Political Activist Files 19th Ethics Complaint Against Palin

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ethics complaints against Sarah Palin are piling up faster than Mark Sanford’s mistresses. No wonder Nanook of the North had to resign as governor.

The newest ethics complaint was brought by independent political activist Ray Ward who claims Palin has been paid for radio and television interviews dating back to just after she lost her vice-presidential bid.Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, tells CBS 11 News the allegations are “categorically false,” and says it fits a pattern of harassing and false ethics complaints.

The governor cited ethics complaints as a major reason she was resigning, saying they were distracting the state’s agenda from progressing and had cost taxpayers $2-million.

One complaint caused questions to linger over Palin’s children’s travel expenses, however, the governor repaid the state more than $8,000 to settle the matter.

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13 Responses to Political Activist Files 19th Ethics Complaint Against Palin

  1. TOM339 says:

    My guess is, ethics complaints will continue to dog the Caribou Barbie long after she’s out of office and working as an anchor for FIXED Noise.

    When you’re as corrupt as this, a resignation isn’t going to save your butt.

  2. bradfrmphnx says:

    Speculation and allegation has lead to consternation for Caribou Barbie. I’d like to see some of this start to stick, or she will be able to turn it all around to her favor.

  3. Estacada says:

    Wait until that kid Levi’s book about the Palins comes out.

    This should be the final nail in her political coffin.

    MILF? Hardly. Politician? Please. Opportunist and whore? Now we’re talking! LOL!

  4. Sharon Wall says:

    C’mon people, admit you have a brain. If Palin had been paid for interviews the press that paid her would have immediately broke the story. NO politician gets paid to talk to the press. It’s just not done, EVER.
    This ethics law has been nothing but a tool for Obama supporters to screw with Palin because she was a future threat to Obama. It has nothing to do with wrongdoing as the results of the inquiries have shown. This latest charge is ever more stupid as the one complaining she wore an Artic cat jacket while seeing her husband off at the Iron Dog snowmachine race.

  5. Woodcliffe says:


    If the 19th ethics charge filed against Gov. Palin is bogus — you intentionally forget to mention the previous 18 ethics complaints were brought by Alaska Republicans with NO ties to the Obama administration, then it will be tossed.

    Time will tell.

    Palin will go down in history as the most ethically challenged governor in Alaska history. But, this makes her a perfect Republican.

  6. Joe in Colorado says:

    I think Zane Henning, a far-right conservative from Wasilla, who brought an ethics complaint against Sarah Palin, might take umbrage to anyone claiming he has ties to the Obama administration. But this is one of Palin’s problems: her supporters are like co-dependents, and keep looking for others to blame for Palin’s myriad shortcomings. Their latest talking point is to blame Obama and frankly, it’s borderline insane.

  7. retahyajyajav says:

    The Sarahbots are really claiming President Obama is behind Palin’s ethics problems? Are they serious?

    I think these loons are as nutty as the Hillbots.

  8. Big Hank says:

    Even McCandy’s own son isn’t a Republican.

    All together now: awwwwwwwwwww. šŸ˜‰

  9. libhomo says:

    Olberman debunked Palin’s claim that ethics charges were costing the state money. Alaska was using in house attorneys.

  10. NH says:

    All tossed, all frivolous!

    Ethics shmethics.

    She quit to save the taxpayers from these idiot dems who are wasting the taxpayers money.

  11. NH says:

    This is the well-oiled outside money from Soros the communist who owns the Democrat party, tell me you did not know that????

  12. NH,

    I don’t “know that.”

    What I do know is since I wrote this piece, the 21st ethics violation was filed against the Caribou Barbie.

    What I also know is, Rupert Murdoch’s yacht has been seen in Juneau along with his private Boeing 737. An indication, perhaps, of Le Sarah’s next career move?

  13. FoxFan says:

    So 19 of these bogus ethics charges have been brought by the same left-wing black political activist. Where is the money coming from to press these bogus charges? Is this a racist thing? Why doesn’t the press give us some information about who this guy is and who’s supporting him? Is this just more of the left-wing politics of personal destruction where they throw bogus charges at someone, then claim they’re unfit for office because so many charges have been brought against them? What’s REALLY going on here and why isn’t the press reporting it? I think we all know the answer to that one.

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