Britain Plans to Arrest Pope Benedict XVI

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some exciting news to report in the Catholic priest sex scandal. Two high profile activists and authors, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, have asked human rights lawyers to produce a case for charging Pope Benedict XVI over his role in the cover-up of priest child rapists currently rocking the church to its foundation.

The pair believe they can use the same legal principle successfully used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, the late Chilean dictator, when he visited Britain in 1998. Benedict will slither into Britain between September 16 and 19, visiting London, Glasgow and Coventry, where he will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, the 19th-century theologian.

The Pope was embroiled in yet another controversy last week over the revelation of a letter he signed arguing “good of the universal church” should be considered above the defrocking of an Oakland, CA priest who committed sex crimes against two boys. It was dated 1985 and cleverly written in Latin, when then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which deals with sex abuse cases.

Dawkins and Hitchens believe the Pope would be unable to claim diplomatic immunity from arrest because, although his tour is categorised as a state visit, he is not the head of a state recognised by the United Nations. They have commissioned lawyers Geoffrey Robertson and Mark Stephens, to present a justification for legal action.

The lawyers believe they can ask the Crown Prosecution Service to initiate criminal proceedings against the Pope, launch their own civil action against him or refer his case to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

Arresting Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the 1.1 billion member Catholic church, upon setting his Prada-adorned feet on British soil would be an extraordinary historical event that would broadcast a message to the victims of priest rapists that says suffering will not be tolerated and justice will finally prevail.

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33 Responses to Britain Plans to Arrest Pope Benedict XVI

  1. TOM339 says:

    This is indeed an extraordinary turn of events.

    From what I read, the pews are empty, donations are drying up and anger is mounting. At least in the U.S. and in Europe, rational people are horrified by the behavior of this Pope over sweeping these abuses under the rug in St. Peters.

    I hope the UK is successful. Good on Dawkins and on Hitchens.

  2. Nigel Karsten says:

    This story has received a lot of attention in the UK.

    To the Papalists, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens self-serving heretics and media whores.

    But to the people who believe molesting children is uniformly unacceptable and not something a civilised society can tolerate, their efforts are seen as brilliant.

  3. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Benny won’t be liking prison.

    Child abusers are at the bottom of the prison food chain and his 82 year old bung hole won’t be able to handle dozens of horse-hung, uncut horny British men.

  4. JollyRoger says:

    Here, of course, we gave a Mussolini-created entity “head of state” status, meaning he can’t be popped on US soil.

    Upholding the Fascist philosophy. How frigging nice, it is.

  5. feminazi says:

    Is this a possibility? Pope Benedict could be arrested for “crimes against humanity?” If this legal principle successfully used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, then why not the Pope? His handlers know his failure to act decisively in the past opens him to prosecution now. This is why Vatican lawyers are claiming he’s a Head of State and enjoys immunity.

  6. Peace Nick says:

    This is huge. I sat down at the computer, coffee in hand and eyes blurry expecting to read about some political piece and I get slapped across the face by this good news.

    My fingers are crossed. Go Britain!

  7. Michael says:

    I will say a prayer for Mr. Dawkins and Mr. Hitchens every day, until this ‘Nazi’, ‘Crimminal’, ‘Pedophile’ protecting Pope is in Prison…….and getting his own Bung-hole plugged every day………… which he well deserves!!!

  8. Brigadoon says:

    “More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, my friends, that is true perversion.” ~ Harvey Milk

  9. VicoDANIEL says:

    I’m with you Peace Nick. I never know what I will see on Christopher’s blog which is why I love reading it.

    My guess is, if Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are successful and the British version of an arrest warrant is issued for Pope Douchebag, he will cancel his planned September visit and remain in the Vatican.

    The Firm won’t let him suffer a public relations nightmare like being arrested. It would spell the end of what’s left of the Roman Catholic Church.

  10. Estacada says:

    Joseph Ratzinger, Jr.
    Prisoner no. 0822459-01
    Date of Arrest: 15 Sept. 2010

    Now I ask you, wouldn’t this great on a t-shirt? 😉

  11. Joel says:

    Dawkins and Hitchens are both men who I respect very highly…. for their Brains and their Integrity. The Poop is nothing but a shill & Pedophile protector for the church….. with absolutly no Integrity. Remember, substitute the word HATE…. wherever the church uses the word LOVE, and you’re much closer to the truth, and reality

  12. lea-lea says:

    As a recovering Catholic, each time I read a story about priest sexually abusing children I feel ill and yet it is confirmation that I made the correct decision after college to never receive Mass again.

    Lock ’em all up and throw away the keys. Including Pope Rat.

  13. Robbie says:

    I would love to see this happen.

  14. Harry says:

    The best picture of the Rat I’ve ever seen.

  15. Matteo says:

    Former CNN anchor, and a victim of sex abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest, says he would like to ask Pope Ratzinger the following question:

    “I think I would ask why a man in his position doesn’t feel a greater sense of compassion for the victims? Why he doesn’t just be like, The buck stops here. This is unacceptable. People are watching and do care about how [the Church] reacts, so I’d think they’d want to act with more swift justice so they can provide the confidence people need to still want to be Catholic.”


