CNN Confirms Antigay Slur Hurled at Congressman Frank

Monday, March 29, 2010

Despite claims to the contrary by FOX Noise and conservative Liz Trotta, CNN’s Candy Crowley, and a CNN producer confirmed at least one person affiliated with the Tea Party indeed screamed “faggot” at Congressman Barney Frank.

CNN also has video of a Tea Party member spitting on Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, an African-American.

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, Liz Trotta and one of FOX’s airheads agreed no film or video footage could be found to confirm the homophobic and racist epithets hurled at members of the U.S. Congress by Tea Party members.

What say you now, Ms. Trotta? What’s that? Crickets?

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11 Responses to CNN Confirms Antigay Slur Hurled at Congressman Frank

  1. Tiny Dancer says:

    Liz Trotta is one of the most vicious bitches I’ve ever seen in media. She makes hags like Lynne Cheney, Liz Cheney, Michelle Malkin and even Ann Coulter seem nice, or at least human, by comparison.

    The thing about Trotta that’s chilling is her disdain for all minorities. Especially gays and blacks.

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    FOX and its guests need to read the memo.

    Hatred, racism, and homophobia is the glue that binds the Teabaggers together and unifies them as a repressed party of poor whites.

    I mean, this the entire point of the Teabaggers. They see the country changing, and becoming increasingly diverse, inclusive and tolerant. They’re threatened by this and with Sarah Palin as their Queen, think they can chase us away.

  3. Harry says:

    The Capitol police deemed the threat the Tea Party represented sufficient to escort the Congress to work in order to protect them from harm.

  4. DMason says:

    FOX News: We Distort, You Decide.

  5. JollyRoger says:

    The Klanbaggers didn’t get the least bit upset when their monkey Jesus was running us into the ground and turning this country into North Guatemala. We all know what their problem is.

  6. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Why the investment in disproving the charges of both Reps. Barney Frank and James Clyburn?

    Why the investment in proving the innocence of the Tea Party?

    After all, Fox News, allegedly, is a news organization with the resources to find the eye witnesses and the videos to prove the claims of both Congressmen?

  7. stradella says:

    Those Tea Baggers are some angry, white, racist scalawags.

    When I look at them on TV and look into their eyes, those women look just like those white devils I saw in the south after LBJ passed the Civil Rights law. They would cut me, burn me, and hang me from nearest tree if they thought they could.

  8. mbmdl says:

    Denying this happened to Frank says all you need to know about Fox News and the people they book to further their rightwing agenda. Ick!

  9. libhomo says:

    Faux News lying? I’m shocked, just shocked!

  10. matt says:

    Being gay is a choice and if they choose this lifestyle they should take the comments that come with it.

  11. HalfGay says:

    Has Rush left the country yet? Maybe he can charter a plane and load his teabaggers with him.

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