Tweety Eviscerates Birther Lunatic

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Every so often, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews manages to get it right. This happens to be one of those times.

Watch and enjoy Matthews eviscerate Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) over co-sponsoring a bill intended to appease the birther nutcases on the far right.

MEMO to Rep. John Campbell, Lou Dobbs, Kitty Pilgrim, Liz Cheney, and to all the other birther lunatics, below please find a copy of President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth issued by the Dept. Of Health, Hawaii, USA.

Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu, HI, on Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24PM. I realize Hawaii seems like a distant, foreign land to ersatz journalists like ABC’s Cokie Roberts, but the fact of the matter is, if you were born in Hawaii on or after, August 21, 1951, you are an American citizen.


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10 Responses to Tweety Eviscerates Birther Lunatic

  1. jimmy says:

    It would be great if we could send Buzz Aldrin to deal with these people. He has the right idea.

  2. Jim says:

    Those pathetic morons will seize on any “issue” to avoid real issues like healthcare or stopping the insane spending for Bush’s war.
    Oh yeah, and we never landed on the moon, the earth is flat and dinosaurs walked with humans only 40,000 years ago.

  3. LeftCoast says:

    First of all that is NOT a birth certificate and I implore you to call the Dept Of Justice and ask if you can use a Certificate of Live Birth to use when you apply for a passport. The answer? A resounding NO. What Obama should have done months ago is release his LONG FORM/VAULT bc with doctors name, hospital name, signatures of witnesses etc. Instead he has spent close to 1 million dollars fighting lawsuits which demand the release of that elusive long form document and at the very least we have to ask why. It would cost him approximately $15.00 to get his long form bc and yet he decided to hire lawyers, spending massive amounts of $$$ to keep his bc from being released and viewed in court. Sorry I am weary of the birthers as well but Obama has done nothing to stop this and on the contrary has emboldened these people by his actions and inactions. Use your logic. Would YOU choose to spend 1 million instead of $15.00 to just settle this matter once and for all? I know the answer. Now its time for Obama to just show the damn document. Also, imagine telling someone who wants proof of your birth certificate such as passport office, “its on the internet”. I will not accept some internet printed out copy as Matthews showed as anything but a joke but then it seems too many have fallen for this bogus show of verification. Im sick of this and want it resolved.

  4. TOM339 says:

    Potential presidential candidates are thoroughly vetted is a process which includes an examination, evaluation, and background check.

    This process includes:

    1. date of birth
    2. location of birth
    3. parentage
    4. education records including high school, college, university
    5. criminal background check
    6. marriage(s)
    7. children (if any)
    8. work history
    9. tax records going back 10 years
    10. charitable donations declared
    11. personal conduct
    12. professional conduct
    13. heath history

    This information is gathered by the FBI and the political party the candidate represents, as well as local law enforcement — as warranted.

    It would be virtually impossible for Barack Obama to be a foreign national and it not be disclosed in the vetting process.

    I find it extremely intriguing that the issue of Barack Obama’s place of birth — as issue the right-leaning United States Supreme Court refused to entertain, has suddenly reared its ugly head at the sametime the battle over national healthcare is about to be voted on.

    My guess is, anytime President Obama tries to deliver on major pieces of his legislation agenda, the so-called “birthers” will crawl out from under their rocks and try to undermine the president.

  5. Big Hank says:

    Have you noticed all the birthers are rightwingers and include the usual suspects?

    The rightwingers aren’t doing the GOP any favors pushing this craziness. I realize their out of ideas and out of energy but they’re throwing stones at a very popular president and it’s going to backfire on them.

  6. .
    Not to encourage this ridiculous racist bullsh*t, but that is a typical Hawaii birth certificate, accepted by the State Dept and everybody else in the REAL world. The so-called “long form” is in fact the entire Health Dept. file, and contains private personal information that is not relevant or required for any form of legal identification. It was the Hawaii State Health Department’s call to release the actual birth certificate, as in EVERY OTHER CASE, and not the “long form.” They’re very touchy about their records here. Everybody’s records. You stupid f**king birther *ssh*les.

    You SCREWED up for eight years. You DESTROYED the economy. You LOST a full free and fair (for a change) election. GET OVER IT!!!

    But to satisfy the tin-foil hat brigade, we do have PROOF POSITIVE that although Barack “Klaatu” Obama is in fact a citizen of Earth, his “African” grandparents were actually ALIEN OVERLORDS!!! Another one of their ships just landed on Jupiter, and we have video which clearly shows black people disembarquing. GIANT black people!!!


  7. Prairiedog says:

    Last summer, when the freepers started this idiocy, then-candidate Obama, specifically authorized the state of Hawaii to release all records pertaining to his birth.

    They did. Case close. The freepers need new game.

  8. bradfrmphnx says:

    cosanostradamus….classic. Is that where scientology really came from?

    Just more BS from the right. They don’t or can’t stand on any modern day issues, as theirs are all race, gender, sexuality, and religion based. So they nit pick where they can. Too bad for them they can’t see that the rest of the country is moving on without them. They should listen more to Colin Powell, and Meghan McCain.

  9. Randy Arroyo says:

    I work with a couple of ardent conservatives and this topic came up yesterday. These crusty old boys just shook their heads and basically said, all this crazy talk won’t help GOP chances in 2012. I got the impression these life-long Republicans had all but given up on their party.

  10. Brigadoon says:

    I think it’s fine to go after Obama on policy or his slow as molasses action on DADT and DOMA but he’s the fucking president and has a lot of better things to do with his time then recognize these fucking wingnuts. Even if he admitted he wasn’t born at all and there are several actor portraying, these fuckers wouldn’t be happy.

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