Sarah Palin Can be Had for $9

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If you longed to own a piece of Sarah Palin then this story is for you. Palin’s brand new autobiography Going Rogue has been discounted a whopping 69% even before the book arrives in stores.

Palin, the former vice presidential running mate of John McCain and half-term governor of Alaska, reportedly received a staggering $7 million dollar advance for her story.

Not scheduled to be released until¬†November 17, retailers are already slashing the price for the book to prices usually reserved for what are called “remainder” books and surplus stock.

With the holidays just around the corner, wingnuts take notice. The rightwing website Newsmax is offering Going Rogue free with the $9 of a year’s subscription! Gift wrapping not included.

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13 Responses to Sarah Palin Can be Had for $9

  1. Peace Nick says:

    I knew she would wind up in the discount bin but I thought it would take a few months.

    Maybe Palin shouldn’t have quit her day job after all?

    Interest in her seems to be waning. She’s like New Coke: a novelty that people tried and grew tired of very quickly.

  2. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    I’m sure the whore of Wasilla has been had for less than $9.00 in her life.

    She’s a sleazy, white trash broad who clawed her way to the top of the political food chain in Alaska and she didn’t get there on her political skills alone.

  3. retahyajyajav says:

    Her book is a joke in pre-release and the Washington Speakers Bureau can’t find any group dumb enough to fork over $100,000 to hear her speak.

    Peace Nick is spot-on. I think she will regret the day she quit the governor job. At least it was steady income and my guess is, she and Todd will blow through that $7 million advance in less than a year.

  4. JollyRoger says:

    Even $9 is expensive for a coloring book.

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    What a vacant gaze as she looks skyward on the cover. And wtf is she looking at anyway…Russia?When the book hits 2 cents it will be 2 cents too much.

  6. Rachel says:

    They also bundle these books. For example, if you buy Coulter’s book or Limbaugh’s book, they toss in free-of-charge, Palin’s book. It’s not really a sale but it moves units so the publisher can claim her book is a breathtaking success. I can’t imagine anyone really laying out $29.99 for “Going Rogue.” Maybe “Going Rouge,” but that’s another story!

  7. libhomo says:

    She would have to pay me a lot more than $9 to accept a copy of her book.

  8. Drew says:

    I love America. What other country in the world can you quit a job and get paid $7 million for a book you didn’t write yourself?

    Only in America!

  9. okjimm says:

    $9 is too expensive for kindling or toilet paper…. at two for a $1 I could be interested.

  10. Rockync says:

    I think all these pre-release discounts and package deals are designed to try and spur enough interest so that enough books are sold to get her on the best seller list by Christmas.

  11. She won’t regret quitting the governorship. Hell, the publisher may get hosed, but I’m sure Sarah got her $7 million up front. She’s golden.

  12. Fran says:

    I’d pay $9 bucks if Palin would promise to go away & STFU.

  13. I read that she is going on Oprah to hawk her “book”, I just hope Oprah really gives her a chance to screw up with something. Hell, if she can’t even tell Katie the Newspapers she reads imagine how she is going to answer Oprah questions.

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