Ship of Fools

Friday, May 29, 2009

cruise ship sinking x32

Do you dream of taking a luxurious Mediterranean cruise with stops in Rome, Dubrovnik and the Greek Isles? Eating delicious food, enjoying daily cocktail receptions, with stops at historic ports-o-call? And the best part of your cruise? The chance to commiserate in the grand company of such rightwing luminaries from the National Review as Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Dick Morris, Cal Thomas, John Bolton, Kate O’Beirne, and yes, even Karl Rove!

Well dream no more. This once-in-a-life Mediterranean nightmare dream vacation can now be a yours thanks to Holland America Line. The cruise is conservatively priced as these things go for $5,000 a couple ($6,000 if you want a window) with suites with a veranda going for $14,000 per couple.

So all you lonely, country club Republicans, grab your passports and call your travel agent. Word has it tickets on this ship of fools are going fast!

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13 Responses to Ship of Fools

  1. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    I hope Somali pirates kidnap them.

    Serves them right for being rightwing wrong!

  2. retahyajyajav says:

    Can you imagine it?

    People would spend money to go on a cruise with the mental midgets and sail the Mediterranean?

    Maybe someone will push Rove off and he will never be seen again? One can hope.

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  4. Joe in Colorado says:

    I like the idea of the Somali pirates kidnapping this ship. Maybe an uber wealthy liberal like George Soros could arrange to make it happen? It’s amazing what you can get done for the right price.

  5. libhomo says:

    I heard about somebody putting together something similar a few years back. There were so few bookings it was cancelled.

  6. Damn you all for beating me to the Somali pirate gig. Oh well, I’m sure they’ve hired enough private security to ward off any such attacks. Go, free market, go!

  7. Fran says:


    All kidding aside….. its like arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    How Un-American can they get?
    America is in bankruptcy & financial ruins, and these people are palling around with elite has-been politicos in FOREIGN countries?

    Shouldn’t they be driving U.S. made cars – like a gas guzzling GM Suburban, paying $4 bucks a gallon, touring America’s highways — vacationing at Mt. Rushmore or Dollywood, hell even Disney had to lay off Mickey Mouse & Goofy there for a while because of the economy (or lack thereof!)

    Clearly…. they HATE AMERICA!

  8. lea-lea says:

    What? No Ann Coulter and Jenna Bush doing a pole dance?

    Jeesh, the GOP is a living, breathing freakshow. I just think I’ve seen everything and then this comes along.

  9. bradfrmphnx says:

    Gawd! Coulter doing a pole dance! EWWWW, she would make ME go celibate.

    You had me right up until I had to talk to the wingnuts. Does anyone know the number to the Somali Pirates?

    Never get a window on a cruise. You are only in your room to sleep and screw. And the window is a waste unless you like to look at water while you screw. Save yourself the money for cocktails, and get a poster of the ocean and paste it on the wall.

    Disney had to lay off Mickey Mouse & Goofy..Heh-heh.

  10. I hope someone with a video camera catches Rove trying to proposition the engine room staff. Because you know he will.

  11. jimmy says:

    Now if the folks over at The Nation just had a submarine they could send that bunch down to Davy Jones’ Locker!

  12. libhomo says:

    jimmy: The submarine idea is quite interesting.

  13. one hopes that the ship meets an iceberg

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