Human Shar Pei Tells Tiger Woods to Become a Christian

Monday, January 4, 2010

Human Shar Pei, AKA, Brit Humes, has some advice for Tiger Woods if he’s looking for personal redemption and it involves dumping Buddhism for Christianity. This, from a man who drove his gay son to commit suicide.

Don’t you just love rightwing hypocrites?

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20 Responses to Human Shar Pei Tells Tiger Woods to Become a Christian

  1. feminazi says:

    Humes drove his gay son to commit suicide? Well, I suppose this fact alone qualifies him to be a FIXED News bloviator. What a vile man. As for his advice to the scandal-addled Tiger Woods, Humes should mind his own business and stick to politics.

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    Brit Humes needs to be COCKPUNCHED.

    His comments are the ultimate example of the term, pot, meet kettle. I’m sure Tiger Woods needs any advice from the FOX Droids about how to deal with his personal or professional life.

  3. Fran says:

    Wow! Notice the shocked & stunned co anchors after he made this idiotic remark– you could hear a pin drop in that room!

    Nice editorial Brit….. Tiger’s problem in life is that he needs jesus?

    Is Brit drinking jesus juice out of that mug???

    There are about 1.2 to 1.6 billion Buddhists throughout the world as of 2008.

  4. Gleneagle says:

    Human Shar Pei! LMAO! Love that. I don’t care much for Brit Humes but are you sure he drove his gay son to commit suicide? I never heard this before now. If it’s true, Humes is worse than filth in my book.

  5. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Brit is correct:

    Tiger should drop this Buddhist shit, and convert to Catholicism. Then he can fuck every cheap broad on the PGA circuit, crawl to Mass Sunday and ask the Baby Jesus to forgive him.

    It works for Mark Sanford and Ted Haggard.

  6. lea-lea says:

    Gleneagle – The story about Brit Hume’s son killing himself is 100% correct. Just Google it.

    The story goes something like this. In 1998, Sandy Hume came out to his ultra-rightwing parents, who in turn, rejected him. Especially, papa Brit. The poor kids couldn’t handle the rejection and he committed suicide.

    This is far more common for gay youth than most of use believe. It’s also a telling reminder of how evil is Brit Hume.

  7. Woodcliffe says:

    Buddha sure let Tiger win a lot of tournaments.

    Maybe Brit needs to STFU and focus on pushing revisionist during the Bush years?

  8. libhomo says:

    Hume is incredibly unprofessional.

  9. VicoDANIEL says:

    Clearly, Brit Hume has an existential problem with gays and non-Christians.

    I can’t imagine what it was like for his late son, Sandy Hume, to have Brit as his father. We always want to idealize our parents but most often, we come to the realization that our parents are just human and not perfect.

    However, for Brit to have rejected his son because of his sexual orientation says all I need to know about his character.

  10. Gleneagle says:

    Thanks, Lea-Lea.

    I did exactly what you said and the search engines are chock full of reporting about Hume’s gay son committing suicide. Hume always strikes me as rigid and unforgiving. Just not a nice man. His son didn’t deserve his father’s disapproval.

  11. Rock says:

    Human Shar Pei? LOL!!! Good one.

    Brit Hume is to fatherhood what Eric Cantor is to common sense.

  12. Alexander says:

    If Texas follows through on its threat to secede, can it please take this wanker and the rest of Fox Noise with it?

  13. culinarychick says:

    I wonder if he owns any responsibility for his son’s death? He probably told his son the same thing he advocates for Tiger.

    I have a friend who is a Buddhist who regularly tells me that Buddhism offers her a tranquil, spiritual center and faith that she couldn’t find with other religions.

    Mr. Hume obviously cherry-picked his beliefs from Christianity, and this is the problem I have with some Christians. Maybe he needs to do some soul-searching before he offers his spiritual advice.

  14. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Isn’t “Brit” the diminutive for Britney?

    Just saying. 😉

  15. Randy Arroyo says:

    What a douche. I remember Brit Brit when he was on ABC. I couldn’t stand him then and I like even less now. Of course, FIXED Noise isn’t on my radar, so I don’t have to suffer him. What he did to his late son says it all.

  16. Jim says:

    How astounding that Fox “News” allows this moron to run free on-air!

  17. BamaGuy says:

    Hume is a miserable human being – you can see it in his demeanor, a tired humorless sad spent soul. My own father treated me the way Hume treated his son simply because I was gay, but I was lucky – I had the strength to just reject him, to hate him and to live my life. Hume thinks that because he is a good devout Christian that that washes him clean and excuses what he did to hurt his son so bad that he killed himself. Incredible.

  18. Capt. Wysocki says:

    Brit Hume needs to get his own shit together before be begins proselytizing about the virtues of the Baby Jesus.

    Beginning with asking for forgiveness for driving his gay kid to kill himself and the rumors of affairs with blonde staffer that have dogged Hume since his days at ABC News.

  19. stradella says:

    I was raised Southern Baptist. Black folks in the south were almost always Southern Baptist.

    That was a long, long time ago and today, I am a Buddhist.

    My mama used to tell us to not judge others whose beliefs were different. You respect other points of views. Don’t proselytize because if you want to turn people off, there’s no faster way than by ramming a Bible down someone’s throat. This Brit Hume isn’t smart and he’s not nice. My mama could straighten his ass out if she were still alive.

  20. Ward and George in Hawaii says:

    A hideous story like that of Hume’s son does give me cause to hope that these bizarro s**ts may be called to stand at the gates and petition for a place in heaven and be made to account for their utter failure in loving their children. A hideous notion.

    Ward and George.
    54 years together
    And yet,
    Strangers before the law

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