Iraq to Execute 128 prisoners, Many Convicted of ‘Crime of Homosexuality”

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Post-Saddam Iraq, is still a shitehole of a nation, informed by the religious zealotry of Islam. I know such a harsh characterization riles many people on both the left and the right who want to embrace Islam as an equal partner to Christianity but as long as Islamic nations are executing gays and lesbians in the name of Allah, don’t ask me to participate in your kumbaya view of faith.

According to IRAQI LGBT, a UK based organization of Iraqis supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Iraq, urgent action is needed to halt the execution of 128 prisoners on death row in Iraq. Many of those awaiting execution were convicted for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality.

Mr. Ali Hili of IRAQI-LGBT reports Iraqi authorities plan to start executing them in batches of 20 from this week.

“We have information and reports on members of our community whom been arrested and waiting for execution for the crimes of homosexuality. Iraqi LGBT has been a banned from running our activities on Iraqi soil.”

From the same report:

“Death penalty has been increasing at an alarming rate in Iraq since the new Iraqi regime reintroduced it in August 2004. In 2008 at least 285 people were sentenced to death, and at least 34 executed. In 2007 at least 199 people were sentenced to death and 33 were executed, while in 2006 at least 65 people were put to death. The actual figures could be much higher as there are no official statistics for the number of prisoners facing execution.”

Is this part of why former president George Bush was hell bent to remove and replace Saddam Hussien from power, sending more than 4,400 U.S. solders to their deaths in the process, so Iraq could commence a systematic attack on gays and lesbians for the “crime” of homosexuality?

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21 Responses to Iraq to Execute 128 prisoners, Many Convicted of ‘Crime of Homosexuality”

  1. Adirondacky says:

    Yes, the “new and improved” Iraq sounds every bit as awful as the old Iraq, Especially, if you happen to be gay or lesbian. Islam, as I understand it, is at the center of gay torture and execution in nations like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE. I am not a person of faith but as far as I know, I am not aware of American or European gays being put to death in the name of Jesus.

  2. Ok, I get it…so we brought democracy to Iraq and this makes it ok for them to execute LGBT people? That is not a democracy. Whether it is LGBT people being executed or Women and Children being abused it is wrong, in any “democracy”. I hope Amnesty International is getting involved.

  3. lea-lea says:


    You know I have a close friend who is an editor at the LA Times. This story is exactly the sort of story the mainstream media needs to be covering and in the process, elevate the issue of LGBT execution in the Middle East.

    I am beyond angry to read this. My blood is boiling and I promise to pass this issue to my friend with the suggestion the paper writes an article about it.

  4. libhomo says:

    Islam is an “equal partner” to Christianity. Fundie Christians just use different methods to kill queers, most notably AIDS policies. Islam and Christianity both kill.

  5. JollyRoger says:

    I know such a harsh characterization riles many people on both the left and the right who want to embrace Islam as an equal partner to Christianity

    Oh, they’re “equal partners” all right; here we have laws (today at least) that prevent the Jesusistanis from launching antigay pogroms. But the mentality that resulted in the death of Matthew Sheppard is pervasive in Jesusistan.

    Years ago, I noted the desire of Jesusistani Reconstructionists to make gay Americans eligible for execution. There is very little difference in the mentality of the fundamentalist zealots of nearly every religion.

  6. D.R.Scott says:

    Somewhere lost in America, our homegrown tribes of fundamentalist yahoos witness these monstrous crimes in Iraq and sigh with envy.

  7. Teen LaQueeffa says:

    Nevermind climate change or lack of access to safe drinking water, it’s organized religion that is the biggest threat to humanity.

    Thanks for hipping me to this disturbing news story.

  8. JollyRoger says:

    I would be willing to bet that religion is responsible for more premature human death than every plague, drought, and storm in the history of the world COMBINED.

