Miss California: ‘God chose me to be a homophobe’

Saturday, September 19, 2009


They say God works in mysterious ways and according to the defrocked and disgraced former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, divine forces caused her be a homophobe. But her stupidity? That’s all her own doing.

Prejean told a Values Voters Summit in Washington that “God had a plan for me that day” when she voiced her opinion during the 2009 Miss USA contest.

Reflecting on the contest Friday, Prejean said, “I’m so proud of the answer that I gave. God chose me for that moment.”

I wonder if Prejean also believes God chose her to get boob implants so her skinny body would look hotter on camera and to the pageant judges?

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18 Responses to Miss California: ‘God chose me to be a homophobe’

  1. Estacada says:

    Carrie Prejean is an endless pit of idiocy.

    What a total media whore. Now she’s been reduced to speaking at conservative events like the one in Washington. To think someone actually pays her to appear and say crap like this?

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    Prejean got her boobs done?

    That’s dumb. What she should’ve done is had a brain transplant. Then at least she could walk and chew gum at the sametime.

    I bet her sex partners like her exactly like she is though: “Carrie, rub this (pointing to the pleasure stick) and three gold necklaces will come out.”

  3. bradfrmphnx says:

    Carrie’s desperate need for attention, isn’t well served by her lack of anything to offer, other than homophobia. Someday we’ll look back and wonder, ” What ever happened to OctoMom and that dumb broad that dissed the gays?”

  4. feminazi says:

    Am I hearing a Palin/Prejean 2012 ticket? They would be perfect together. Two utter noncoms let loose on the political landscape with the support of the so-called values voters.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    God just phoned, Carrie. He says Hooters is hiring and he wants you to run on down and fill out an application. The money isn’t bad, the tips are good and if you play your french fries right, you may find a wealthy man to marry who will provide you with the lifestyle you want and need.

  6. Tao says:

    Now, now, God only choose her for a ‘moment’ and she even acknowledges it as ‘that moment.’

    Which means she has been and is now on her own…

    She is so screwed….

  7. Spanish Fly says:

    I’d hit it. I would just make sure she had a few copies of Vogue and the Bible to occupy herself with as I went to work.

    Dumb can be good in the correct setting.

  8. Tao says:

    Gee, never thought of reading material as sex toys for foreplay?!

  9. VicoDANIEL says:

    She’s letting herself be used by the religious right.

    Prejean’s problem is she thinks these people care about her and her opinions. When in fact, they’re just looking for the new cabbage patch doll to trot out and warble their point of view to their audience.

    If she even departs from script, they will kick her to the curb faster than you can say “Anita Bryant.”


  10. Harry says:

    I want to hear her say, “Keep fucking that chicken.”

  11. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    “I want to hear her say, “Keep fucking that chicken.”

    While she’s standing on her head! ROFL!

  12. Aunt Peg says:

    Isn’t it curious?

    The people who talk about how deeply religious they are and how God directed them to do this or that, are always the people who hate the gays and use the Bible are the justification for their hatred.

    What a shame a young woman like Carrie Prejean is already lost to the dark side.

  13. Dmitris says:

    This bitch is so stupid that I’m surprised she didn’t have her plastic surgeon put her implants on her back instead of in her titties. Seriously.

  14. Biker Guy says:

    I like natural titties.

    Plus, Carrie is too thin. I like some curves on my women. I’m a big man and I would split her wide open. No thanks.

  15. Lori1979 says:

    Carrie Prejean is a pretty young woman but let’s face it. She’s a beauty pageant queen and not a very deep thinker. She’s linked her star and her future to a community of people who will use her and then discard her like a $40 Vegas whore at an insurance convention.

  16. woyoyo says:

    Carrie Prejean? Dumb as a plant.

    She’s the type of girl you talk to bed and tell, “If you put your mouth on my cock, you will lose 10 lbs.” so they do it.

  17. libhomo says:

    People who sincerely believe that “god” talks to them are crazy.

  18. JollyRoger says:

    The Jesusistan “God” certainly makes some curious choices.

    Prejean is barely above Schiavo on the functional scale, but SHE gets the nod?

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