BREAKING: Lou Dobbs’ Birth Certificate a Fake!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CNN’s very own Lou “I hate Mexican” Dobbs, the vocal champion of the birther movement, Mexican-born? Is it possible? Yes, not only is it possible but it’s true.

Dobbs’ place of birth has always been difficult to pin down. One biographical source says he was born in Childress, Texas, while another says Rupert, Idaho, but neither turns out to be factual.


Louis Dobbs was born in in the small town of Delicias, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. That’s right — MEXICO. He was later smuggled into the U.S. by his Texas propane salesman father, Frank Dobbs, who kept the truth of his son’s south-of-the-border origins a secret, even from Lou himself.

Lou Dobbs only learned about his Mexican birth in adolescence, and would spend the rest of his adult life desperately trying to cover up the truth.


His Texas birth certificate, while not an all-out forgery which contains the details. A closer examination of the document reveals an asterisk that points the way to the truth.

This startling revelation will surely outrage his legions of admirers who tune in each night to watch and hear their anti-immigration crusader rant and rave about our “Our Broken Borders” and the evil of the influx of Mexican illegals into American society.

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33 Responses to BREAKING: Lou Dobbs’ Birth Certificate a Fake!

  1. feminazi says:

    I was going to ask you how you managed to get your hands on these documents but then I remembered some of the things you’ve posted in the passed and thought better. All I can say is “wow!” Would help to explain Dobbs’ intense hatred of Mexico and the Mexican people. He’s one of them!

  2. DMason says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Burrito on Dobbs face!

  3. Greg says:

    I say he should go through the whole citizenship process, pay the fees, all that fun stuff or face deportation.

  4. woyoyo says:

    Brother, this is some amazing shizz.

  5. Harry says:

    I heard the Dobbs family is well known in Delicias, Mexico. I just never made the connection. This post is gold, Christopher.

  6. retahyajyajav says:

    ROFL! It figures.

    You know what they say about people who live in glass houses. Of course, in Lou Dobbs case, it isn’t a glass house but a Chihuahuan hacienda.

    What a damned hypocrite.

  7. bradfrmphnx says:

    Ol’ Lou is an illegal immigrant?! Who woulda thunk it? Wonder what he’ll say about this? Of all the recent hypocrisies, and boy there have been some whoppers, this one has to take the cake.

  8. Bwana Jim says:

    Lou Dobbs said on his program in 2005 that “there had been 7,000 cases of leprosy in this country over the previous three years, far more than in the past” and blamed “unscreened illegal immigrants.”

    Code for Mexican immigrants.

    The facts tell another story. There have indeed been 7,000 diagnosed cases but not over the past three years as Dobbs wanted his viewers to believe. Rather, these cases occurred over a thirty-year period and have “dropped steadily” since a peak of 456 cases in 1983.

    Oops! Another distortion from Senior Dobbs.

  9. Rachel says:

    Christopher – Why aren’t you writing for The Nation? Your stuff is amazing and light years ahead of the junk that gets published. If I hadn’t seen this here, I wouldn’t have known Ole’ Lou is a Mexican national. But it sure a hell explains his disdain for Mexicans. It’s self-hatred amplified.

  10. Idaho Librul says:

    This is a hoot!

    I live in Boise, ID. My parents are from Idaho, and my husband was born and raised in Heyburn, ID which is next door to Rupert, ID.

    The subject of Dobbs’ claim he’s from Rupert is something of a local joke. Rupert is a small, agricultural community and everyone know everyone else. No one and I mean no one in Rupert knows Lou Dobbs, remembers anyone named Lou Dobbs and there is no record of anyone named Lou or Louis Dobbs.

    Now if his name was Porky Hooten and he changed it when he started on TV but I think it’s safe to say, it’s more likely he was born in Mexico and raised in Texas than Idaho.

    Great post, Chris!

  11. zap says:

    Amazing info…thanks for the link!!!

  12. Lou Dobbs is still right on this matter. If we let illegals into the country, they might end up on teevee with a terrible program like Lou Dobbs’. Lou just wants to protect you all from Lou. Godspeed, you Mexican!

  13. pobept says:

    Has anyone told INS about this and if so when is the deportation hearing?

  14. Russ Weiss says:

    “The Birther Movement– or BM, as it’s called for short–”

    That says it all.

  15. Albert Lewis says:

    Greg: “I say he should go through the whole citizenship process, pay the fees, all that fun stuff or face deportation.”

    If his father or his mother (or both) was/were American citizens, then Lou is also an American citizen, no matter *where he was born.

  16. Russ Weiss says:

    Someone please alert Homeland Security immediately! Dobbs must be detained, held and questioned indefinitely at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay without an attorney or charges being filed. Since playing music isn’t considered torture (as done to Manuel Noriega), I suggest playing loud conjunto and/or reggaeton music. Conjunto preferred, but reggaeton will likely make a man of 64 confess to assisting Bin Laden.

  17. Brigadoon says:


  18. Walk on Socks says:

    Lou the Mexican Hater Dobbs is definitely running for president of Birther Nation.

    There’s no guarantee Time-Warner will sign him to another contract in these economic times and old boy needs a job.

    I was thinking he could start a taco truck and drive around to all those commercial building sites in New Jersey and Westchester County and sell tacos and breakfast burritos but I think Lou is too lazy.

  19. Conejo1982 says:

    Lou Dobbs is a despicable hypocrite.

    He disses illegals and blames them for all that ails this country but then hires the to work on his daughter’s horses. Dobbs belongs in FOX. I know CNN is FOX-lite but just saying.

