SCOOP: Bill Maher Headed to MSNBC?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is good. I’ve learned that the inimitable Bill Maher may be headed to MSNBC to fill the open 10PM time slot following Rachel Maddow.

According to

MSNBC to wants to create a new show to fill the 10PM hour and Bill Maher is in contention.

It’s widely known in the cable news world that the third-place network has a longstanding interest in Maher, who now hosts a weekly current-events chat program, Real Time, on HBO. He’s an obvious choice, having hosted his own daily talk show, Politically Incorrect, until ABC ridiculously bowed to pressure from the Bush White House back in 2002 for making some poorly-received remarks about the Sept. 11 hijackers.

Though more libertarian than strictly liberal, Maher’s politics make him a good fit with MSNBC’s audience, which has grown in direct proportion to the network’s enthusiasm for the Democratic party. One caveat: Maher would probably be expensive (although Chris Matthews’s recent pay cut from $5 million a year to around $2 million, frees up some cash for that).

Offering Bill Maher the 10PM slot is brilliant. This would give MSNBC solid, nighttime programming beginning with David Shuster’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 6PM, followed by Chris Matthews’ HARDBALL at 7PM, next up the hugely popular Keith Olberman’s Countdown at 8PM, followed by The Rachel Maddow Show at 9PM. Stay tuned on this one.

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20 Responses to SCOOP: Bill Maher Headed to MSNBC?

  1. feminazi says:

    Christopher – I don’t know how you manage to unearth these gems but you’re one in a million! I would love to see Bill Maher come to MSNBC. This is so obvious. MSNBC would basically control the evening cable lineup. Absolutely perfect.

  2. DMason says:

    Great idea! Maher belongs on MSNBC. Can you imagine it? Keith tosses the ball to Rachel and then Rachel tosses the ball to Bill. The three of them would rock! Tweety, not so much.

  3. Teen LaQueeffa says:

    When Bill Maher is good, he’s very good.

    When he’s bad, he sucks. I was appalled when he kept having the shiteous Ann Coulter on and then the rumor floated to the surface he was nailing her or it, just made me want to hurl.

    But overall, I like him alright.

  4. Joe in Colorado says:

    I agree with all the comments. Bill Maher at 10p.m. on MSNBC would be perfect. Plus, he would give the silly, vapid Anderson “no personal questions” Cooper and run for his money. I don’t know what FIXED Noise has on at 10p.m. but the worst of Maher would be better than anything they have.

  5. VicoDANIEL says:

    I don’t have HBO so I haven’t seen Maher since he was on ABC.

    ABC had its head up its ass when they buckled to pressure from Karl Rove and the Bush junta and fired Maher. When it happened, I knew we were in for a genuine, dictatorial presidency. Of course, I never acknowledged Bush as president — he didn’t win the 2000 election, he was installed. A major, Constitutional difference.

    One good thing about him moving to MSNBC is, he will be seen by people around the world. His audience will go up 1000 fold. I hope it happens.

    Great scoop, Christopher.

  6. whoop ass says:

    Bill Maher needs his ass kicked.

    I know the liberals love him but here’s what he thinks of you. Or at least half of you:

    “You know, this country is, I’ve said this before, I’m going to keep saying it, it’s a pitiful, helpless giant. Again, because it’s a stupid country with stupid people who don’t pay attention.”

    Hey Bill, go up another black hooker, do your coke and try to say something intelligent next time.

  7. Prairiedog says:

    Whoop Ass,

    Maher hit the nail on the proverbial head.

    Remember the 2004 presidential election? The American voters reelected George W. Bush and when asked by pollsters why, they said he deserved a chance to complete the job in Iraq.

    The job in Iraq? If you don’t think that’s lame then you’re an idiot.

  8. Harry says:

    Tweety was making $5 million a year? OK, I’m ready to kill myself. This is just wrong.

  9. feminazi says:

    Harry – Don’t even joke around about killing yourself. We’re all going to get through this bad patch because we have a real leader as president. I believe things will get better.

  10. Rachel says:

    Bill Maher on MSNBC would let him go toe-to-toe with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and FOX’s Greta Van Whaever Her Name Is. Maher will dominate because he has a following. I like the idea.

  11. Dmitris says:

    I always enjoyed the diversity of guests Bill Maher assembled for his program. If he can do this on MSNBC, all the better. BTW, HBO sucks these days and I’m about ready to cancel my subscription.

  12. Big Hank says:

    Maher is alright.

    I would like to see a woman or a person of color move into the 10PM time slot. We have a black man in the White House — why not a black man or woman on MSNBC after Rachel?

  13. BradFrmPhnx says:

    I have a copy of Bill’s book “New Rules” by my crapper. Whenever I’m in the dumps while taking a dump, I’ll pick it up and go through a few pages. I always end up happily wiping my ass.

    Another thing I like about Bill is that he is against the tired war on marijuana that costs us billions for nothing really.

    Disclaimer: I apologize for any visuals I may have inadvertantly created.

  14. Jim says:

    Perfect!!! MSNBC will become the anti-Fox network. Now if they could just do something with that tired weekend “crime” stuff.

  15. Cathy says:

    I love the idea of bringing Bill Maher to MSNBC!!! I just hope it doesn’t mean he’ll leave “Real Time”. That has turned into one of my favorite shows! I like how it’s uncensored. I’m afraid MSNBC will be too mild for him.

  16. Mauigirl says:

    That means I’ll have to be sure to catch Keith on the first broadcast of his show rather than after Rachel as I’ve been lately!

  17. David says:

    Bill Maher is a peice of Shit and needs his ass kicked.

  18. David says:

    Hey Bill Maher why don’t you just kiss some more ass you suck up Government NWO puppet. You Suck!

    Wake Up and get a clue.

  19. Simon says:

    The Young Turks would be way better than Bill Maher. He always seems a bit slow to me (and lets be honest.. he aint that funny!). Cenk Uygur is the future!


    Bill Maher should go swimming the amazon river when the piranah are running and hope they dont get indigestion from this slimeball

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