San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Closed Indefinitely

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The iconic San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is closed indefinitely after a steel rod snapped Tuesday evening, hitting three vehicles, officials said.

Caltrans — the agency that manages the bridge would not give a time for when the Bay Bridge would reopen after repairs are completed. The key transportion span opened on November 12, 1936 and is used by nearly 280,000 commuters daily. It is one of the longest spans in the world.

The cable broke on the westbound upper deck of the Bay Bridge during the Tuesday evening commute, hitting vehicles and snarling rush-hour traffic. High winds may have been a factor.

“If you look at the totality of the circumstances — you’ve got the 5:30 commute, you have a 5,000-pound piece of steel falling out of the sky. We are so fortunate that no one was injured or killed,” California Highway Patrol Sgt. Trent Cross

The incident occurred on a part of the bridge that underwent emergency repairs over Labor Day weekend intended to repair a crack in the 73 year old structure.

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6 Responses to San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Closed Indefinitely

  1. VicoDANIEL says:

    America’s infrastructures are crumbling.

    For decades, we’ve squandered our wealth on war and tax cuts for the wealthy and little else. It boggles the mind to think the Loma Prieta earthquake was 20 years ago and the Bay Bridge is still undergoing repairs. Can you imagine this happening in Japan or Canada?

    Let’s just hope the Bay Bridge doesn’t collapse and fall into the bay during rush hour because repairs were made on the cheap.

  2. Harry says:

    The last time we were in San Francisco I couldn’t believe the traffic on the Bay Bridge. We almost missed our flight from Oakland back to San Diego.

  3. Walk on Socks says:

    The sight of the Bay Bridge without cars bumper to bumper is surreal!

    It looks like a science fiction movie opening after a nuclear bomb was detonated and all the people were fried to a crisp.

    I realize making repairs to a structure like this is a complicated undertaking but really? Can’t this country do anything properly and on time?

  4. We need another WPA. Maybe they can start on the bridges first, no? There’s some stimulus that is needed stat.

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    I have helped to build 4 bridges in my life, and have done maintenance work on countless others. Thirty years ago we were told that 80% of our bridges were in disarray. Our nation’s economy relies on our infrastructure’s arterial delivery system for our goods and services. It has always been what sets us apart from other nations. Conservatives don’t want anything to do with fixing our infrastructure. They shout that it will cost M$N$Y, while they spend billions on worthless wars, and funnel money into banks and insurance companies. I just shake my head and imagine the costs if we don’t fix the infrastructure.

  6. libhomo says:

    This is what happens when the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes.

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