  20. VicoDANIEL says:

    Did you guys see aging freeper, G. Gordon Liddy on Tweety’s program today?

    First, Liddy looked and sounded like he’s at least 100 years old. I mean, he’s looks like those little old me who sit in the park and watch people walk by.

    Second, Liddy is one of the freepers pushing the “Obama was born in a Kenyan slum” meme. I have to say, Tweety went easier on Liddy than he did on Rep. John Campbell yesterday (a nod to Liddy’s advanced age, perhaps?) but at least we’re seeing a pattern emerge here.

  21. JollyRoger says:

    I drew one of Lou’s fans yesterday. He said I was against “free speech.”

    Not at all; I’m against STUPID speech that wastes precious resources. Dobbs, in his new role as combination Grand Wizard and “Birther” Chairman, is only encouraging more of these McVeigh clones to file their stupid lawsuits and stock up on AK-47s.

  22. Robster says:

    Lou Dobbs is a beaner like me? Please tell me this is for real. I would love to greet him with “¿Como estas, pendejo?”. 🙂

  23. Damn Chris you’re good.I had to read this a few times to see if it’s real and I still don’t believe it.He remind me of Dave Chapelle’s “black Klansman” character.

  24. Safei says:

    Soo… can you explain how that “asterisk of truth” has any significance what-so-ever?

  25. sweetashoney says:

    Oh, my. It is so very funny to see how you Libs are going after poor Lou rather like a pack of rabid dogs … with all that rabid, dripping, drooling saliva just oozing out of your mouths. Ya know, I thought you people prided yourselves on being accepting, tolerant, of other people’s views? I thought you believed in the open expression of differing points of view, without making judgments or espousing ridicule or hatred. Isn’t that the Liberal way??? Tisk, tisk, boys and girls. You have been very, very, bad…

  26. Jay Arr says:

    Lou Dobbs needs to get a life. All he can talk about is NO NO NO politics and sour grapes. All this birther stuff is for his airhead listeners.

    However I love the fact that CNN president got into the fray by defending Dobbs’ right to bring it up. RATINGS!!! It’s brilliant. Keep Dobbs visible and attractive to the extreme right. Draw in the NO NOs of the Repulsive Party. Those of us who won’t watch Fox can see how ridiculous Dobbs appears among the rich talent of other commentators.

    Dobbs was once a smart guy, but ever since sniffed Rush Limpbug’s fear mongering, he’s no longer relevant. When guys like Rush and Lou do illegal things — remember the Rush Oxy incident and the Lou insider trading — they can’t seem to forgive themselves and will fall over everyone else to sound relevant again. Too bad Lou…you are a lost sound bite.

  27. Anon says:

    This is RICH. What a hoot. As a Texan, this is a stitch…

  28. Pittgreg says:

    If Lou’s parents are US citizens, then Lou Dobbs is a US citizen. Even if he was born on the moon…

    Now is Lou a slimy demagogue? Certainly…

    Is Lou a phony outrage? Absolutely…

    Is Lou’s hair naturally blond at age 64? Yeah, right…

  29. Craig says:

    There is growing evidence that Lou Dobbs father was the Trostkyite Farrell Dobbs who may have been responsible for the security lapse that allowed the assassin to reach Leon Trotsky.

  30. KeBo says:

    Hate to spoil the fun but since his mother and father were both American Citizens he could have been born in France (Mexico, Japan, China take your pick) and he still is an American citizen….not an illegal as you seem so intent on pointing out. That standard would apply to any child born to American citizen parents born outside the U S Borders.

    An illegal is someone who does not have the legal “right or standing” to reside in this country….Mr. Dobbs does have that right.

    BTW, I am not a big fan of Mr. Dobbs but I hate to see grossly inaccurate discussion.

    Just for your consideration.

  31. Massagatto says:

    KeBo opines: “An illegal is someone who does not have the legal “right or standing” to reside in this country….Mr. Dobbs does have that right.”

    Perhaps, KeBo needs to educate himself, or herself on the question of birth certificates/certificates of live birth BEFORE posting anymore DRIVEL.

    The question here ISN’T whether Louis Dobbs IS or IS NOT an AMERICAN citizen. The question is, an AMERICAN CITIZEN CANNOT HAVE TWO PLACES OF BIRTH LISTED ON A BIRTH CERTIFICATE if the document is to be considered a VALID document.

    Dobbs is either born in:

    1. Delicias, Chihuahua, MEXICO


    2. Childress, Texas, USA

    But he can’t be born in TWO PLACES.

    Americans born to AMERICAN parents RESIDING abroad show the country of birth, as in Sen. John McCain’s birth certificate showing:

    Panama City, Panama.

    He is still an AMERICAN citizen.

    Louis Dobbs can’t have a VALID and LEGAL birth certificate showing TWO PLACES of birth.

    His birth certificate is a fake.

  32. Unkle Sam says:

    The phony papers presented here are obviously done by a Marijuana/Coke-Cane Distributor in Los Angeles. Sorry, but you are going to have to sell a lot of garbage to American children before you are going to be rich enough to convince all the American people that 50-Caliber Machine Guns are not the way to go to secure our Southern Borders. Ratta-tat-tat-tat!! Let’s get it on! . . . Good by, Western Union!!!

  33. Vaughn says:

    Lou Dobbs did grow up in Rupert, Idaho when coming here when he was 12 years old. He did attend Minico High School. He also became student body president after running against my brother, Kent Bailey. They both graduated from Minico in 1963

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