Joe Scarborough Once Defended Murderer of Abortion Doctor

Friday, June 5, 2009


Dr. George Tiller wasn’t the first abortion doctor murdered by a pro-life jihadist.

In 1993, Dr. David Gunn (save the puns, please) was shot and killed in Florida by anti-abortion lunatic, Michael Griffin. And who was Griffin’s attorney? MSNBC not-too bright morning host, Joe “Pig Eyes” Scarborough!

Long before Scarborough was a Republican member of Congress and an MSNBC chatterbox, Scarborough was a practicing attorney based out of Pensacola, FL, the same city where Dr. David Gunn practiced medicine and was murdered. In fact, Pensacola also happens to be the site of the the nation’s first two abortion doctor murders.

Fast forward ten years to 2009 and the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

Both Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow devoted much of their respective programs to Dr. Tiller’s assassination the day after the killing, but nether host mentioned the connection between their colleague Scarborough and the anti-abortion movement. As a blogger and a journalist, I find this more than a little curious.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s newest personality, even led with a headshot of Michael Griffin, the man who killed Dr. David Gunn in Pensacola in 1993. Wasn’t Maddow even remotely interested to have her colleague Scarborough join her to talk about his experiences in the Griffin case? Scarborough was, after all, Griffin’s pro-bono lawyer in the 1993 case.

Scarborough’s hometown of Pensacola — where his TV show would later frequently originate, happens to also be the site of the nation’s first two abortion doctor murders. When Scarborough ran as a Republican Congressman from Pensacola, his victorious campaign was principally funded by anti-abortion groups. He immediately went to Washington and voted against several bills designed to protect abortion clinics.

Although Olbermann and Maddow (even Chris Matthews) all did major segments on the killing of Dr. George Tiller, Morning Joe hasn’t. Scarborough has been given a “Pass” by everyone at his network, too. Very curious, indeed.

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22 Responses to Joe Scarborough Once Defended Murderer of Abortion Doctor

  1. Harry says:

    No one at MSNBC, not Keith, and not Rachel, would mention this fact about Joe Scarborough. They’re all members of the club.

  2. Rachel says:

    Christopher – I had no idea Joe Scarborough once defended an abortion doctor killer. In fact, I didn’t know Scarborough is a lawyer. This piece is so very informative and another kudos to you for keeping your readers informed. I agree, both Keith and Rachel missed an opportunity to have Scarborough on as a guest to discuss his experiences and ties to the anti-abortion movement. Why is everyone at MSNBC protecting Scarborough?

  3. naj says:

    I never, ever watch Morning Joe.

    Scarborough and that blonde bobblehead co-host are two of the dumbest people on cable TV. I always thought they belonged on FOX.

  4. Robster says:

    Morning Joe was an attorney that defended a doc killer? That explains everything about his behavior and character right there.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    I don’t know why liberals expect more from cable TV hosts like Keith and Rachel. First and foremost, they’re highly paid corporate shills. The politics are more to the left but, they know better than to rock the boat. Otherwise, their corporate masters, GE, might replace them with someone less threatening.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    Scumborough believes, by all appearances, in retroactive abortion. That figures.

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  8. bradfrmphnx says:

    I can’t watch Morning Joe. And the reference to the “bobble head” was appropo. The few minutes I’ve watched it she was always punching Scabooby on the arm and telling him to “shut up” while Scabooby giggled like an eight year old. Give me a break.

    I have a lot of respect for the four afternoon announcers…Matthews, Schultz, Olbermann, and Maddow. Usually they are forthright in their attacks towards the right. Which I thoroughly enjoy. You can bet your bottom dollar they were silenced by Phil Griffin and other network execs. Which leads to the question…..”Why would a successful news organization silence its best announcers?”

  9. What’s an abortion doctor? All I know is that the economy is getting better but I should still buy lots of crap. Thank you, teevee!

  10. TOM339 says:

    I’m of two minds here.

