Catholic Lobbying Group Opposes Child Victims Act

Friday, August 14, 2009


The ugly face of the Catholic Church is on display again. This time, devoting their considerable resources to defeat the Child Victims Act (CVA) in the New York legislature.

The Child Victims Act (CVA) would extend the statute of limitations on child sex abuse by five years and make it somewhat easier for abuse victims to have their day in court. Who would possibly oppose this?

Marci A. Hamilton at FindLaw explains:

Based on an unscientific survey of everyone with whom I have spoken in recent months, I have come to the conclusion that there is an untold story that would shock the vast majority of Americans. Pieces of it have appeared in various publications, but never the whole story. It is the story of the New York Catholic Conference’s outrageous measures to stop the reform of New York’s laws that govern child sex abuse.

The bottom line is that the Catholic bishops have committed both themselves and their copious resources to becoming the political enemies of all child sex abuse victims and thus the political allies of all child predators (whether they be priests, teachers, or uncles).

If the New York Catholic Conference had not poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into lobbying against proposed Child Victims Act (CVA) would have been law long ago and today we would know the identities of hundreds of New York child predators who are now enjoying the anonymity and protection afforded them by existing state law and fewer children would be the victims of sexual abuse.

Instead, the New York Catholic Conference have become the sworn enemies of New York’s children and of the truth.

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28 Responses to Catholic Lobbying Group Opposes Child Victims Act

  1. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    The Cult of Catholicism is destructive.

    How many billions did the Vatican pay to victims of priest freaks who screwed little boys over the years in the US and Europe? Last I read, the pay-out had exceeded $1 billion in hush money.

  2. Prairiedog says:

    I don’t understand why the New York Catholic Conference would oppose this legislation?

    In light of the nearly half century of priest/child sex scandals that rocked the Catholic church to its core, logic would dictate any proposed law to help protect children against these monsters would not only be beneficial to children but by supporting CVA, the Catholic church would regain their lost, moral authority.

  3. bradfrmphnx says:

    Simply put, that is repulsive. The Pope must be tired of forking out his Prada money to the victims of sexual abuse. If the Catholic Church is going to become involved in politics they should lose their non-profit status.

  4. Aunt Peg says:

    Christopher – Maybe your Catholic troll, FranIAm will fly in on her broom to explain the ghoulish behavior of her cult and why opposing a law to protect children from predators is sound Catholic doctrine?

    Once again, thanks for keeping us informed on the issues and topics the mainstream media refuses to cover.

  5. R.J. says:

    WTH? I thought those Catholics didn’t have any more money after those millions they paid out to those victims? They have no shame.

  6. Harry says:

    If I had a son or a daughter I would never leave them alone with a priest. You would have to have your head examined to trust a priest with a child.

  7. VicoDANIEL says:

    The Catholic church is a safe heaven for pedophiles of every stripe and color.

    I have a number of friends who are adult male survivors of Catholic priest sex abuse. The stories they have shared with me over the years are heartbreaking and filled me with rage.

    These are good men, decent men but, they are also broken men who had their innocence stolen from them by authority figures who abused their role and their power. I think, when you suffer such a fate, you are never truly whole again. No amount of therapy can fix you.

    I think the only way to break the back of the Catholic church (as well as other, organized religions) is to tax them out of existence.

  8. libhomo says:

    The Catholic Conference has no shame. And, those scum have the nerve to lecture others on morality.

  9. stradella says:

    Maybe when the collection plate comes around each Sunday, instead of putting a dollar in it, we should start putting some Salt Peter?

    Might render these Satanist priests disabled for a while and give the kids a chance to get to safety.

  10. Bwana Jim says:

    I’ve got a better idea: a requirement of joining the priesthood means automatic castration.

    Cut those pickles off once and for all.

  11. Estacada says:

    I’ve got a better idea: a requirement of joining the priesthood means automatic castration.

    Ka-Ching! I think we have a winner!

  12. lea-lea says:

    Unfucking real.

    Hey, where is FranIAm? I thought by the time I got here she would’ve been around to defend the white collared pedophiles?

  13. Peace Nick says:

    The New York Catholic Conference is how the Catholic church gets around the IRS rules that restrict political activism.

    It’s all a big sham. All organized religions do more harm than help because they’re operated by people and people, when infused with the infallibility that the Bible provides them, always end up destroying each other.

  14. TOM339 says:

    So the Catholic church is trying to influence the legislative process in New York state?

