A Housekeeper and Taxes Derailed Caroline Kennedy’s Senate Bid

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The mercurial announcement by Caroline Kennedy that she was withdrawing from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate citing “personal reasons” was more than a little curious.

These two words — “personal reasons,” were interrupted by many to mean Kennedy was worried about her uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy’s health. Sen. Ted Kennedy is battling inoperable brain cancer.

Now, according to a report by the New York Times:

Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate, a person close to Gov. David Paterson said on Thursday, in an account at odds with Ms. Kennedy’s own description of her reasons for withdrawing.

The account emerged 14 hours after Ms. Kennedy announced that she was taking her name out of contention for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.

Hard feelings toward Ms. Kennedy were clearly building among the governor’s staff on Thursday, after a dramatic evening in which she was reported to be dropping out, then wavering, then ultimately, shortly after midnight on Thursday, issuing a statement ending her candidacy.

The person close to the governor said Mr. Paterson “never had any intention of picking Kennedy” because he had come to consider her unready for the job.

Enough already. Gov. Paterson needs to close the chapter on the Caroline Kennedy saga and make an appointment. Preferably, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

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17 Responses to A Housekeeper and Taxes Derailed Caroline Kennedy’s Senate Bid

  1. Dmitris says:

    Caroline pulled out to save face. In the process, she made NY Gov.Paterson look dumb. Shame on her.

  2. retahyajyajav says:

    Maybe the rich don’t belong in politics?

    I mean, how many people have seen their careers derailed by issues involving a housekeeper and failure to pay taxes?

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Eat the rich.

  4. JollyRoger says:

    I agree. Caroline should never have even entered this one.

    But hell, I’d have picked her over Fran Drescher. Can you imagine Fran getting up to give a speech? The torture would cause mass retirements/resignations.

    Come to think of it, maybe Fran Drescher SHOULD get the nod…

  5. Kelso's Nuts says:

    testing…having problems commenting on wp again

  6. libhomo says:

    This is one minor setback for the oligarchy. I just hope that annoying empty suit, Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get picked. Think of the implications.

    A governor who got his start in politics chooses someone who never would have had a political career if not for trading on his fathers name to a Senate seat that was held by a woman whose only “qualification” was being the spouse of a former president.

    These days, “Banana Republic,” isn’t just a store. Of course, there is plenty of nepotism in GOP politics too, especially in New York.

  7. libhomo says:

    Oops.. I meant to type:

    “A governor who got his start in politics because of his father chooses someone who never would have had a political career if not for trading on his father’s name to a Senate seat that was held by a woman whose only “qualification” was being the spouse of a former president.”

  8. BradFrmPhnx says:

    I didn’t think she was ready. And I disagree that Fran Dreschler was worse. Fran has been very active in politics for a long time. Don’t mistake her TV character for the real Fran. Although starting out in a senate seat was perhaps a bit much, I would like to see her in congress.

  9. Conejo1982 says:

    NPR said this afternoon that Kennedy had disclosed her nanny problem in a disclosure form to NY Gov. Paterson last November.

    I think Kennedy just got a taste of the rough and tumble world of national politics and she decided it wasn’t for her.

    Glad she backed out before Paterson gave her the job and then in 3 months, decided the work was too tough and she wanted to scamper back to Park Avenue.

  10. Jon says:

    As I listened to the pundits talk about the reasons for Kennedy being considered by Paterson, I kept thinking of the actions of the Governor of Illinois. The pundits did not talk any about her qualifications. They merely talked about what she could do for Paterson’s next governor race. Is that really any different than what the other governor did?

    Thank goodness she is no longer being considered!

  11. Will says:

    Is is me, or are others seeing that the CEO’s of all the major banks and such are still getting rich and paying themselves bonuses while we poor slobs are not getting anything. Are you all seeing that the CEO’s and main officers of companies are still making lots and lots of money other than their salary, which is HUGE. AND our government is just giving them more money to pay those bonuses? Seems very funny to me that no one….NO ONE…is trying to stop that. As usaual….our government is not looking out for the people…even OBAMA…but after themselves. Will we, the poor, middleclass, and others stop it. NOT as long as we continue to re-elect the same congressmen and senators. A change is needed…and party…Republican and Democrate…is not where we need to go. We must get rid of them all and start with people who believe in the people not in their party or self. But we will not as we are stupid. And ALWAYS elect someone of one party or the other…NEVER someone who believes in America. We must change the 2 party system we have now….to one that elects people who love the Constitution. Until we do, we will always give money to the people who already have money.

  12. Ypsilanti says:

    Caroline Kennedy has been estranged from her husband for several years and is having an affair with the chairman of The New York Times Company, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr.

    Apparently, Caroline inherited her mother’s trait of falling for rich and powerful men, who are well connected in society, publishing and politics.

    The relationship was a chief cause of consternation for Gov. Paterson who only became governor after a sex scandal unseated Eliot Spitzer.

  13. dguzman says:

    What is it with these people that they can’t find someone to watch their kids or clean their houses or mow their lawns who DOESN’T have an “immigration status” problem?

  14. zorkon says:

    It amazes me in all these Nanny problems that the irresponsibilty of these people isn’t brought up. Most people would background check anyone who who watch their children or have access to their family, for safety reasons. I can you do this with an illegal alien who you can not be sure of even their true identity or criminial record. To save a few dollars for cheap labor they place themselves and family in danger.

  15. feminazi says:

    Ypsilanti, I have an old college girlfriend, retired from the publishing world, who lives in Manhattan and she told me the very story about Ms. Kennedy and Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Apparently, the affair is well known in New York media circles.

  16. Kato says:

    WHY can these people not hire someone from the US, or a legal immigrant as housekeepers?

    They’re as bad as companies sending jobs to China and MExico, apparently. Cheap and hypocritical.

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