Bad News for Democrats

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 2010 midterm election year is barely a week old but already, dire consequences exist for the razor-thin majority held by senate Democrats. Two Democratic senators and one governor will announce they’re not running for reelection in the latest signs of trouble for President Obama’s party.

Sens. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, as well as Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, have or are expected to announce they’re not running for reelection in November. As 2009 finally ground to an end, Democrats watched a number of House members announce retirements and one congressman defect to the GOP.

Democrats currently have a 60-40 Senate majority that includes two independents who vote with them will now have to defend four open seats in the Senate. The others are Delaware and Illinois, where Sens. Ted Kaufman, who replaced Vice President Joe Biden, and Roland Burris, who replaced Obama, aren’t running for full terms.

Sen. Christopher Dodd is expected to make a formal announcement that he will not run for reelection sometime today. Dodd, 65, has faced criticism for his role in writing a bill that provided sweetheart bonuses for executives at bailed-out insurer American International Group Inc. (AIG) and for allegations that he got favorable treatment on mortgages with Countrywide Financial Corp.

Polling in Connecticut show him consistently trailing potential GOP challenger Rob Simmons, a former House member who is competing for the Republican nomination against World Wrestling Entertainment co-founder Linda McMahon.

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14 Responses to Bad News for Democrats

  1. Harry says:

    Pundits are predicting a tsunami in the fall for Democrats. If Obama is blamed for losing the US Congress to the GOP, then he’s in trouble too.

  2. Harry,

    I think we will have a clearer picture of how bad it is by Memorial Day.

    If another two senate Democrats announce their retirement, then President Obama should be very worried.

    I’ve said for the past year, the Democrats are playing with fire if they don’t start creating jobs. When 10% of this country is unemployed (more in some areas), issues like healthcare reform and Nobel Peace prizes don’t really resonate.

  3. lea-lea says:

    I keep hearing rumors that DiFi is retiring.

    She’s just waiting for the right time to announce. I think the complexion of the Congress is going to change in ways those of us on the left won’t like and yes, I thing the president will be blamed.

  4. VicoDANIEL says:

    Does it matter if Dodd and Dorgan retire?

    I mean, tell me how they’re touched my life, improved the standard of living for 305 million Americans, helped end the Iraq war?

    Party alliance in these harrowing economic times just seems like an elitist indulgence. Like flying First Class or driving a Mercedes. Americans want jobs and they are weary of war. At least this is what I see and hear.

    See ya,’ Sens. Dodd and Dorgan. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  5. I’ve heard the DiFi rumors as well. She’s pushing 80 and I can’t imagine her staying in office another six years.

    I won’t miss Dodd. In his final years he sabotaged financial reform in exchange for perks and I doubt he would have been re-elected anyway.

    Big Ed Schultz may run for Dorgan’s seat. If that’s the case, I don’t picture him losing because he’s very popular there.

  6. libhomo says:

    Dodd’s retirement is the Dems best hope for keeping that seat. Dorgan’s exit is a much bigger problem.

  7. Greg North says:

    Dodd did for banking what Bush did for Big Pharma with the creation of Medicare Part D. He will retire and go away for a year, maybe two, then return as a lobbyist for the evil cabal in Hartford. He’s a New England whore. Be gone and don’t steal anything on your way out of the senate.

  8. The Obama administration is trying to spin the Chris Dodd’s resignation like this:

    They’re sending out media feelers that the president pushed him out.

    Sorry folks, but I’m not buying it. This is a huge loss and the Obama White House has got to be freaking out right about now.

  9. feminazi says:

    I voted for Chris Dodd four times. I like him because he’s been helpful to me at various times in my life. His office is very responsive to Connecticut residents and I have to give his props. However, over the past two or three years, he’s seemed less available and more beholden to special interests. Maybe this is what happens when you stay too long at the fair? In any event, I think there is a good chance AG Richard Blumenthal may run for Dobb’s seat. He’s very well liked here and well known.

  10. bradfrmphnx says:

    The democrats have proven themselves to be a bumbling bunch of buffoons, scoffing at the importance of their majority, that would have allowed them to make important changes that everyone wanted and voted for. By failing their constituents so miserably they are ripe for failure in the voting booth come the next elections. Obama can only look at himself to blame, for his anything but focused agendas, and his own failure to make the changes he promised he would adhere to.

  11. Dmitris says:

    2010 is less than a week old and the halls of power are already shaking. I figured this would be an interesting year but I didn’t think the party would start so fast. Well, fasten your seat belts. And…., we’re…., off!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    World Wrestling Entertainment co-founder Linda McMahon is running? FOFLMAO! You have got to be kidding me, right? Linda McMahon? American politics is a freakshow. No wonder most people can’t be bothered to vote.

  13. DMason says:

    The Democrats have their work cut out for them this year as the warm glow of Barack Obama begins to fade and the American voter becomes focused on issues versus parades and celebrations of diversity.

  14. libhomo says:

    Rachel: Linda McMahon indeed is running. Standup comics should take more advantage of her campaign.

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