Glenn Beck is Crazy and He’s a Really Bad Speller

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I’m not sure what it says about us as a nation but it can be damned fun watching a radical, rightwinger bring the crazy and no one brings the crazy quite like FOX Noise’s very own Glenn Beck.

On his Thursday program, after Beck revealed President Obama a Marxist and a Communist with ties to the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers, Beck also revealed can’t spell worth shit. What’s amazing to me is, no one on his staff — no producer and not even a camera person stepped up to tell Heil Beck that he misspelled OLIGARCHY. Not that 90% of his viewers would even notice or even care.

Watch it:

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22 Responses to Glenn Beck is Crazy and He’s a Really Bad Speller

  1. Woodcliffe says:

    This is a riot!

    Are you beginning to get the impression even Beck knows his days on FOX are numbered so he just doesn’t care anymore so he’s pulled out all the stops to reign in his inner demons and let ‘eh rip?

    Even Rupert Murdock can’t allow this freakshow to go on much longer. Not if he’s serious about being a legitimate news organization.

  2. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    That’s one of the funniest thing ever.

    Glen beck is one sick fuck.

  3. Raffi says:

    How do you spell: p.s.y.c.h.o.p.a.t.h?

    I know! I know! G.l.e.n.n. B.e.c.k.

  4. bassackwards says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho, Ha, ha, ha…. that’s the best you’ve got? A spelling error?

    Try doing some research and see if you can refute anything Beck has talked about this week. You can’t.

    That’s what I find so funny.

  5. DMason says:

    Wow! A Glenn Beck loyalist! I kept hoping one of them would show their face to defend him to this blog. This promises to be fun.

  6. JesstheMess says:

    Bassackwards is right- he backs up everything he says with F.A.C.T.S. Can’t argue with the truth, libs!

    I hope Glenn keeps doing what he’s doing. He’s driving the fringe left insane.

  7. bassackwards says:

    DMason. Not a loyalist. Checked his facts. They, unfortunately for the progressives, check out. Beck’s a big boy. He can defend himself. Next?

  8. bobs says:

    Glenn Beck made the mistake on purpose….and you’d know that if you watched the show.

  9. Estacada says:

    Beck is saving the best for last.

    I predict he will blow his brains out on live TV and go out with a bang. Ratings gold, I tell ya.

    Then, with St. Reagan gone and Bush II discredited, the lunatic right will have a genuine martyr.

  10. lea-lea says:

    I only watched Wednesday and laughed so hard I was worried the neighbors would complain.

    Not only is Beck whacko, and can’t spell but the program I saw showed him dancing around and warbling this mantra about Obama’s czars. What this idiot failed to mention is, George W. Bush had 25 or 26 czars. He even had a Morality Czar!

  11. Urbano1982 says:

    So, Glenn Beck is a Mormon? Has he ever shared how many wives he has? They practice polygamy despite the fact it’s illegal.

    Just wondering…………….

  12. bradfrmphnx says:

    Here is a Glenn Beck lie.

    Glenn Beck said…”We have never had an American President not be sworn in on the Bible.”

    *Theodore Roosevelt did not use a Bible when he was sworn into office in 1901.
    *John Quincy Adams was sworn in on a book of law.
    *Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in on a Roman Catholic missal on Air Force One.

    Glenn Beck is so full of crap that it isn’t hard to dispute about anything he says. Anybody, and I mean anybody that gives that lunatic an ounce of credibility, just isn’t smart enough to figure it out. And that’s as nice as I can put it.

  13. Conejo1982 says:


    Hey Glenn, here comes my steal-toed work boot in your ass.

  14. TOM339 says:

    Beck claims to care so little about what people are calling him that he devotes 30 minutes to putting the names on a blackboard to “own them” with the help of a psychologist guy who offers advice on how best to deal with the criticisms.

    This is television voyeur therapy a whole new level. Nevermind Dr. Drew. Beck is unhinged and Americans are free to watch his slide into crazy land and his struggle to get back on the ledge.

    I predict in future episodes (if FOX doesn’t pull the plug first) he will be reduced to discussing Area 51, aliens, alien abduction and UFOs.

  15. Dougly says:

    Here’s my honest question for anyone out there.

    Beck claims he has high ratings. Can anyone tell us any left sided radio/T.V show or any liberal setting that has more viewers and/or higher ratings than his?

    Oh, and could you back it up with “F.A.C.T.S.” so we can throw that in Glenn’s face?

    More Questions:

    TO Woodcliffe: Any “F.A.C.T.S.” you can present to back up your claim Beck “KNOWS HIS DAYS on FOX ARE NUMBERED?”

    TO lea-lea: The czars under Bush and Obama – What kind of power did the Bush czars have? Did they (the czars) have more power, less power, same power or no power as Obama’s czars? Did the Bush czars ONLY ADVISE Bush? What did the Bush czars DO? If anyone answers this – BACK IT UP WITH “F.A.C.T.S.”.

    What kind of power do the Obama czars have? Do they (the czars) have more power, less power, same power (or no power) as Bush’s czars? Did the Obama czars ONLY ADVISE Obama? What do the Obama czars DO? If anyone answers this – BACK IT UP WITH “F.A.C.T.S.”.

    TO bradfrmphnx: Good to point out the “not sworn in on the Bible” thing. Back this up with “F.A.C.T.S.” (the source of your information) so you can show Beck he was wrong. You said he lied though…could it be he made a mistake? Point it out to Beck himself as to test him because Beck did say he would admit to any mistakes he made.

    TO TOM339: You claim Beck spent 30 minutes with a “…psychologist guy who…” Well my friend, this whole show is on youtube. Time it from when that segment begins and when it’s done. I’ll do the same and see if it’s anywhere near 30 minutes in length. Who knows??? IT COULD BE 40 MINUTES LONG! Guess we are just going to have to back up your claim with FACTS so as to see if YOUR claim is credible. Nothing wrong with that, right?


  16. Harry says:

    Dougly – Why would you ask anyone here to research and analyze cable ratings for you? Don’t you know how to use a search engine?

  17. Rachel says:

    I know I should be a better person and not enjoy watching Beck deliver the crazy but, it is terribly amusing watching his victimization shtick and all those damned flow charts. One day last week, he had so many circles and lines that I didn’t have clue what the hell he was talking about and you know what? Neither did he!

  18. bassackwards says:

    Funny, I could have sworn I submitted two comments with research showing Van Jones (the green czar) is a communist:

    And the Apollo Alliance (who Harry Reid claimed help write the stimulus package) who’s New York director is Jeff Jones (// and was a founder of the Weathermen and a leader in the Weather Underground

    But, I guess I didn’t make the cut. I guess we aren’t dealing in facts and data here.

  19. bassackwards,

    Funny, there are 18 comments on this thread (this one not included), 3 of which belong to you — a remarkably high percentage.

    Instead of bothering to read the comment policy of my Blog which clearly states in the 6th bullet point:

    Comments containing a link or hyperlink are held for moderation in order to reduce SPAM and advertising.

    You preferred to dive head first into the typical “poor, little me,” victimhood so frequently seen in rightwingers.

  20. bassackwards says:

    pretty evident wikipedia links aren’t spam… almost all the same links I had in my initial posts…

  21. bassackward,

    Now you’re just lying and making shit up.

    Akismet, the WordPress SPAM filter caught your HYPERLINKS are SPAM which is where I found them.

    I don’t mind wingnuts posting here but I do not tolerate trolls, especially trolls who lie.

    See ya.

  22. Biker Guy says:

    Glenn’s fan boys are such pussies.

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