The Catholics Really Hate the Gays

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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As the battle over a Maine ballot initiative that seeks to reverse the recent legalization of gay marriage equality in the state drags on, a homophobic Roman Catholic group called is demanding the removal of an ad features a Catholic mother who says:

“I’ve been a Catholic all my life. My faith means a lot to me. Marriage to me is a great institution that works, and it’s what I want for my children, too.”

Watch it:’s contempt and vitriol against the LGBT community is chilling. Here’s part of a statement the group sent out attacking gays and lesbians: President Brian Burch said, “For decades gay and lesbian groups have attacked the Catholic Church for refusing to accept their skewed views on human sexuality and marriage. Having lost that battle, they have now launched this desperate and despicable attempt to curry favor with Catholics by pretending that the Catholic faith supports their radical agenda.”

“Everybody knows the Catholic Church is opposed to counterfeit marriages . For homosexual groups to suggest that the Catholic Church believes otherwise is disingenuous, dishonest, and an insult to the intelligence of Catholic voters in Maine,” said Burch.

“We call on Protect Maine Equality to stop lying about our faith and to immediately pull this ad from the airwaves and from YouTube,” said Burch.

Got that? According to, gays and lesbians who have entered into loving, committed and monogamous relationships have a “skewed” view of marriage. Nevermind the fact that more than half of all straight marriages end in divorce by the 7th year, as long as a penis and a vagina is involved, they Catholics are happy.

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11 Responses to The Catholics Really Hate the Gays

  1. Brigadoon says:

    I’m sure these Catholic loons wish they could go all Iranian and stone, hang and burn gays and lesbians but separation of church and state, and the rule of law prevents them from showing their genuine colors.

  2. feminazi says:

    What a perfectly dreadful organization. I vacillate back and forth between concluding who is worse: the Mormons or the Catholics. Maybe it’s a tie? All I know is, organized religion, if it’s going to be a political advocacy group, needs to be taxed like any other 501.3.c organization and not be allowed to exist as a tax free entity.

  3. TOM339 says:

    You have to consider though.

    For more than 30 years, the Catholic church has tried to ignore their global priest predator problem.

    Many Americans think the priest abusers were unique to the U.S. — far from it. Predator priests have been convicted in Europe, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. So, gays and more specifically, the issue of gay marriage, provides them with an opportunity to market themselves as social conservatives versus a cult of child abuse freaks.

  4. libhomo says:

    The fact that they are demanding the ad be pulled and taken down from YouTube shows a totalitarian mindset.

  5. libhomo says:

    I checked their website, and it turns out their main emphasis at the moment is trying to keep people from getting healthcare. This group sounds pretty suspicious to me.

  6. Estacada says:

    People who regularly attend church and site belief in God is steadily on the decline in the USA and EU.

    The Roman Catholic Church is betting their future on developing nations in Africa and South America.

    What needs to happen is regarding gay marriage in the USA is simple. The Catholic church had every right to hold a point of view — be it pro or con but what angers people and puts people off is when the Catholic church funds efforts to take rights away from groups the Catholics disagree with.

  7. Rockync says:

    Seems all “revealed” religions hate gays, liberals, minorities, women… the list is infinite. Which is why I’m a deist.
    Frankly, their arguments are laughable. I’m a woman married to a man. I had a church ceremony but I have a civil license – for every married couple in the United States there exists only one legally accepted document of that marriage and that is the civil license to marry we all paid for at city hall.
    How does a marriage of a same gender couple negatively impact my marriage? Beats me, I’ve been married to this guy for over 30 years and I can’t imagine a scenario involving other people that would threaten my marriage; including couples of the same gender using the word “married.” I hope to see same gender marriage legally accepted in all 50 states in my lifetime.
    These religious nuts need to pull the stick out of their asses and start doing the real work charged them by their Savior – feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, housing the homeless…

  8. Rockync,

    Truer words were never said. I blogged about the Roman Catholic Church’s attack on American nuns on my blog:

    Anyone remotely familiar with my Blog knows I have no tolerance for the Roman Catholic Church. From their shameless exploitation of the poor, to their hierarchical homophobia, and their established efforts to protect priest pedophiles. The Roman Catholic Church is the essence of tax exempt evil and depravity.

    But a witchunt against nuns is a new low — even for the Vatican.

  9. Rock says:

    This is one of the reasons why I consider myself a recovering Roman Catholic.

  10. Walk on Socks says:

    The Catholics are vehement homophobes.

    Ironic, huh?

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