Sarah Parasite

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sarah Palin’s future literary presidential career hit a major road bump yesterday in Noblesville, Indiana when the local Borders Books handed out 1,000 wristbands to fans of the former Alaska governor for a spot online to buy a copy of “Going Rogue” and a treasured autograph from Palin. But dozens of people were summarily turned away as Palin was whisked out of the store and onto her rented “Going Rogue” bus without obtaining the coveted autograph.

Not everyone who braved the cold rain for as long as 24 hours were happy.

“I’m very disappointed. I think it was very rude. She could have at least apologized, and she didn’t even do that,” said Teresa Hedrick.

“We bought two books from Borders to have our receipt and our wristband to get it signed tonight,” said one woman. “My books are going back to Borders tomorrow.”

“We gave up our entire workday, stayed in the cold. My kids were crying,” said one man. “They went home with my wife. She was out here in the freezing cold all day. I feel like I don’t want to support Sarah.”

The angry mob turned on Palin as she climbed aboard her ride. The video shows people booing and shouting “Sign our books Sarah!” as the engine revved up and Palin vanished into the night.

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26 Responses to Sarah Parasite

  1. Brigadoon says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Palin is learning how quickly fanatical behavior can go from an adoring throng to an angry mob. Next time she pulls a stunt like that, she may find she’s been pulled off that damned bus by her neck.

  2. DMason says:

    You know what this reminds me of? A scene from the movie “Day of the Locust.” Palin’s been using all of the flat-world, Obama is a terrorist, gays are evil rhetoric since she crawled out of Wasilla. But the people who believe this garbage are extremists and the crowd’s reaction is evidence of this.

  3. Locke DCVII says:

    Yah… let’s be honest. Palin is no longer even minorly ‘in the game.’ She’s just a dropout. This is actually kind of funny. I wonder what made her run away. Perhaps her wrist cramped? …HAHAhahaha…

  4. hoboduke says:

    Don’t know how many people would wait in cold and rain to see VP Joe Biden. He has a hard time drawing flies when he wants publicity. Were these people waiting paid by jihadist conservative TEA nazi hate groups? It seems they showed up on their own with no bribes or coercion. It is a good problem when you have too many people wanting to be with Sarah! Many people with small minds and shriveled spirits are praying for disaster for Sarah and breathlessly wait for their false god “liberal commercial media” to smite her down. Most liberal blog sites waste time waiting.

  5. libhomo says:

    I honestly can’t tell if hoboduke’s comments are real right wing comments or someone trying to make fun of right wing comments.

    Anyway, I have no sympathy for anyone who is hateful and stupid enough to wait out in the rain to meet Sarah Palin.

  6. HalfGay says:

    I can’t believe that many people showed up … WTF?

  7. Pechanga says:

    Conservatives waited 24 hours in the cold and rain to see Sarah Palin?

    Well, OK. Then conservatives are as stupid as we’ve been claiming for decades.

    This just proves it.

  8. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Crowds aren’t coming out to see Sarah.

    They’re coming out in hopes of getting a glimpse of Baby Trig. Baby Trig is an internet sensation and enjoys fan clubs of his own. Baby Trig made Down Syndrome cool.

  9. Mauigirl says:

    Just goes to show she’s a jerk and not the everyday hockey mom she purports to be. She doesn’t have very good political instincts, which is good news if she wants to run for President. Should’ve stayed and signed books for her adoring public.

  10. taco says:

    Baby Trig is an internet sensation and enjoys fan clubs of his own.

    This is no joke. I saw two women in Grand Rapids on MSNBC wearing T-shirts that read, “I Love Trig.” I almost threw up.

  11. Idaho Librul says:

    The power of celebrity can turn otherwise rational and sane people into blathering fanboys and fangirls.

    I understand seeing tweeners and teens queuing six hours to see the cast of Twilight, New Moon. But when I turn on cable and see 65 year old women in wheelchairs waiting for 12 hours outside Borders Books for Palin’s autograph, I become worried.

    Mao and Hitler commanded this sort of adoration and it led to fascism and nationalism. Let’s hope this isn’t what awaits the USA in 2012.

  12. Peace Nick says:

    Maybe the GOP can run Trig for president in 50 years?

    He’s more qualified than his dimwit of a mother who confuses Iran with Iraq.

  13. Rock says:

    This was good for a laugh. People waited 24 hours and cut work to get stiffed for an autograph? Teaches them to put celebrity above their priorities.

  14. Drew says:

    Who are these dolts? I wouldn’t stand outside in the cold and the rain for 24 hours to meet Angelina Jolie and she often occupies my fantasies. Well, maybe I would wait 12 hours but not a second longer. 😉

  15. She is such a maverick to leave all those people in the dust as she is whisked away in luxury. Oh…wait…the GOP has been doing that for years!

  16. bradfrmphnx says:

    If they stood in the cold and rain that long, for that bitch, they deserved what they got.

  17. lea-lea says:

    Palin’s loyalists are true morans.

    Let them freeze. No loss to the country.

  18. VicoDANIEL says:

    Lea Lea! LMAO! Morans.

    There’s something wrong with these people.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t stand outside in the cold and rain to meet Chad Hunter and get his home phone number!

  19. hoboduke says:

    It seems there is a lot of love and good fellowship among Sarah’s critics. I judge the merit of anyone by their enemies. It would only be fitting to give her a true challenge, and the world is waiting. We are soon to become China’s lackey. Russia is giving us our dancing orders on returning Eastern Europe back to their iron grip. North Korea laughs at our complaints, as the “rogue” annoyance backed by China. Iran ignores our UN efforts as the “rogue” surrogate for Russia. Sarah and the rest of the country knows the bloodshed that waits us, as our modern Woodrow Wilson holds more meetings.

  20. Tiny Dancer says:

    Vico Daniel – Who is Chad Hunter?

  21. Conejo1982 says:

    We became China’s “lackey” when George W. Bush started two wars while cutting taxes on the upper 2% of wage earners, thus shorting the amount of money flowing into the Treasury and accelerating the need to sell U.S. Treasury bills to Communist China and Japan.

    The Bully Boys in Beijing now own 70% of the U.S.’s debt.

    Palin’s visionary response to the current recession is to “further cut taxes.” This is the pat response all Republicans have when it comes to fixing what ails the economy.

    No wonder they lost the Congress and the White House.

  22. the fact we are china’s lackey has everything to do with Bush and Cheney.

    as for Palin – she is undoubtedly a more stupid and vapid version of Eva Peron – at least Peron married well and could act (somewhat) —

    anyone who waits outside for a Palin signed book deserves whatever cold/flu they get.

  23. bradfrmphnx says:

    It took Palin 5 trys to get a hoe dunk degree from an Idaho university…yeah, she’s gonna save the world all right. With those brains I wonder how she can hold her head up strait.

  24. Walk on Socks says:

    Too bad the crowd didn’t tip that stupid bus over with Palin in it.

    She engenders fanaticism and we all know fanatics when unleashed, are very dangerous.

    It’s appalling to me that she dragged that little kid with Down Syndrome with her on the “tour.” What kind of life is this for a disabled child with special needs?

  25. retahyajyajav says:

    David writes: “You know what this reminds me of? A scene from the movie “Day of the Locust.””

    I was thinking the very same thing. ^5^!

  26. jimmy says:

    Noblesville is north of Indianapolis, in very Republican Hamilton county, which is in nuttiest of wingunts Rep. Dan Burton’s district.

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