Watermelon Email Mayor to Resign

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good. The mayor of a small Southern California city says he will resign after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.”

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose issued a statement Thursday saying he is sorry and will step down as mayor at Monday’s City Council meeting.

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6 Responses to Watermelon Email Mayor to Resign

  1. Joaquin says:

    Talk about having a political death wish.

    You really have to wonder what the hell this guy was thinking when he did this? I saw of a picture of Dean Grose in the local paper and he’s a middle aged man — not some silly 12 year old.

  2. stradella says:

    I’d like to be the first in-line to give him a swift kick in his ass on his last day in office.

  3. libhomo says:

    In the GOP, it’s OK to be racist as long as you speak in code. This guy forgot that.

  4. Woodcliffe says:

    Do they get anymore clueless than the soon-to-be former mayor of Los Alamitos, CA?

    When I saw this on your blog this week I thought it had to be a parody. I mean, in 2009, no elected office holder could be so stupid?

    Well, they can be so stupid. Bye-bye, asswipe.

  5. I’m sure the RNC is sending out mailers right now about what to say and how to say it in order to avoid lie-brul media-laid pitfalls.

  6. Panasit (the real one) says:

    I think Bush administration time help brings out these racist homophobic sexist religious fundamentalist bigots in our country who were hiding in their holes and caves back when Clinton was in office.

    Now that Bush is gone, they run back to their holes again. Some of them just didn’t run fast enough or they are too much of an idiot to realized that their time in daylight is over.

    I just imagine bunch of rats running away when rain comes. This is just one of those rats.

    Problem is, racists like this moron are everywhere. People who are not minority may not realized it, it is okay. It’s good that the media hide their existence to show that their views are not acceptable. BUT, that is not reality. Even in DC and Manhattan.

    They may not be dumb enough to write a big N word on a wall, but they discriminate in other ways. When they approve housing, when they are hiring, etc. And unlike this particular circumstances, no one will ever know.

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