Baseball Players Union Unhappy with Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Despite the protests along with nightly lampooning by Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart will probably not result in Arizona rescinding its new anti immigration law but, ticking off professional sports is something else entirely.

The Major League Baseball Players Association on Friday said it is opposed to the controversial new immigration law, saying it could negatively affect foreign players.

Executive Director Michael Weiner said the law could cause problems for players who are not U.S. citizens, but who play on one of 30 Major League squads in the U.S. and Canada.

Lawmakers have eyed baseball as one avenue to highlight their opposition to the law, now it appears that they have the players’ union on their side.

Weiner said in a statement:

“The Major League Baseball Players Association opposes this law as written. We hope that the law is repealed or modified promptly.”

27 percent of Major League Baseball players are Latinos who hail from Mexico, Central America, South America and Puerto Rico and in 2011, Phoenix is slated to host the MLB All-Star Game.

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10 Responses to Baseball Players Union Unhappy with Arizona’s New Immigration Law

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    Professional sports is the true religion of America. If anything will work to repeal SB 1070, it is sports and what players say they will and won’t accept in order to play in Arizona.

  2. retahyajyajav says:

    Noted: If you plan to play in the All Star Game in Phoenix, either stay safely in your hotel or bring your papers or the Phoenix Pee Dee may arrest and deport you.

  3. Harry says:

    I would love to see 27% of foreign born MLB players refuse to play in Phoenix. This would send a message.

  4. Pechanga says:

    This law, as I read it, does nothing to protect the US border from crossings by illegals from Mexico.

    It does, however, give the police appalling new powers to practice racial profiling in the worst way possible.

    I’m at a lose to understand how 70% of Arizonians say they support it.

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    Between baseball and all of the other boycotts taking shape…AZ will eventually relent. But it will be a long time coming. They held out forever with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

    This state relies on tourism. And they like to shoot themselves in the foot. But I can pass on that much to my chagrin, this bill is overwhelmingly supported by Arizonans. I can’t wait to pack up my bags and move on down the road…

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    Pechanga couldn’t be more right. This is, as many have put it, a “Jose Crow” law, and nothing more.

  7. Pechanga says:


    “lose” s/b “loss.” My bad.

    Another point is, since the Mexican drug cartels are responsible for the majority of the criminal issues along the border, would this not meet the threhold for a national security issue and warrant U.S. troops to protect our sovereign border?

    Redeploy the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and station them along the border. The U.S. Border Control isn’t a military operation.

  8. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is on record saying he will boycott next year’s All-Star game if SB 1070 isn’t repealed, and according to Keith Olbermann’s Twitter account Guillen really ripped into the law. I wish I knew the specifics.

    San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez, who holds dual citizenship in the States and in Mexico, spoke out against it in the local newspaper — and the bigots that loiter in the comments section ripped him for it.

  9. fran says:


  10. fran says:

    Saw a sign posted from an El Paso rally-

    Give me your tired
    your poor
    your papers

    There needs to be a big fuss & major boycotts.
    Everything is not all white in Arizona!

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