Glen Beck Sucks the Lifeforce Out of Guest

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By now, most people know FIXED News’ Glen Beck is a rightwing kook. But, did you know with the grasp of his hand, Beck can also suck the lifeforce out of you?

This is exactly what happened to David Buckner, who, unfortunately was a recent guest on Beck’s freakshow. Watch Buckner hit the floor the moment Beck touches him.

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19 Responses to Glen Beck Sucks the Lifeforce Out of Guest

  1. bradfrmphnx says:

    Glen “sniff-sniff, I just love my country” Beck has got to be one of the biggest douchebags in the world. And now we find out he has secret life sucking powers. I knew he sucked, I just didn’t know how big a sucker he really was!

    Pretty funny stuff!

  2. feminazi says:

    CNN seems to groom anchors and personalities for their eventual ascendancy to FOX. No wonder CNN’s rating are in the toilet. They decided their future lies in competing with FOX and in the process, they lost their audience. Today, CNN is a pathetic excuse for a network. Anderson Cooper? Are you kidding me?

  3. Fran says:

    This is a kind of “Mr. Rogers presents the economy”- how ’bout those graphics?
    Can you say “bad”, “garbage” & “cancer”???
    Beck is even wearing the Mr. Rogers style gym shoes– or did he call them “sneakers”?

    It’s a passing out day in the neighborhood!

  4. Tiny Dancer says:

    Fox News = Crazy Acres.

    From Beck, to Billo, to Hannity. This is a cable network that has no business being on the air.

  5. All praise to the World’s Greatest Performance Artist®.

  6. R.J. says:

    Glenn Beck is going out on a comedy tour? I bet the last time he was funny was when he was coked out.

  7. Big Hank says:

    US Today says Beck is a huge success on FOX.

    His ratings are up 40% over that albino-dude he replaced. So, apparently, there’s an audience for his special brand of whacko.

    Go figure?

  8. I use to watch FOX News when I was a little more conservative but now, I cannot watch it unless it is a clip (ala above) mocking it. I’m still a Republican but I can really only watch MSNBC, CNN, Current, and CBS.

  9. kellybelle says:

    I hate to laugh at someone who’s sick, but he looked like Glenn Beck had poisoned him with foolishness! LOL

  10. MacDaddy says:

    Christopher: He seems to be the worst of the lot at Fox; and that’s saying something! How did this guy make it to tv? Does his father or mother own Fox?

  11. Mets Fan says:

    Beck is like the alien in the classic Star Trek episode who sucked the salt out of the crew members for food.

    He’s one scary dude.

  12. emcee says:

    Isn’t Glen Beck a Mormon?

  13. libhomo says:

    Maybe Beck just smells really, really bad.

  14. .
    That was just a typical FuxSnooze zombie “expert.” His ju-ju ran out, is all. A quick injection of baby’s blood, a jolt to his bank account, and he’ll be schpieling Repukelickin’ talking points like a new man, er, zombie.

    Let’s put a stop to this b*llsh*t.” Complain to the FCC and the FEC over the blatant abuse of OUR airwaves for crypto-Nazi political purposes, as an unreported corporate campaign contribution to the Repukes by Rush, Rupert, et al.

  15. F.U. Beck says:

    These right-wing retards like Limbaugh and Beck have made the Republican Party an absolute joke. Beck is just unwatchable. I’m sure he still has a few brainwashed fans since he appears on Fixed News but the general population knows what a moron he is. Limbaugh…Oxycontin. Beck…Cocaine and alcohol. “W”…Cocaine and Alcohol. See a pattern in the Republiklan Party?

  16. I think Beck is a disgusting piece of humanity. He really works on Sr. citizens. Now he is putting on a christian act and makes me upchuck. He is satan in
    disguise. Please take him off the air.
    Thank you!

  17. Take Glen Beck off the air. His talk is making people SICK!

  18. Make him go to church and pray for forgiveness.

  19. Wallyh says:

    Glen Beck has TRUE KNOWLEDGE and is informing people of what IS happening and anyone who doesn’t believe it is in BIG trouble as to what is comming if they do not do what he suggests….I know this is FACT because I studied it. Glen beck is one of the greatest Americans ever born.

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