Remember When Harold Ford Was a Proud Opponent of Gay Marriage?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harold Ford plans to challenge Democrat Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand in this November’s 2010 midterm election. But the Harold Ford of 2010 stands in stark contrast to the Harold Ford of 2006 who ran for the U.S. from the state of Tennessee. Back then, Ford was a vehement opponent of gay marriage.

Watch it:

So, is Harold Ford a liar or a flip-flopper?

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10 Responses to Remember When Harold Ford Was a Proud Opponent of Gay Marriage?

  1. Brigadoon says:

    Harold Ford is a proud member of Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC is at a policy and cultural level more closely aligned with the RNC and that’s really all we need to know. Personally, I can’t stand Harold Ford and I hope he’s run out of town.

  2. libhomo says:

    Ford and Gillibrand are both homophobic Republicans. People should vote for Tasini in the primary.

  3. Tiny Dancer says:

    As I understand it, Kirstin Gillibrand has pushed hard for a repeal of both DADT and DOMA.

    She’s been consistent. If she’s a homophobe, why would she stick her neck out like this when so-called friends of the LGBT community like Pelosi, Frank, Schumer and Feingold, have been silent on their repeal?

  4. I like Harold Ford. Plus I’m not big with us going back to a Senate with zero African American members. Ford was running state wide in TN, does anyone really think he would have had a chance aganist Corker if he had been “I’m for gay marriage”. Uh, no. I like Gillibrand but she seems to be a mediocre Senator and from NY, you want a strong progressive voice not just a simple vote for your issues. I love Anthony Weiner, a Schumer protege and flippin’ brillant guy, if Ford adjusts fully on choice and marriage equality, I like him over Gillibrand.

  5. lea-lea says:

    Christopher (D) – You like Harold Ford despite his voting for the so-called Marriage Amendment?

    So you agree then that gay marriage should be banned at a constitutional level?

    I admit not knowing who Ford is, other than what I’ve read on the blogs lately. He sounds like a political opportunist who doesn’t stand for anything except his career advancement which meant hanging gay people off a rope tied to a tree in Tennessee.

  6. Harold Ford is a huckster. If he were running for office in Pennsylvania he’d be posing with a rifle in one hand and the Holy Bible in the other.

  7. libhomo says:

    Tiny Dancer: What Gillibrand proposed was not lifting the ban, but temporarily suspending it. The elected Bush administration temporarily cut back on enforcement of the military ban during the first US/Iraq War only to kick the queers out after the war was over. That use of lgbt servicepeople as cannon fodder was what Gillibrand was aiming for with her proposal. Remember, she is part of the same political machine as Al D’Amato, Joe Bruno, and her father, all rightist Republicans.

    The Clintons have mentored Ms. Gillibrand on how to appear pro queer while screwing us over. I will never vote for a bigot just because the bigot pretends to be our friend.

  8. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    HAROLD FORD: “If I am elected senator from New York, Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote.”

    Ford is a fucking carpetbagger. He was ready to fry the LGBT community to get elected in Tennessee but now in New York, the game has changed and so has his jive.

  9. My only hope is that Ford grabs some votes against Gillibrand and Tasini pulls a surprise win. Because neither Ford nor Gillibrand are worth a good damn. Gillibrand suddenly became more liberal after she got her senate appointment thanks to Hill. Ford will say anything. Screw them both.

  10. JollyRoger says:

    Ford has always been a chameleon. He’s doing what he always does.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Kirsten’s when she was appointed, but I’ve changed my mind. She’s coming into her own now that she’s not beholden on a district full of Jesusistanis to get elected.

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