    Interesting, indeed.

    I would say, this is a direct violation of IRS law and could be brought in as evidence in a court challenge to their tax exempt status. I’m not a lawyer but the law on this sort of thing is clear.

  15. Mark F. says:

    “I would say, this is a direct violation of IRS law and could be brought in as evidence in a court challenge to their tax exempt status. I’m not a lawyer but the law on this sort of thing is clear.”

    The church cannot endorse particular candidates but they can try to influence the legislative process as long as it is not their “primary” purpose as an organization.

  16. DMason says:

    I don’t need a law to understand that the Catholic church is a cesspool of pedophilia and the church is guilty is trying to bury the very worst moral offenders of decency when it comes to shifting priests with a taste for young boys to unsuspecting congregations. Frankly, I wouldn’t expect anything better from a church who selects a for Nazi to be its leader.

  17. john jay says:

    That’s the funniest and sickest picture ever. But it’s perfect when the topic of discussion is Catholics.

  18. Troy says:

    The Catholic Church not getting involved in politics? Over here in Spain they sometimes make that claim, then bus their sheep into Madrid from all over the country to protest equal rights bills. I’m sure their hypocrisy plays true in every country they are allowed to operate in.

  19. feminazi says:

    Christopher – You post the most controversial stuff on Friday when I’m not online. OK, back to the topic. The only reason I can arrive at for the New York Catholic Conference to oppose this bill is to protect their priest predators. Otherwise, how can a sane and rational organization resist a bill designed to protect kids?

  20. libhomo says:

    The FBI should launch a RICO investigation against the entire Catholic clergy for protecting child rapists.

  21. Walk on Socks says:

    Catholicism has just gotten creepier and creepier over the years.

    Now, they have that Prada wearing, former child Nazi creep at the top of the garbage pile in Rome issuing edicts condemning gays and lesbians and science like stem cells.

    I’m afraid Catholicism is trapped in the 3rd century and it isn’t going to change.

  22. This is disgusting. I think Walk on Socks is definitely correct, unfortunately. The Church as an organization is still stuck in the 3rd century. Vatican II helped it move forward a tad, but not nearly enough. Major reform throughout the structure of the Catholic Church is necessary for it to remain standing. Is it any surprise, really, that its numbers are shrinking rapidly?

    However, that does not necessarily make the whole idea of Catholicism “evil.” I think that it still has the potential to do good for many people. For example: Catholic charities, the work many grassroots Catholics have done for oppressed people (Romero, Tutu, etc). But it really needs a major rehaul at the top.

  23. I think all of their problems stem from that evil magic pope hat.

  24. Brigadoon says:

    You know what? The truth is, I don’t care one iota about the Pope or Catholicism or Catholics. If they want to believe old fables and myths — cool but, they need to pay taxes just like every other business collecting monies. Especially, property taxes on their real estate holdings.

  25. Love the picture. HATE the Catholic church. Such a destructive, evil force.

  26. the new cardinal in NYC is as big a creep as all of them – the whole cult of the catholic church and their political power in places like ny is downright disgusting

  27. Idaho Librul says:

    Did you hear what Brad Pitt told Bill Maher on his Friday night show”

    From the Huffington Post:

    “You know, I grew up in a religious family, in a religious community and it just doesn’t make sense to me. It just doesn’t work for me in the long run. I never wanted to stop anyone else’s religion and their beliefs until I started seeing it defining policy. Like gay marriage. You have a group of people telling other people how to live their lives, and you can’t do that. In fact, I’m talking like there are actually Christians watching your show.”

    I like Brad Pitt even more now.

  28. pienmash says: Myself and my whole family were abused by the Catholic Church within their Institutions in England. Now, as a filmmaker, I am trying to get the age of consent at the Vatican City raised from just 12 years of age. This lowest age of consent, in Europe, is completely contradictory to the Pope’s apology for the worldwide child sex abuse by the Catholic Church. This age of consent, in itself, is an abuse to children. I am just one of many victims who are trying to, through long-term strategies, eradicate Institutional Child Abuse. Many of the victims go on to take their own lives, those that don’t become dysfunctional because of their traumas. My parents were Irish Immigrants; they also suffered abuse at the hands of Catholic Institutions in Ireland.

    I’d be interested to see how many readers were aware that the Vatican has the lowest age of sexual consent (12 years old) in Europe?

    God bless the children – they are the future.
    Bill Maloney.

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