In Post-Saddam Iraq, Six Gay Men are Killed by Tribal Members

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In post-Saddam Iraq, a nation where more than 4,400 Americans have fought and died, allegedly for the cause of freedom, there is sad news that six gay men were shot dead by members of their tribe in two separate incidents in the past 10 days, according to an official with Iraq’s Interior ministry said.

In the most recent attack, two men were killed Thursday in Sadr City area of Baghdad after they were disowned by relatives, the official said.

The shootings came after a tribal meeting was held and the members decided to go after the victims.

On March 26, four additional men were fatally shot in the same city, the official said, adding that the victims had also been disowned by their relatives.

Witnesses told CNN that a Sadr City cafe, which was a popular gathering spot for gays, was also set on fire.

Is this the vision former president George Bush had for a democratized Iraq, free of the tyranny of Saddam Hussein? I wonder. I also wonder why President Obama hasn’t issued a statement of condemnation regarding these outrageous killings?

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8 Responses to In Post-Saddam Iraq, Six Gay Men are Killed by Tribal Members

  1. retahyajyajav says:

    This is appalling.

    Religion is a very dangerous force and has caused more harm to humanity over the millennium than anything else.

  2. Conejo1982 says:

    Christopher – I’m glad you blog this important issue and help raise awareness of the plight of gay and lesbian people in Islamic countries like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

    As long as Islam is the soup-of-the-day in these countries to feed the masses, gay people will be at risk for their personal safety.

  3. MacDaddy says:

    So sad. No place I want to visit.

  4. libhomo says:

    Obama hasn’t condemned this because he doesn’t care about us queers, and because he has shifted to a pro war position now that he is in office.

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    Continueing the struggle towards equal rights here at home and abroad, will help to give some meaning to these lives that were cut so short. May they now rest in peace…no longer afraid.

  6. jimmy says:

    It is a travesty. $1 trillion bought us what, another backwoods theocracy? Just what the world needed. Sickening.

  7. Peace Nick says:

    Under Saddam, Iraq was considered the most secular nation in the Islamic middle east.

    With all this new found freedom to worship Allah, Iraq has fallen into line with the other extremist nations in the region.

    Gays be warned. If you live in Iraq, get out. It isn’t safe there.

  8. Dmitris says:

    This is some sick shit. Why do I think Bush is just really enjoying news stories like this? He’s always hated the gays and now, thanks to the new Iraq, he gets to see gays murdered by their own government.

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