BREAKING: Obama to Sign Gay Hate Crime Bill Wednesday

Monday, October 26, 2009

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In 48 hours, President Obama will make history as he signs The Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, this according to a source and reported by Ben Stein at Politico.

Obama will give remarks on signing hate crimes legislation Wednesday afternoon, and is sending invitations out to LGBT groups, including some that have been critical of the White House for a reception in partnership with the David Bohnett Foundation.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act, named after Matthew Shepard, a Wyoming college student who was tied to a fence, beat and left to die because of his was gay, and James Byrd, a Texas man who was brutally murdered by being dragged behind a pickup truck because he was African American.

Under the bill, the definition of “hate crimes” is expanded to include gender identity and sexual orientation, additions from the current legislation which only includes religion, race and political beliefs.

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10 Responses to BREAKING: Obama to Sign Gay Hate Crime Bill Wednesday

  1. Prairiedog says:

    This has been a long, long coming.

    Congrats, Christopher and to all of your LGBT readers. I know how significant this is and I hope it gives teeth to local law enforcement to arrest, charge and prosecute the thugs.

  2. Abby Peripatetic says:

    Excellent news! I hope the signing event is taped so I can watch it.

    Maybe you can post a video? (hint, hint?)

  3. Wichita Wingnut says:

    We Need This Law! Thank you, Democrats.

  4. brian c. connelly says:

    the passing of this bill now makes it a federal crime, with new sentencing requirements i have several questions 1- what are the new sentenceing guidelines 2–just how strongly worded IS THIS BILL? ipray it is not a watered down, subject to any sea lawyers interpatation AND .why did it take 11 years to get this done

  5. Conejo1982 says:

    What’s so important about this bill is it will provide local law enforcement with the funds to pursue and prosecute hate crimes against the LGBT community.

    Local police are cash-strapped and often, they can’t continue investigating a case of violence targeting gays.

    Now, there will be no excuses. Bash a LGBT person and you’re violating Federal law.

  6. bradfrmphnx says:

    Congratulations to all of my LGBT friends, and all in the minority community. Like I stated before, I hope that this is a continuum into further legislation supporting your equal rights. I will march with you until that happens.

  7. Fran says:

    I have mixed feelings– Matthew Shepard’s brutal murder happened in 1998- 11 years ago.
    What took so long???

    Still it is progress, but bittersweet.

  8. DMason says:

    I’m delighted to see Obama will sign the hate crimes bill tomorrow. People seemed unsure he would so this is a relief. I also love knowing Republican heads just keep exploding. Especially, the Republicans from the southern states.

  9. McDaddy says:

    Despite the fact that this law took so long, this is a good law. It’s a federal law. It will provide funding to local law enforcement. It lets people know that law enforcement take hate crimes seriously for gay as well as people of color.

    Pretty good stuff, Prez.

  10. You all let me know when the Glenn Beck White Hate Crimes Prevention Act is signed by Hussein X, filthy hippies.

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