‘Game Change’ Portrays Sarah Palin as “Unstable Ignoramus”

Monday, January 11, 2010

In the highly anticipated new campaign book, ‘Game Change,’ Sarah Palin is portrayed as an unstable ignoramus who believed Saddam was behind 9/11.

The 2008 deconstruction written by John Heilman of New York Magazine and Mark Halperin of TIME, says the stress of vaulting onto the national stage caused Palin to have wild mood swings.

“One minute, Palin would be her perky self; the next she would fall into a strange blue funk,” the authors write.

The morning of her ill-fated CBS interview with Katie Couric, Palin “her eyes glassy and dead” was unresponsive to attempts to prep her as she was being made up.

“As they were about to set off to meet Couric, Palin announced ‘I hate this makeup’ – smearing it off her face, messing up her hair, complaining she looked fat,” the book relates.

Palin went on to give answers to Couric that were so incoherent the interview permanently damaged her.

Palin went into a tailspin. She stopped eating or sleeping, and drank only a half a can of diet soda a day. “When her aides tried to quiz her she would routinely shut down – chin on her chest, arms folded, eyes cast to the floor, speechless and motionless, lost in what those around her described as a kind of catatonic stupor,” the book says.

“If I had known everything I know now, I would not have done this,” the book quotes Palin as saying.

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17 Responses to ‘Game Change’ Portrays Sarah Palin as “Unstable Ignoramus”

  1. feminazi says:

    Christopher – Palin is a dangerous, uneducated, religious extremist. She is a member of a church who holds they can “pray away the gay.” I shutter to think how close we came to a McCain/Palin administration.

  2. Pechanga says:

    Why is SarahPAC still open and accepting donations?

    Palin is going to run in 2012. Either as the Republican nominee or the VP on Romney’s ticket. She’s not suited to hold office unless it’s the PTA.

    Palin is bad for America.

  3. DMason says:

    Palin isn’t qualified to hold elected office. When she clawed her way into the mayor’s office in Wasilla, the tiny town had a surplus. When she left, Wasilla was in debt $20 million dollars. She’s a typical Republican who loves spending other people’s money. Why can’t she just go away? Far, far away?

  4. Walk on Socks says:

    I wonder what section is bigger? The one devoted to Sarah Palin or the one devoted to Hillary and Bill Clinton?

    Palin is an idiot but Bill Clinton is a sleaze.

    Both will be a hoot to read. Thanks for the post!

  5. Jim says:

    Yep, she’s nuts.

  6. DEO says:

    “If I had known everything I know now, I would not have done this,” the book quotes Palin as saying

    Sarah Palin

  7. VicoDANIEL says:

    Sarah Palin is a freak show.

    Someone called her and her brood “the Wasilla Hillbillies” and I think it’s a perfect description of her.

    Mark my words, someone will step up and blame the Aspartame in the diet cola she was mainlining for her nutty behavior. Her loyalists will stop at nothing until she’s in the White House.

    The American people can’t let this happen. I think and I believe she’s more dangerous than an angry rattlesnake.


  8. Fran says:

    Best summary to date:

    Palin= Permanently Damaged.

  9. Lisabeth says:

    Is that a real photo or is it photoshopped? She looks just like a president, don’t y’all think? I am sick sick sick of this ignorant nutcake! John McCain should apologize to the country but he never will. And something is seriously wrong in our country. How can so many people still want this woman to be president! It’s frightening!

  10. DEO says:

    I THINK McCain should be confronted. THINK ABOUT WHAT HE WAS WILLING TO DO to be president…he didn’t care about the American people, that’s for sure.
    Really, it’s outrageous. Palin’s handlers were scared she was mentally ill, but still prepped her to be VP.
    He should lose his post!

    sarah palin/Fabio 2012!

  11. okjimm says:

    re; Palin…. she should quit? I really don’t believe she has any real intention to run for office…. but a very real intent to ‘pretend’ to run….. then she will take the money &run!!!! Back in the day when I drove taxi … I knew whores with much more integrity.
    Ya… and what GEO said about McCain….pfffft… he picks Palin to be VP? Who would he nominate for Supreme Court? Judge Judy?

  12. retahyajyajav says:

    This crazy bitch inked a deal with FOX Noise.

    She will be an on-air contributor. I guess Palin is just too big a star for tiny Wasilla. Now, Palin can hang out with all the other loons on the radical right. Maybe she will even sit on Sean Hannity’s lap and call him “daddy?”

  13. Estacada says:

    More like Sarah Palin sitting on Rush’s lap and call him Daddy if Rush liked girls.

    Fox and Palin are a perfect fit. They belong together. It’s a marriage made in GOP heaven.

  14. HalfGay says:

    I keep hoping she will go away …. but she just is not

  15. bradfrmphnx says:

    She talks in tongues to God.

  16. It’s not a matter of Sarah Palin being stupid or dangerous. What worries me is 47% of Americans that cared enough to vote thought she was qualified to be one John McCain heart palpitation away from being POTUS.

  17. Fran says:

    She’s come full circle now– the “Unstable Ignoramus” joined Fox News…. the right wing fringe nutcase elite media.

    If ya can’t beat ’em join ’em!

    Palin’s palling around with Fox “media”

    Will she do that incessant winking & blinking thing?

    Attention comedians! Your job just got easier for the next few years.

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