The Kiss of Death

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney, the most secretive and the least popular VP in modern American political history, offered his endorsement of John McCain today with this:

“In three days we’ll choose a new steward for the presidency and begin a new chapter in our history. It’s the biggest decision that we make together as Americans. A lot turns on the outcome. I believe the right leader for this moment in history is Senator John McCain. John is a man who understands the danger facing America. He’s a man who has looked into the face of evil and not flinched. He’s a man who’s comfortable with responsibility and has been since he joined the armed forces at the age of 17. He’s earned our support and confidence, and the time is now to make him commander-in-chief. I’m delighted to support John McCain and I’m pleased that he’s chosen a running mate with executive talent, toughness and common sense, our next vice president in Sarah Palin.”

When Barack Obama heard the news, he responded by saying:

“I’d like to congratulate Senator McCain on this endorsement because he really earned it.”

H/T: Political Wire

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13 Responses to The Kiss of Death

  1. Adirondacky says:

    Cheney must have it in for McCain. Either that or he’s so arrogant as to think his endorsement will carry some weight with undecided GOPers who can’t quite bring themselves to vote for McCain.

  2. D.R.Scott says:

    Well, that’s another nail in McCain’s coffin, ain’t it?

    If Darth Cheney bothered to rise from his crypt once in a while, this monster would learn that’s he’s hated more than Dubya and the do-nothing congress.

    I’m sure McCain slapped himself in the head going “D’oh!” while Palin gazed upon Cheney adoringly and cooed, “He’s gonna be my vice president when it’s my turn, you betcha!”

    And then she grabbed the Beverly Hills Chihuahua from a nearby child (Alright, it was Willow) and snapped its neck before tossing the lump of fur and bones towards Cheney’s salivating jaws.

  3. Harry says:

    Stop it! Stop it! My head is hurting and I can’t take anymore of this insanity!

  4. Mauigirl says:

    Great timing there, I love it! Obama will make hay with it!

  5. retahyajyajav says:

    This endorsement is worse than an endorsement by El Diablo himself!

  6. burpster says:

    Canada burns the whitehouse again. 🙂

  7. libhomo says:

    Crooks of a feather…

  8. R.J. says:

    I saw the video. That was hilarious!

  9. kellybelle says:

    Cheney is evil. We’ve got to make sure Barack wins. I’m a mess.

  10. Jim says:

    How VILE but utterly appropriate that this thug would endorse McCain.

  11. Fran says:

    The only thing funnier would have been if he made the endorsement on Halloween day!
    3 days before the election Cheney endorses…..
    hope it was not too much of a strain.
    Then again Dick was probably busy moving all his $$$ to offshore & non US banks.

    Maybe Bush will endorse McCain in the next few days?

  12. Estacada says:

    Cheney is a real piece of work.

    I saw where McCain was like a giddy school girl following the news that Cheney endorsed him.

    48 hours and another election is in the books and hopefully, Obama is president-elect!

  13. Obama’s response was FLAWLESS. Cheney’s endorsement is the kiss of death. They’re done. I won’t rest or feel good about it until Obama has won the election.

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