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Thursday, August 20, 2009

“As for the Congressional Democrats, what a bunch of losers — weak, scared, stupid. They had better get a clue pretty quick or the Dark Forces will return.” — Director Michael Moore, when asked by the Hollywood Report to grade Congressional Democrats

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9 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Joe in Colorado says:

    So now the cowardly Dumbos want to split the healthcare bill into two parts. The Dems can pass the part with the public option and the second part won’t include the public option and the GOP will be able to vote for this part. You know, these men and women are acting like children. Spoiled brats and the uber-daddy, President Obama, is forced to find ways to discipline them.

  2. R.J. says:

    I totally agree with Moore here. Every morning I thank God I’m a registered Independent.

  3. JollyRoger says:

    The spineless dems are an off-product of the “Kumbaya” era started by Saint Ronnie, when perks were made so sweet that most of the dems allowed themselves to be bought off.

    They’re scum-“Stepnfetchit” Reid, “Nanny” Pelosi, DINO Feinstein, Steny Whoryer, and most of the rest of the so-called dem “leadership.” Nothing good gets done until they get gone.

  4. bradfrmphnx says:

    Yes, with much consternation I have to agree with Moore here. At least in their complete inability to bring about any real change.

    In recent months Christopher and MSNBC have shown us the complete insanity, and downright lying from the Republicans. Why this hasn’t egged the left on any better than it has is a frustrating wonder. I’m going to place blame on Nancy Pelosi for her complete failure in unifying congress, the Blue Dog Mormon Harry Reid for not enacting leadership to emasculate DADT/DOMA, and in Obama’s Administration for walking the tightrope on every issue he campaigned for. They are pathetically subservient to the right.

  5. They really better get their ass in gear. Sure, the Dark Side was defeated last time out, but one can’t always count on Ewoks.

  6. Estacada says:

    I hope Obama loses the House and Senate.

    Government works best when there’s friction and tension. It’s called divided government.

    As it is now, Obama keeps squawking about being “bipartisan” as he governs. Good, let’s see what he does with a GOP Congress.

  7. JollyRoger says:

    Nah. No more Rushpubliscum majorities. Look at the damage Bubba did when he started being “bipartisan” with that toad Gingrich.

  8. DMason says:

    Moore tells the truth. The Dems are wusses.

  9. libhomo says:

    If I didn’t want to vote for primary challengers, e.g., Jonathan Tasini who is running against Gillibrand, I would be an independent too. I think it’s important to resist within the Democratic Party and from the outside.

    Political parties should be thought of as little more than tools one uses to try to express one’s views.

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