Seasons Greetings from Elin and Tiger Woods

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Elin and Tiger Woods

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5 Responses to Seasons Greetings from Elin and Tiger Woods

  1. Woodcliffe says:

    Hahahaha! Elin Woods: the $300 million dollar woman.

  2. feminazi says:

    Oh my! This is a scream! Can’t say I blame Elin. She has every right to be angry with Tiger. He’s turned out to be a sleaze and obviously, not a man of honor. It’s a shame to see another marriage with children involved go down the tubes.

  3. bradfrmphnx says:

    LMAO!! That is funny. What the heck was Tiger doing messing around on her for anyway? She’s a hottie.

  4. TOM339 says:

    Elin Woods is a major babe.

    I saw the cocktail waitress Tiger nailed for 18 months and she’s a sleaze. I can’t imagine him cheating on this gorgeous wife? Most men would kill for a woman who looks like Elin.

    How do you spell: shit for brains?

  5. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Get out of the way, Tiger. I’d eat Elin’s pussy until her eyes crossed and she cried out my name.

    Elin is a lovely, Nordic mama, and I will happily take over the job of making her happy to be a woman.

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