The Pope Sleeps While the Vatican Burns

Monday, April 19, 2010

Benedict XVI is seen here sleeping through Sunday Mass in Malta.

The picture is emblematic of an asleep-on-the-job image the Pontiff has wrestled with throughout the latest priest sex abuse scandal currently rocking the Catholic Church to its very foundation.

One is left to wonder why the Catholic hierarchy insists on elevating very old men to the job of Pope instead of young, dynamic men? At 82 years of age — an age most men are well into, and enjoying retirement, Pope Benedict XVI appears to have one foot in the grave.

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16 Responses to The Pope Sleeps While the Vatican Burns

  1. ZarathustraMike says:

    End his suffering already, put his other foot in the coffin and lower him down into his hell……… whether he’s still breathing or not! The old piece of shit has long outlived his usefulness………..

  2. ZarathustraMike says:

    Hurry up and die, you old bastard. Geebus is waiting for you………….

  3. HitchensMan says:

    When this Poop dies…… Little boys asses around the World will breathe a sigh of relief!

  4. TOM339 says:

    They say with age comes wisdom.

    Sadly, not for the Pope and his church. I’ve seen a number of posts here and elsewhere calling for a Vatican III to address once and for all church policy for the handling of pedophile priests but there seems to be zero interest in Rome.

    Maybe what they need is a middle manager type? A man (or woman) with a theology background and who lived in the secular world prior to entering the church?

    This would certainly bring a fresh perspective to a 2,000 year old system.

  5. Rachel says:

    Maybe they needed to parade hot, muscle boys in Speedos before Il Papa to keep him alert and awake during his Malta Mass? It works for all the other guys in the Catholic church.

  6. emcee says:

    Don’t these guys have to die on the job before a new Pope is anointed? This is whack. Airline pilots are forced to retire at 60.

    But a Pope can drag his ass to work until 80 or 90 and then die? Talk about Medieval.

  7. No Nonsense says:

    What do think that Cardinal on his left is thinking?
    “shyte he’s too far away, my foot won’t reach without people seeing”

  8. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Catholics of the world, he has risen! Not!

    Before you sits the leader of the world’s largest pedophile network. The one, the only, the infallible old turd called Joseph Ratzinger!

    Woo hoo!

  9. retahyajyajav says:

    Rachel — Hahahahahahaha! perfect! šŸ™‚

  10. John says:

    Don’t you think you are saying a lot of nonsense!

    The Pope, aged 83 is a living sign of God’s love…it would be easier for him to retire and live quietly his elderly days, but he has been elected as Vicar of Christ, and with his Spirit he leads on.

    Even God himself became Man and died on the cross for us all not to perish…but through his death many just saw a failing man, whereas in reality his death and resurrection was the key to our eternal life!

  11. Harry says:

    John, Please do me a favor and STFU. You efforts to defend a pedophile enabler is making me queasy.

  12. Chad Lebanon says:

    Are you sure he’s not dead?

    Quick poke him with a stick.

  13. I second Chad. And make it a pointy stick.

  14. Lost Cajun says:

    Chad, No such luck.
    No Nonsense, That’s no Cardinal. He’d have a red beanie on if he was. The cassock is no give away. LOL
    John, I was you once, then I woke up to the truth that all that stuff you spout is myth. Check out some of Bart Erhman’s books.

  15. Tears says:

    He must have been worn-out from all the energy he conjured up for the phoney tears.

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