Nat’l Gay & Lesbian Task Force Slams Homophobic Obama DOJ Defense of DOMA

Friday, June 12, 2009


The National Gay and Lesbian Task force wasted no time attacking the Obama Department of Justice for defending the viciously homophobic, Clinton-era  Defense of Marriage Act in Smelt v. United States.

From the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund:

We disagree with many of the administration’s arguments, for example that DOMA is a valid exercise of Congress’s power, is consistent with Equal Protection or Due Process principles, and does not impinge upon rights that are recognized as fundamental.

We are also extremely disturbed by a new and nonsensical argument the administration has advanced suggesting that the federal government needs to be “neutral” with regard to its treatment of married same-sex couples in order to ensure that federal tax money collected from across the country not be used to assist same-sex couples duly married by their home states. There is nothing “neutral” about the federal government’s discriminatory denial of fair treatment to married same-sex couples:  DOMA wrongly bars the federal government from providing any of the over one thousand federal protections to the many thousands of couples who marry in six states. This notion of “neutrality” ignores the fact that while married same-sex couples pay their full share of income and social security taxes, they are prevented by DOMA from receiving the corresponding same benefits that married heterosexual taxpayers receive. It is the married same-sex couples, not heterosexuals in other parts of the country, who are financially and personally damaged in significant ways by DOMA. For the Obama administration to suggest otherwise simply departs from both mathematical and legal reality.

Candidate-Obama spend considerable time and energy courting the LGBT voter. He said during the primary that he believed DOMA (as well as DADT) should be repealed. But as president, Mr. Obama is demonstrating behavior and policy that suggests he is no different from former President George Bush vis a vis the LGBT community.

President Obama must immediately introduce bills to repeal both DOMA and DADT. The openly gay Rev. Gene Robinson recently told the Hotline in the National Journal, “patience is wearing thin” with President Obama. The LGBT will not be marginalized and taken for granted.

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17 Responses to Nat’l Gay & Lesbian Task Force Slams Homophobic Obama DOJ Defense of DOMA

  1. Douglass Lewis says:

    The spin on this is, the CA court team is a holdover from the Bush administration and not a reflection of Mr. Obama.

    Perhaps, the lamest effort to pushback against a screw up from Team Obama yet.

    If the text of the DOJ’s argument doesn’t reflect the views of the president, why didn’t Holder ask the CA for a stay until they could replace the legal team?

    Sorry folk, but I’m not buying it.

  2. Christopher…WTF is this? I am so mad right now I could spit. Is there a WH response? Who the hell do we call?

  3. DMason says:

    I think it’s safe to say the bloom is off the rose. I can’t believe I contributed to the Obama campaign and voted for him. Unless things radically turn around and quickly, Obama won’t get my vote in 2012.

  4. GentillyGirl says:

    We will not be marginalized. This issue must be addressed, pronto.

  5. libhomo says:

    Obama and the Democrats are forgetting what happened in 1994. Clinton did everything he could to alienate loyal Democrats and seemed shocked that many stayed home on election day.

  6. rckweho1981 says:

    The popular joke in the blogosphere about Obama and promises to the queer community is, just be patient. He has to fix the economy and create jobs.

    Obama will deliver in 2016. The fall of 2016. 🙂

  7. Tiny Dancer says:

    Obama is just another fucking lying politician.

    Audacity of hope my ass. This isn’t change we can believe. It’s Bush’s third term. If Hillary decides to run in 2012, she’s got my vote.

  8. Rachel says:

    I’ve posted this before. My brother is gay and voted for Obama. My cousin is gay and voted for Obama. One of my BFF’s gay and voted for Obama. Want to hear something new? All of them plan to vote for someone else in 2012. They’re not digging life under Obama’s bus.

  9. a politician lying and forgetting – big surprise. i could have smelled this coming miles away

  10. bradfrmphnx says:

    Of all the lying bastards…I didn’t think Obama would turn out to be one. I guess its true that you can tell when a politician is lying…
    …when their lips move.

  11. feminazi says:

    Sigh. I don’t what more to say about this man but, sigh. Five months in office and while he’s gotten some of it correct, he’s gotten none of it right with regard to the gay community and defending DOMA is such a slap in the face to his 2008 supporters. Far be it from me to advise the gay community what to do or how to proceed but, I think we need to start the process of finding a better progressive for 2012.

  12. Scott Dancer says:

    Obama’s defender at KOS are trying to portray this as a non-issue.

    They argue the DOJ doesn’t make law but have an implied obligation to defend it. So by their logic, if there’s a law on the books preventing redheaded women and bald men from marrying, the DOJ is obligated to defend it.


    Of course, what laws to defend and what laws to ignore means the DOJ has some latitude in choosing what to prosecute. This case came to them courtesy of the litigants — a gay, male couple from California, and in responding, the question I would ask the Obama administration is a simple one: what it to be gained by responding at all?

    One approach the Obama DOJ could have taken was to tell the litigants the policy is under review and until DOMA is adequately reconsidered, their case is on-hold.

    But, for reasons known only to this DOJ, they felt compelled to defend the policy in a way that suggests the policy is one the President agrees.

    At the end of the day, this entire mess is why the President needed to repeal both DADT and DOMA within his first 90 days in office. But he instead chose to bask in the warm glow of public adoration.

  13. Whew! Looks like my heterosexual marriage is safe for another day. Thank you, Hussein X!

  14. Jenna Bush Stole My ID says:

    Barry is a dick: a coward: and a wuss.

    We were fooled — big time.

  15. Fran says:

    I just read this statement that made me do a double-take:

    “The State of Iowa and Dick Cheney, are on the far left of Barack Obama in terms of gay rights.”


  16. panasit (the Original) says:

    There has been considerable and justified anger and outrage over this case and the role of the Obama DOJ played in it. But let’s clarify a few things.

    The DOJ briefing does not say gay marriage is akin to incest. It does cite case law which lawyers do everyday. But there is nothing in the brief that mentions incest.

    The incest charge was the work of John Aravosis at America Blog. He is notorious for whipping up controversy to generate traffic for his floundering blog. He earns his living this way and now that he’s bought a condo — thanks to generous donations from readers who thought they were contributing to covering the costs associated with running America Blog (he’s on Blogger which is a free platform so he has no business asking for donations), his expenses have increased but they’re in the form of condo mortgage and monthly dues.

    The gay community should never allow itself to be manipulated this way again my John Aravosis. His hysterics and misrepresentation of the facts is nothing new.

  17. VicoDANIEL says:


    Anyone with half a brain knows John Aravosis is a hysterical bitch. Which is why I stopped visiting his blog more than two years ago.

    However, the bigger issue isn’t John Aravosis.

    The issue is, five+ months into his term and President Obama, by doing nothing regarding his campaign promise to repeal DADT and DOMA, is tacitly upholding them.

    If Obama has changed course and now that he’s in the White House believes DADT and DOMA are acceptable forms of antigay discrimination, then he needs to make a domestic policy speech and explain his reasoning.

    In the meantime, the DOJ is not consistent with his campaign promises.

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