skin. Like a kind of tickle touch.”

So I did. I ran my fingers down his spine. He was squirming and pushing his ass up in the air, because he wanted me to touch him there. Eventually I’d touched him over every inch of his body with the same light touch. He got very aroused for an old guy—I was impressed actually.

Looking back I think he thought that it wasn’t gay, that he hadn’t crossed the line, because he didn’t want me to masturbate him at all. Just run my fingers over him there.

We lay on the bed afterwards, both still naked. There was still some time left so I asked him:

“Did you call me up just because I’ve been in porn movies?”

He didn’t answer for a little while. “I didn’t know. What type of thing?”

I told him about the oral and anal sex that I engaged in. He seemed really disgusted. His face curled up. He handed me $150 and I left. But I felt a bit guilty it had ended like that. I remember thinking that I’d really grossed him out, that I’d corrupted this confused man.

I didn’t think about it again until this week. Honestly I had no idea who Rekers was, or what he did until Monday or Tuesday when I saw a link to the story about him and the other rent boy.

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18 Responses to George Alan Rekers Has a Rent Boy Eruption Problem

  1. feminazi says:

    These men of a certain generation and era like Rekers and Roy Cohn, Eric Massa, Larry Craig, Mark Foley and Charlie Crist, are very, very sad. They live such conflicted and troubled lives and yet, my empathy for them is always tempered by the reality of how they can be very dangerous too. Like making policy and passing laws that discriminate against gay Americans.

  2. DMason says:

    George Rekers illicits zero compassion from me. He’s like a snake with its tail chopped off. Still able to strike and bite. He’s a self-loathing homo and not anyone we can trust. “Pray away the gay” and conversion therapy my ass. I hope he commits suicide.

  3. Walk on Socks says:

    My Gaydar has always gone off when I see FRC’s Tony Perkins.

    I have no proof and it could be it is just because most doll boys have a gay vibe to them but, if I were a betting man, I would put $100 on the Family Research Council as a den of closet cases, with George Rekers just one of many.

    As for all of Rekers’ rent boys, I hope Oprah gathers the lost of them up and devotes an entire program to the hypocrisy of the Christian right and its leaders.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    I agree with DMason 100%. Rekers gets no compassion from me. He’s a disgusting piece of shit who was paid $60,000 by the Florida Attorney General to testify against repealing the state’s ban on gay adoption. His testimony was seasoned with such bon mots as “homosexuals are predators and child molesters who target children for sex.” He’s a crazy as Charles Manson as just as lethal. I just wish his whore-boy tryst took place in a state where such transactions are illegal so he could be prosecuted.

  5. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Speaking of closet cases, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had some fairly decent coverage of George Rekers and his hypocritical involvement with the Family Research Council.

    If I can find the clip on You Tube, I’ll post it.

  6. Peace Nick says:

    Rekers certainly has a “type?”

    Sort of soft, Breck girl boys, who are non threatening and almost pretty. Very curious. Certainly not the he-man archetype of a construction worker or sports star.

  7. Rachel says:

    Here’s a man with a PhD. in Neuroscience and instead of using his advanced degree to help humanity and improve the lot of people, Rekers chose to apply his area of study to the destruction of LGBT Americans. He’s a rotten scumbag and deserves the ridicule he’s now enjoying.

  8. VicoDANIEL says:

    Check out Rachel Maddow’s take down of George Alan Rekers. She totally delivers the one-two-punch.

  9. Matteo says:

    I posted this on the previous thread about George Rekers but it’s so good and relevant that it deserves repeating. 🙂

    University of South Carolina Erases Rekers from Website

  10. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    A little birdy told me George Rekers is on suicide watch over this scandal.

    He’s as gay as Lance Bass but the Bible is a bitch.

  11. Harry says:

    You never knew this about me but I’m not gay. I just like getting my cock sucked by guys and sucking guys cocks to ejaculation. Really.

  12. George Rekers is a disgusting human being, regardless of his sexual orientation. He’s just getting what he’s deserved for a long, long time.

  13. Scott Dancer says:

    Rekers actually expects people to believe he hired a skinny, 130lbs. twink for the sole purpose to carry his luggage on a two week vacation across Europe?

    The sad, tortured logic from a Bible thumper’s closet.

    If either of these rent boys were big, muscular men, then Rekers story might have a germ of truth but these boys look like they would fall over in a strong wind.

  14. Dmitris says:

    Rekers is a creep. All the cable people from Rachel Maddow, to Anderson Cooper, to Jon Stewart and even Joy Behar, is making jokes about him. I hope he’s enjoying his second career as the latest national joke.

  15. HalfGay says:

    Not a shock at all ….. this guy is disgusting because of his self loathing and insistence on telling other people their lives are bad. His fight against humanity should be shunned by everyone.

  16. bradfrmphnx says:

    Nothing like a self-loathing hypocrite to incite vehemence. I loathe this shithead, and all the hatred he has induced. I really wish there was a God that he had to stand before. Maybe all of this negative publicity is going to be enough to keep him away from any future head of anything, or any kind of stand in the national spotlight. May he rot in hell, may he rot in hell…

  17. Chad Lebanon says:

    I read this text and I hear the strains of:

    Its fun to stay at the….., Y… M… C… A!
    Its fun to stay at the….., Y… M… C… A!

  18. Mets Fan says:

    Rekers needs to pray more.

    He said it’s possible to pray away the gay. Even the cute gays, with soft hands and big penises. Isn’t that right, Professor George? 😉

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