President Obama: Do You Really Want to Be the New War President?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

President Obama is scheduled to go to West Point tonight to deliver a speech about his decision to escalate American involvement in the Afghanistan war — a war we have been fighting since 2001. Obama’s escalation amounts to a capitulation to Gen. Stan McChrystal, is expected to include a staggering increase of some 34,000 U.S. combat troops. Conditions on the ground in Afghanistan are eerily similar to those U.S. troops encountered in Vietnam more than forty years ago. There is no compelling national security reason for the U.S. to be in Afghanistan.

Please read Michael Moore’s open letter to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

Do you really want to be the new “war president”? If you go to West Point tomorrow night (Tuesday, 8pm) and announce that you are increasing, rather than withdrawing, the troops in Afghanistan, you are the new war president. Pure and simple. And with that you will do the worst possible thing you could do — destroy the hopes and dreams so many millions have placed in you. With just one speech tomorrow night you will turn a multitude of young people who were the backbone of your campaign into disillusioned cynics. You will teach them what they’ve always heard is true — that all politicians are alike.

Choose carefully, President Obama. You of all people know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You still have a few hours to listen to your heart, and your own clear thinking. You know that nothing good can come from sending more troops halfway around the world to a place neither you nor they understand, to achieve an objective that neither you nor they understand, in a country that does not want us there. You can feel it in your bones.

We the people still love you. We the people still have a sliver of hope. But we the people can’t take it anymore. We can’t take your caving in, over and over, when we elected you by a big, wide margin of millions to get in there and get the job done. What part of “landslide victory” don’t you understand?

President Obama, it’s time to come home. Ask your neighbors in Chicago and the parents of the young men and women doing the fighting and dying if they want more billions and more troops sent to Afghanistan. Do you think they will say, “No, we don’t need health care, we don’t need jobs, we don’t need homes. You go on ahead, Mr. President, and send our wealth and our sons and daughters overseas, ’cause we don’t need them, either.”

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. do? What would your grandmother do? Not send more poor people to kill other poor people who pose no threat to them, that’s what they’d do. Not spend billions and trillions to wage war while American children are sleeping on the streets and standing in bread lines.

When we elected you we didn’t expect miracles. We didn’t even expect much change. But we expected some. We thought you would stop the madness. Stop the killing. Stop the insane idea that men with guns can reorganize a nation that doesn’t even function as a nation and never, ever has.

Stop, stop, stop! For the sake of the lives of young Americans and Afghan civilians, stop. For the sake of your presidency, hope, and the future of our nation, stop. For God’s sake, stop.

Tonight we still have hope.

Tomorrow, we shall see. The ball is in your court. You DON’T have to do this. You can be a profile in courage. You can be your mother’s son.

We’re counting on you.

Michael Moore

If you are as opposed to the troop escalation as much as me, please have your voice heard.

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 or email President Obama before it’s too late.

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10 Responses to President Obama: Do You Really Want to Be the New War President?

  1. Peace Nick says:

    Christopher – I just hung up with the Obama White House and I spoke to a very nice woman who took my comments verbatim.

    I told her I am weary of 9 years of war and the country can’t take it economically. I told her the President can’t let Gen. McChrystal dictate his place in history.

    I also told her I planned to voted Obama out of office if he doesn’t bring the troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Big Hank says:

    President Obama has become a God damned war whore. How could we have been so wrong?

    Oh well, folks. It’s 3 years until the ’12 election and you know how I will be voting and it sure ain’t going to be for Barry the Bomber.

  3. Jim says:

    What a waste if Obama capitulates to the hawks.
    This is a lose/lose situation. Obama will indeed be just another politician if he sends more troops and escalates this pathetic excuse for a war.

  4. bradfrmphnx says:

    We can’t afford to be galavanting around wreaking havoc, and getting our asses killed, for a group of war hungry red necks. Who is Obama? Its becoming crystal clear that there are two sides to this two faced messenger of “Hope.”

  5. TOM339 says:

    Barack Obama now owns the war in Afghanistan.

    After today, the war is no longer George W. Bush’s war and I hope Obama understands how sick and tired the American people are of war, death and debt.

    This conflict is not germane to my life or the life of my family and friends. However, we will foot the bill so Obama can be the new, war time president.

  6. Poor Vizzini, no one ever listens to him.

  7. DMason says:

    Now I understand why Obama was in Beijing kissing ass. He was assuring the Chinese that the conflict won’t spill over onto their borders and they can feel comfortable buying out debt. I am very disappointed in Obama. He’s just Bush-lite with a tan.

  8. Tiny Dancer says:

    The Obama White House says the troops will be out of Afghanistan by the summer of 2011.

    So this means we should expect more debt and deaths and General Obama picks up where General Bush left off and abandoned the effort. Not good. Not good at all.

  9. Fran says:


    This is the same scenario from the Bush regime.
    More troops.
    More money.
    More fatalities.
    More serious injuries.
    More military suicides.

    One war leads to another….. Obama already taking about Pakistan, while escalating war in Afghanistan.

  10. BuddhalovesPaine says:

    How many decades have the politicians in Washington been telling us that they have a plan to balance the budget? They are already back tracking on bringing the troops home by 2011. If you believe that you should vote for Obama yet again. I guess that this is where I get to say that I, and many like me told you so. It is time for liberals to become radicals and it is time for radicals to become revolutionaries. The best thing that revolutionaries who live in the US can do at this moment is to disrupt the activities of military recruiters. Another important thing would be to infiltrate the military with revolutionaries. Revolutionaries will have to join as a cell and have a plan to disrupt the military from the inside.
    It will be dangerous work. Someone needs to do it.

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