New Exposé Ties Rick Warren to Uganda Antigay Bill

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A new exposé confirms what many of us have suspected about Rick Warren ever since he came to national prominence after President Obama selected him to deliver the 2008 inaugural invocation: Rick Warren is a dangerous homophobe linked to the murderous Uganda regime, who urged followers to emulate ‘Hitler’s Youth.’

The exposé from Bruce Wilson, who helped Jeff Sharlet shocking expose of The Family, and posted on the website Talk to Action, is a 3,600-word effort that reveals Warren’s senior advisor, C. Peter Wagner, played a “major role” in the Saddleback Church’s ties to Uganda. Here’s an excerpt:

To little notice, a charismatic network overseen by Warren’s doctoral dissertation adviser, C. Peter Wagner, has played a major role in politically organizing and inspiring the Ugandan legislators who have spearheaded the anti-gay bill.

Wagner is the Convening Apostle in a movement of charismatic networks which has extended its reach from the United States to Uganda, and worldwide. Under its umbrella of authority are virulently anti-gay apostles in the United States and Uganda including Lou Engle of TheCall, who led thousands of young people in a twelve hour November 1, 2008 stadium rally in support of California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition Eight.

The San Diego event closed with Engle, a member of Wagner’s inner circle of “prophets,” calling for Christian martyrs. Peter Wagner heads the New Apostolic Reformation, which he openly touts as an effort to take Christian dominion over the globe by putting “born again” believers around the world under the authority of these apostles and prophets.

Both C. Peter Wagner and Rick Warren want to transform the world, and both [1,2] have proclaimed the advent of a second Reformation. Wagner calls it the New Apostolic Reformation, while for Rick Warren this is a “purpose driven” effort powered by Warren’s global P.E.A.C.E. Plan. In Uganda both visions for societal transformation appear to include the categorical elimination of homosexuality – by any means.

Here’s an audio track of Rick Warren speaking to 30,000 Saddleback Church members at Angels’ Stadium in 2005. Warren asked them to be just as passionate and committed to radically changing the world as were the brown shirts Hitler Youth and the followers of Chairman Mao. The Family’s founder Doug Coe made a similar comparison.


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20 Responses to New Exposé Ties Rick Warren to Uganda Antigay Bill

  1. VicoDANIEL says:

    This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read about the Christian right and their hatred of LGBT people.

    While I don’t think Obama shares Rick Warren’s radical, homophobic views, he courted Warren to reach his followers when Obama had him read the invocation and I just can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

    It’s said you’re known by the company you keep. I think Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton, needs to speak out specifically about Uganda and religious extremism and their role in hate crimes.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  2. TOM339 says:

    Is the Southern Poverty Law Center tracking Warren’s Saddleback church as a “hate group?”

    If not, they’re making a big mistake because Warren is every bit as dangerous as Hal Turner. Just because he has a Bible in one hand and a Big Mac in the other is not a reason to give him a pass.

    Christianity has become a force for destruction and I am very much at peace having moved beyond all involvement with Jesus and regular church going.

  3. feminazi says:

    I’m speechless. I thought I was too old and too world weary to be floored by anything but this managed to do it. I don’t know what to say.

  4. Brigadoon says:

    The only thing stopping a crusades is the separation of church and state. If this buffer were ever lost, I am absolutely certain that gays and lesbians would lose their jobs, homes, and healthcare and people would try to burn us at the stake. Christianity is a force for pure evil.

  5. Rock says:

    I’m with feminazi on this one. I am speechless and ashamed this is going on in my neck of the woods.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    I posted on Warren’s admiration of the Nazis way back when, and the Jesusistanis came out of the woodwork. I even had one tell me I needed to be killed.

    “Compassionate Conservatism,” no doubt.

  7. Estacada says:

    The Family, Rick Warren, the U.S. government and the Ugandan government are joined at the hip and their goal is the destruction of the global, gay rights movement.

    I bet if you asked 10 Americans about this, 9 would scratch their heads and say they had never heard of these relationships.

    As a rule, I don’t embrace many conspiracy theories but this one seems reasonably and perfectly laid out.

  8. I want to know why the fracking msm is not covering this more completely? WTF are they doing sitting on their asses and talking about Tiger instead of this?

  9. bradfrmphnx says:

    Rick the Dick.

  10. Randy Arroyo says:

    I remember seeing ads for the Saddleback Church in the OC Register and the LA Times. It never appeared on my radar until Obama invited him to perform the inaugural invocation before an audience of 1 billion viewers. Does anyone know who led Rick Warren to Barack Obama? Was it Valerie Jarrett?

  11. lea-lea says:

    Randy – I don’t know for certain but if I were a betting woman I would say David Axelrod.

    Axelrod is really the architect of Obama’s ascension from senator to president. He designed the machine that made it happen.

  12. libhomo says:

    I’m glad somebody is writing about this specific incident. Warren has been the funding source for Ugandan homophobes for some time now.

  13. HalfGay says:

    Can someone help me here? I’m missing the link between Warren and this guy Wagner other than he mentored him. Is Warren directly involved in this? If Warren is, how is he involved?

    Just tryin to get my facts straight before I form an opinion 😉

  14. Bwana Jim says:

    Peter Wagner did more than “mentor” Rick Warren; Warren is Wagner’s protege.

    These men share a belief in the global domination of fundamentalist Christianity. This is their “purpose” in life. Hence the title of Warren’s bestselling book, “A Purpose Driven Life.”

  15. Jimmy says:

    Warren has been in it up to eyeballs regarding what the dominionists are trying to accomplish in Uganda. It’s a testing ground, a hotbed for the kind of fundamentalism that is no different from that which the Taliban and Wahhabists espouse, and it’s bent on world domination.

    But, it’s not just Warren. Members of the US congress, who have fellowship with the dominionist group in DC called The Family, have been in cahoots with dominionists in Uganda. It’s all interconnected.

  16. JollyRoger says:

    No one should forget that the Lord’s Resistance Army, the bloodiest terrorist group in the history of mankind, operates out of Uganda. Under a cross. With a lot of the aims that Dominionists have.

    The LRA has literally displaced millions of people, killed tens of thousands, and kidnapped/enslaved tens of thousands more. All under a cross.

  17. This guy was on Meet the Press the weekend before last. He did not seem like a bad person. He said his comments opposing equal marriage rights have been taken out of context. He is against equal marriage rights, but beyond that he didn’t appear hostile.

    I know opposing equal marriage rights is a big deal, but this post makes it sound like he’s a militant. If he a militant homophobe, he has me fooled. He seems like a good person who is wrong on this issue.

  18. Bruce Wilson says:

    Yes, Rick Warren is very smooth. And he’s also extremely militant, virulently anti-gay, and heavily Christian-supremacist.

  19. HalfGay says:

    Still not seeing the direct link … is he contributing money? I hope this is not just guilt by association.

  20. John says:

    Rick Warren is a problem, for one thing being southern baptist should be a big clue, for another we don’t need Warren or any one like him telling us how to live, Warren says we need to love our selfs, Gods say if we love our life we shall lose it, (John 12:25) Warren doesn’t have the answers God does, we just don’t need warrens to teach us.

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