U.S. Troops in Iraq Bored, taking Salsa Dancing, Yoga and Martial-Arts Classes

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As the economy sputters along, trying in vein to shake off the worst recession in history and America taxpayers are forking out $12 billion dollars a month to keep 117,000 combat troops stationed in Iraq, it comes as a disturbing surprise to learn many of the troops spend their time in Iraq taking salsa dancing, yoga and martial-arts classes.

USAToday reports:

Pfc. Adrian Vesik heard that war could be hell. He was happy to discover when he arrived in Iraq earlier this year that his war experience also would include salsa dancing, yoga and martial-arts classes.

“When I signed up for the Army, I thought I was going to be a hero — go out and do some fighting,” says Vesik, 19, during a break at a Filipino-Okinawan jujitsu class. “I haven’t come close to doing anything that I was trained to do. I work, maybe, four to five hours a day. I have time to try all these new things. It’s not so bad.”

Because of new rules that require Iraqi approval for all U.S. missions, and a general decline in violence nationwide, many of the 117,000 U.S. troops stationed in Iraq say they now have more idle time than at any previous point in the six-year war.

Combat is still a daily reality in some parts of Iraq, and U.S. troops are being killed here at a rate of about one a week.

But for many troops in places such as this large military base in southern Iraq, traditional soldiering such as kicking down doors and searching for roadside bombs has at least partly given way to book clubs, karaoke nights, sports and distance-learning university programs.

The image of idle and bored U.S. combat troops certainly calls into question the wisdom of President Obama’s timeline of not withdrawing military personnel from Iraq until August, 2010. In addition to the staggering $12 billion dollar a month expense, there appears to be no security justification for keeping 117,000 U.S. troops stationed in Iraq at least another year.

Salsa dancing, yoga, martial-arts and distance-learning classes are widely available in the U.S. and I am confident that given a choice, our troops would prefer returning home to their family and friends.

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11 Responses to U.S. Troops in Iraq Bored, taking Salsa Dancing, Yoga and Martial-Arts Classes

  1. okjimm says:

    Hey, be fair! You never know when a god-less, terroristic, suicidal bomb-toting, Taliban cutie might ask you to dance!…. our troops need to be prepared for EVERYTHING! Gees, you need to think of these things!!

  2. bradfrmphnx says:

    I read today where the White House issued a statement saying they are still in line with the troop withdrawel next year. I say why not bring them all home for Christmas. Shut it down.

  3. Scott Dancer says:

    By the time the troops are out of Iraq, they will have been there twice as long as the troops were in the European and Asian theaters of WWII.

    By now, most sane people and this includes military strategists, agree we had no business invading Iraq in the first place but Little George needed a war of his own. Just like his daddy.

    All it takes to bring the troops home is leadership. A trait in short supply these days in Washington. The August, 2010 deadline makes no sense and this article certainly supports the silliness of keeping the troops in Iraq for almost another year.

    Just think, if Obama shows some backbone and starts the withdrawal now, he will save is $120 billion dollars. Not pocket change where I sit.

  4. Estacada says:

    I agree with all the above comments. The Iraq war has become a very costly Club Med.

    If the troops have so much time to they can take salsa dance lessons and underwater basket weaving classes then they need to be brought home immediately.

    Of course, we all know why Obama is dragging his feet? He may want a few thousand for Afghanistan or Pakistan.

  5. Robert Rouse says:

    Bring ’em home NOW!

  6. DMason says:

    We can use that $12 billion here at home. It’s a waste of valuable monies if we spend it in Iraq. Obama has to step up and get these men and women home ASAP.

  7. JollyRoger says:

    I will say that I am much happier to read that our soldiers are doing yoga instead of being blown to smithereens, but I’m still incensed that we haven’t extricated them from a coward’s Glorious Oedipal Crusade.

  8. libhomo says:

    The sad thing about the distance learning is that there aren’t many jobs left for them to use that learning if they come back home.

  9. Joe in Colorado says:

    Hey, I’m all for the troops having extracurricular activities. They need and they deserve down time to unwind and relax. But, if the bulk of their time is used to take dance classes and arts and crafts then I think it may very well be time for them to make an exit and come home. Many of them are on their 4th and 5th tour of duty. It’s really obscene.

  10. C’mon people, it takes awhile to import democracy.

  11. just another piece of evidence that this country is on the road to ruin………

    i cant even read about politics anymore, our govt is truly among the worst on the planet – the ferengyi and romulans were better governed

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