CNN’s Resident Birther-in-Chief, Lou Dobbs, is Obsessed with Obama’s Birth Certificate

Friday, July 24, 2009

CNN likes to bill itself: “CNN, the Most Trusted Name in News.”

While this may have been true, back when Ted Turner owned the network, however today CNN is now owned by Time-Warner and they’ve made a corporate decision to try and compete with Rupert Murdock’s FOX News.

How else do you explain Lou Dobbs’ obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate? Dobbs is the de facto leader of the so-called “Birther movement.” In this compilation video, you will see how night after night, Dobbs uses his CNN program to feed the conspiracy nutcases on the far right who are convinced President Obama is a foreign national and not an American citizen.

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12 Responses to CNN’s Resident Birther-in-Chief, Lou Dobbs, is Obsessed with Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. DMason says:

    Maybe the solution to Dobbs is a letter writing campaign to the CEO of Time Warner? Make it clear if he isn’t made to stop this insanity designed to undermine the president, we will target CNN’s advertisers? Money talks and Dobbs needs to shut up or walk.

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  3. Estacada says:

    How did Lou Dobbs get his start?

    It’s like one day I turned on the TV and there he was. It’s not like he’s a young man. He must’ve been hired at the sametime CNN brought on Jack Cafferty.

  4. Navas says:

    Here are the keyords in the essay:

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    Prologue to Obama 2012

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    I began the sketches for what would ultimately become Obama 2012 in March 2007, a month after Barack Obama declared his candidacy. I had spent much of the previous 18 months living abroad as an entrepreneur and statesman of sorts, and I was slightly out of touch with the pulse of life on the street in the United States. I learnt about Sen. Barack Obama’s Springfield, IL speech formally declaring his candidacy for president of the United States through one of the international cable news channels and thought how great it would be to have a fresh start after years of mediocrity in Washington and a plummeting reputation around the world.

    By September, after what seemed like raising a six-month-old child, my sketches had turned into Why the Democrats Will Win in 2008 the Road to an Obama White House. It was my answer to the burning question everyone had back in March: Can he really win? Actually, not everyone thought it was a question. For many people, including Mark Penn, director of the Clinton campaign, the answer was an easy “no way.” This strategic blunder made it that much easier for the Clinton campaign to be defeated. Then there were Black pundits like Shelby Steele, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, who came out with a 2007 book entitled A Bound Man, Why Obama Can’t Win.

    Being Black did seem to be an automatic disqualification, but then why did someone need to write an entire book arguing what should have been patently obvious? Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Colin Powell came to my mind and I remembered that he could have run for president in 1992 as a war hero. But Colin Powell was Ronald Reagan’s protégé and got a special pass on the race question. Black conservatives like Justice Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were careful to disassociate themselves from liberal thinkers and activists like Jesse Jackson, who lost, as expected, the 1984 and 1988 Democratic primaries. Ultimately, Colin Powell, in spite of all his honors, declined to run for president. His wife Alma feared for his safety. Common sense said that a candidate like Obama, for numerous insurmountable reasons, didn’t stand a chance of winning the Democratic primary, let alone a general election in which 10% of the electorate is African American and Republicans controlled the White House for 20 of the preceding 28 years. But I decided that Obama’s chances merited a closer examination. In it, I would bring to bear my gambling skills.

  5. Raffi says:

    Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy, but that’s a lot-o-words.

    Back to Lou Dobbs. His whole thing is scaring white Americans with the brown scourge coming up from Mexico. That’s why I can’t listen to him. He’s like a broken record from Chihuahua City.

  6. Oh, Pancho Louie, you’re a hoot and a half.

  7. lea-lea says:

    Dobbs is a racist piece of shit. Octopus, I will sign the link and join the chorus.

    CNN should be ashamed of itself for hiring Dobbs in the first place.

  8. TanjaBaby says:

    This is a very amazing article.
    Thanks for that 😉

  9. Maurice Stewart says:

    Like I say: CNN has a serious CREDIBILITY problem called LOU Dobbs! Period!

  10. Walter Johnson says:

    Lou Dobbs does seem to go over the deep end on some issues. I rarely have watched him because he seems so indifferent to facts, such as that the certificate of live birth is the Hawaii form of Birth Certificate and it says as much right at the bottom of the document, which is posted several places on the internet.

    I also get angry whenever that woman birther who challenged her Congressman on TV that Obama was not a natural born citizen pulled up a sheet of paper, assumed to be her birth certificate, and said my birth certificate is from the United States of America. In fact the USA does not issue birth certificates to anyone, unless perhaps through the witness protection program. Birth certificates are all issued today by the state of birth, although there might be a county copy too. In Colorado you contact the Vital Statistics office in the Health Department to purchase your birth certificate. They aren’t given away. I likewise had to pay to buy the ones for my own children.

    I agree with those who say CNN is not as good for honest, reliable news as it was under Ted Turner’s ownership.

  11. Daniel Bruno says:

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