    If Scarborough is a defense attorney, you could make the argument he was doing what defense attorneys do. Sometimes their clients are unsavory but it comes with the territory.

    The thing that disturbed me about this blog piece is the disclosure that Scarborough’s Congressional campaign was funded by anti-abortion groups. This explains his radical remarks when the topic turns to choice and to Roe.

    Surely, MSNBC knew this before they hired him to anchor a morning show? Do the brass at MSNBC agree with him? I think viewers have a right to know.

  11. Estacada says:

    Tom339 is correct.

    Lawyers defend worthless shit all the time. Look at OJ Simpson. Slaughtered the mother of his children with a butcher knife.

    But if Scarborough’s career in the Congress was funded by the same, violent anti-abortion groups behind the murder of Dr. George Tiller, then I think MSNBC needs to rethink giving him a cable show.

  12. jimmy says:

    If you sleep until noon, you can avoid all the asshats on cable news’ morning shows.

  13. Mets Fan says:

    Rachel Maddow is new and I bet her contract is on a year-to-year basis, so she’s not going to shake the MSNBC tree very hard. Keith Olbermann, on the other hand, is their star and he can pretty much say whatever he wants, even if it means inviting his colleague to appear on-air and talk about the pro-life movement. Tweety is a wild card. He’s a Catholic and many Catholic are opposed to abortion, so I am not surprised he didn’t have Scarborough on.

  14. libhomo says:

    I don’t think it is safe to assume that Ms. Maddow had any idea about this.

    Great reporting on Jerk Joe, though.

  15. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Amazing blogging, Christopher.

    This is why people increasingly read the “blogs” to learn what’s up. The print media is garbage and the cable news is worthless.

    “Joe ‘Pig Eyes’ Scarborough.” Bulls eye.

  16. I watch Morning Joe for a reason, they always have Pat Buchanan on and I don’t want to just listen to one side. Keep your enemies closer than your friends is what I have always heard.

    I am not disputing this in the least but Christopher can you tell me where you got this tidbit? I would love to read more about it. This morning he was on air talking about being an insurance lawyer.

    Every POS, whether guilty or innocent does deserve a fair trial, yes even OJ. This is what separates us from the Saddam Husseins and the Kim Jung Il’s of the world. Even when we disagree we have to give everyone a fair trial, especially those being held in Gitmo.

    Either send them to trial or turn em loose.

  17. Christopher, I found a link. Wow…it really does beg the question…

  18. i know too much (for obvious reasons) to comment – but i will say the Joe S is complete piece of shit as a newscaster, lawyer and human being. and he has way too much clout at msnbc – more than even keith and rachel and chris.

    i cannot watch him at all = in many ways this ‘person’ is worse than rush, newt and hannity.

    ’nuff said –

  19. Idaho Librul says:

    This is an amazing piece of blogging.

    I don’t watch or listen to Scarborough so I had no knowledge he was the lawyer who unsuccessfully defending Michael Gunn back in 1993.

    You are 100% correct to take both Olbermann and Maddow to task for not inviting Scarborough on their programs to talk about his ties to the anti-choice movement.

    MSNBC can’t keep burying its head in the sand and pretend they haven’t hired some unsavory characters to represent the other side of the aisle.

  20. .
    I know what to do with “Morning Joe” & Co. I know that this won’t be popular at first. Many will protest that we are abandoning our liberal principles. But liberals voted for RICO & the Patriot Acts, too. Should they only be used against liberals? Let’s just try it on for size: Let’s lock up the entire Right Wing.

    –Oh, wait, what happens if they try and lock US up after they get out???!!!

    Who said anything about them getting out?

    SCARBOROUGH! Get in here! Muahaha!

  21. Jim says:

    How horrifying. Especially the fact that no one at MSNBC bothered to disclose the awful truth.

  22. Joe Scarborough is pretty lax on murder, anyway. Didn’t he kill a woman on his congressional staff when he was a Representative?

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