  9. MacDaddy says:

    As someone said, this is the kind of story we should be getting. But the American is so controlled by conservative white males, so insulated by their sense American superiority that they don’t seem to think people from other countries matter that much, least of all gay and lesbian people about to be hung. They’re doing stories on Dick Cheney, an angry old man from the past, when they should be looking at frightening stories occurring today, at home and abroad.

    The American media is pathetic. Nexto PBS , I listen to BBC.

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  11. bradfrmphnx says:

    JollyRoger is right. Religions are responsible for more angst and despair in the world than they have ever saved it from. A simple way to a means is all religion ever was. A way to control the masses. You can’t say it hasn’t worked out well for them.

    As far as the Iraqi’s executions…we all know its horrible. And should be brought to our attention. I would hope that Hillary would address this while she is right there but she probably won’t.

    Louis Armstrong would roll over in his grave at the condition of the…..”wonderful world.” I don’t see the trees of green as much anymore.

  12. Duong Dong says:

    The persecution of gay people is not limited to the middle east. In Cambodia, laws restricting even two men or two women from settling in apartment or flat is common. You cannot adopt child there if you are gay and the government discovers this. For all the problems in the USA, it is 100 times better here for gays than many parts of the world.

  13. Hmmm…wasn’t this “why we went into Iraq.” Doesn’t seem so different.

  14. Aunt Peg says:

    Maybe I’m just too old to understand how any government in the world would slaughter their gay and lesbian citizens like cattle.

    Has humanity really sunk this low?

  15. Bel Ami says:

    Christopher – I’m really glad and impressed to see you do more gay issue oriented blogging this year. I know 2008 was largely taken up with the election but I missed the coverage you started in 2007. Well done.

  16. JollyRoger says:

    Whether or not gay people “have it better” here than they do elsewhere is largely irrelevant. We are a Constitutional society, and we guarantee our citizens equality in the eyes of the law. I cannot figure out for the life of me how State Constitutions can relegate gay American citizens to a second-class status, since there is no provision in the Federal Constitution for this (but there’s also no provision for DADT or DOMA-the Constitution must really be that “quaint document” Electrode Al was talking about.) Right now, American servicepeople, a measuarble number of who will be gay American citizens, are getting shot and blown up in a land that hangs people for being gay. This is not an upholding of either our Constitutional notions nor of the “American way” that is supposed to be so superior to the dogmatist brutality of theocracies. If the headline had read “100 white folks strung up in Iraq for being European” there would be screaming in the streets to get us out of Iraq NOW. We are not being true to ourselves here.

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  18. bluepitbull says:

    It’s truly amazing how you fail to see the big picture.

    But, that’s ok. When your glorious president Obama opens the floodgates and the muslims start storming into this country, sharia law will surely follow since they are trying to get Islamic jurisprudence on the books now. Then whenever muslims see a gay couple, they can lose their minds and go into a murderous rampage and justify it in the court room.

    Mind you, I have nothing against any lifestyle, I just think you are failing to see what is happening. But if that’s the president you want to back, and his so far empty promises, have fun when my prediction comes true.

  19. Hadrian says:

    Blue Douchebag,

    What evidence do you have that President Obama is about to “open the floodgates and the Muslims start storming into this country?”

    Please be specific and provide links. If you’re unable to do so, then this is merely your opinion and you’re obviously just a sore loser, still fretting over the fact that Obama handed John McCain his ass in the recent election.

  20. RWR says:

    No, you’re right, it’s a shit hole.

    Travellingman, I’m afraid that is a democracy. It’s just not the democracy we’d like. That’s what comes from the tendancy to hold democracy in too high of esteem when other values often compete.

    Hadrian, of course pit bull rants. But to people in this country are all too happy to turn away from the truth of what has happened throught Europe, from how freedom of speach there is increasingly restricted. Immigration does have the power to change culture and turn elections. Sometimes it benefits the current inhabitants, and sometimes it hurts. And that’s a conversation this country is not willing to have.

  21. Dom — You’re banned.

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