  16. Prairiedog says:

    Catholics got it terribly wrong with Ratzinger.

    While the Vatican media named him “God’s Rottweiler,” in fact, he’s every “Pedophiles Pittbull,” and the sooner he either steps down, is jailed or dies, the better off the Catholic church will be.

  17. Scott Dancer says:

    This is one of the more thrilling turn of events vis a vis the prosecution of Pope Benedict XVI and the cover-up of sex crimes in the Roman Catholic Church.

    This Pope, like his predecessor, John Paul II, is committed to perpetuating the fiction of Jesus rising from the dead three days after he died on the cross. It is this fiction that Christianity is based.

    But, this Pope, is also committed to enforcing a system of ancient beliefs largely incompatible with with the modern world. The modern world is based on science, commerce, and technology. Not hocus pocus and incense.

    The international pedophilia scandal involving priests and its cover-up, proves the incompatibility of Catholic Gospel and the cancer eating away at the foundation of the Vatican. Rome no longer has control or authority over the lives of Catholics as educated followers vanish. No wonder the biggest outreach of the Church today is into developing nations populated by thinly educated people.

  18. Dmitris says:

    The Pope perp walk will be an instant You Tube sensation even out-viewing the Poodle playing Jimmy Hendrix on a tiny guitar wearing blue shades!

  19. bradfrmphnx says:

    Kind of sounds like an episode out of “The Tudors.” Hope they nab him, but with all the Vatican’s money he will probably slither away whence he came.

  20. Joel says:

    At least maybe with an arrest warrant issued for Poop Ratnazi, the church will be forced to cancel all of his future foreign travel plans…. And that’s a good thing! If they can’t arrest him, then maybe the least they can do, is make him a prisoner in his own Castle…… House Arrest for the Bastard! Let him know, you’re not welcome anywhere…….Now let’s go after all the offending priests, and lock them up!

  21. Joel says:

    Matteo…. the answer to you question is an easy one! The only thing the church cares about is the church! However, in this instance of Vile priestly abuse of children & churches behavior, in trying to cover it all up, the Poop is actually doing great damage to his church by handling the situation incorrectly, (Not ridding the church of the offenders, and cleaning house) And in the end, that will be a good thing too, because it is slowly destroying the church! Praise Geebus!

  22. okjimm says:

    OK….. here’s one you may like….. a DA in beautiful downtown Wisconsin threatens teachers who teach sex-ed…..
    the lunacy is rampant.

  23. Big Hank says:

    I’m not Catholic but as an outsider, it looks like the Church hierarchy is broken.

    If the Vatican is serious about the survival of the church, instead of deflecting attention away from the pedophiles in their midst by opposing gay marriage in the US and Europe, maybe it is time to convene Vatican III to address the problem of pedophilia and the priesthood. As well as allowing priests to marry and the role of women in the church.

  24. Rachel says:

    I have a good friend from high school and college. In fact, I was her bridesmaid and we talk once a week even though she moved to another state. She’s what I call a ‘cafeteria Catholic.’ She claims she’s devout yet she’s pro-choice, supports gay marriage and thinks this Pope belongs in prison. I don’t judge her but I have to say, I don’t understand this ability to pick and choose what is comfortable about your faith. It seems to me it’s all or nothing at all. Which is why I am without faith. I’m not a hypocrite and I have to be able to sleep at night.

  25. DMason says:

    Estacada — If the Pope is arrested in London, T-shirts with that exact data will be sold in every shopping mall across America and will become collector’s items.

  26. Hypernation says:

    He wrote it in Latin.

    Just like the Dark Ages – keep it in a language that your victims can’t readily access. Nice. What a criminal.

    If there were a hell, I would hope you burn in it.

    As it is, prison will have to do, Cardinal.

  27. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    If an arrest warrant is issued for Benny he will avoid the UK like a 16th century plague.

    The Vatican won’t risk an international event like the sight of this raccoon-eyed, old man being hauled off in handcuffs.

  28. Brendan V says:

    This would really make my day if Pope Benny was arrested. I hope this happens.

  29. Joel says:

    Get a picture of the Poop in Hand-cuffs… That’s a T-shirt I’d be proud to wear………

  30. Collis Huntington says:

    This primitive bigotry displayed towards the Roman Catholic Church is the product of thinly educated puritans.

  31. ZarathustraMike says:

    Dear Collis Huntington, You’re the kind of Katholic the church loves. You sound a lot like Bill Donahue…. Your dispicable church can do no wrong, can it? Even when the evidence is smacking you right in the face!!! ”Blessed are the ”SHEEP” for they shall follow wherever their IMAGINARY sheppard leads them, without question, & without any knowledge, whether to the slaughter or to over the edge of a cliff. Believe one LIE… believe them all. One begs an answer to the question……. ‘WAS CHRISTIANITY CREATED FOR THE BRAINLESS?’ It sure seems so………

  32. jayson bello says:

    you fuck pope Benedict xvi you must be put into bi livid prison, you don’t have the right to do it to young children. fuck you bitch!!!!!

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