Politico’s Ben Smith Needs to, You Know, Lay Off Caroline Kennedy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The New York media is up on all fours over Gov. David Patterson’s possible appointment of Caroline Kennedy to fill the soon-to-be-vacated senate seat currently held by Hillary Clinton.

While many people are thrilled at the prospect of JFK’s little girl stepping into the family business, not everyone is happy with the idea. Kennedy’s critics cite her lack of political experience (Kennedy has never run for office before) as well as the fact she’s wealthy and the daughter of a much beloved American president and the niece of a highly respected U.S. senator as reasons to disqualify her.

However, Politico’s Ben Smith scraps the bottom of the barrel by noting Caroline Kennedy’s use of “you know” in a recent interview. Smith even labels it “a new, distinctive Kennedy verbal tic.”

Ben Smith points out that Caroline Kennedy said “you know” 142 times in a recent New York Times interview.

I think one of the refreshing things about Caroline Kennedy is the fact that she isn’t a highly spun, Washington politician. She speaks the same way millions of Americans speak and as a result, it makes her accessible. I also don’t recall Ben Smith ever taking George Bush to task over his challenges with the English language, his relentless malapropisms, or his use of the contraction, “y’all.”

My point is, if you want to attack Caroline Kennedy, fine, have at it, but attack her on the issues or her lack of experience but not something as petty as her frequent use of “you know.”

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5 Responses to Politico’s Ben Smith Needs to, You Know, Lay Off Caroline Kennedy

  1. Adirondacky says:

    Ben Smith is an idiot. I think he, like many in the corporate media, resents Caroline Kennedy because she’s to the manor, born. But as you point out, I don’t remember hearing him say anything negative about Bush II entering the family business or having a silver spoon up his nose.

  2. joe says:

    I still say if Caroline wants to run in the next election and work for it, like Hillary did, that’s fine. But to have it handed to her is not right at all. As a voting citizen of the state of New York, I don’t want her, nor does anyone I’ve talked to about it, either.

  3. libhomo says:

    I’m sick of empty suits getting elected because of who they are related too. That applies equally to Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and Caroline Kennedy. I want to live in a functioning democracy, not a banana republic oligarchy.

    I do agree that Politico is being shallow about the “you know” thing.

  4. Duong Dong says:

    Her using the “you know” is a silly thing to criticize in my view.

  5. StreetDoc says:

    The “you know” thing is important. If Sarah Palin uttering “you betchya” once or twice in multiple interviews was a cue to her ditziness and Dubya’s simplton speech is an indication of his lack of brain power then Caroline’s verbal tic is a million megawatt spotlight on the fact she has no business making any decision that may affect the citizens of this country. America already looks bad enough in the eyes of the world. What we don’t need is Caroline “Valley Girl” Kennedy being appointed to any position that requires her to represent America. She just needs to head back to the upper east side and, you know, get on with her life without involving us peasants.

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