Please Meet Gayle “Obama is an Arab” Quinnell

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One of the strangest images of an already bizarre week in politics was watching an elderly woman at a John McCain rally in Minnesota say she didn’t trust Barack Obama because “he’s an Arab.”

I started to wonder, just who is this misinformed, rightwing idiot? Even for a McCainiac, this poor creature seemed even more off the hook than most.

It turns out her name is Gayle Quinnell. Quinnell, 75, got her information from her local library and she’s not going to let facts get in the way when it comes to Obama.

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135 Responses to Please Meet Gayle “Obama is an Arab” Quinnell

  1. feminazi says:

    So Gayle Quinnell is a one woman, McCain campaigner, who sends out this mystery letter to people whose addresses she gets out of the phone book. Bizarre indeed. What’s amazing to me is, she’s really not interested in the facts about Sen. Obama. Quinnell has decided Obama is an Arab and she’s not going to change her mind. A defense attorney’s dream or nightmare juror.

  2. Aunt Peg says:

    Christopher – How did you manage to unearth this jewel? The story isn’t even 24 hours old!

  3. Tiny Dancer says:

    Gayle Quinnell is the anti-Betty White.

  4. gayle is TYPICAL of a lot of elderly people — especially ones that finally learn to use the internet. and they vote – in droves. and i would be that even after her hero mccain DIRECTLY contradicted her facts — she still believes obama is a muslim – and nothing is going to change that

    she is hopeless, she is lost, she is pathetic. her age does not qualify for pity points

  5. Travelingman says:

    For McCain I think that the chickens have finally come home to roost. He allowed this kind of crap to ferment and let his attack poodle beat the drum “terrorist” at their rallies and now it is biting him in the arse.

    While hiding behind the skirts of his wife and Palin the truth is that this man is a pathetic sham who is not brave enough to bring these charges to Obama’s face. Now that even some respectable republicans are turning on him like former Gov. Milliken of Michigan he knows he has no choice but to walk it back. Hopefully next week will be about the issues but I am not so sure.

  6. Helen says:

    I used to be a Republican. This woman is the ugly base of the party.

  7. Big Hank says:

    You sure this isn’t Harriet Christiansen’s cousin?

    They look alike, they sound alike and they’re both as crazy as loons at sunset.

  8. A Regular Patriot says:

    I wonder if the Troopergate findings will force McCain to drop Palin from the ticket?

    As a conservative, I think she’s the weakest link in the armor. McCain could do better with Tom Ridge or even Joe Lieberman. If the base doesn’t like a shake-up in the number two position, they can stay home on Nov. 4th.

  9. Hey Big Hank ,why did you have to steal my lines?I was going to say her sister.

  10. Aunt Peg says:

    Even after McCain corrected her, Quinnell insists to the reporter that Obama is an Arab.

    Senility isn’t pretty. In any event, what is Obama were an Arab? Would this be a crime? This is the USA and we’re made up of many ethnicities.

    People like Gayle Quinnell are terrifying to me.

  11. kellybelle says:

    I have to give McCain credit for snatching the mic from this woman. I think the acrid odor of her hatred snapped him back. After talking to her,McCain seemed to say, “Damn, even I don’t want to win this way.”

  12. captain spaulding says:

    This campaign has been painful…i wont be sad when its over. The only way to actually get a good feel for either candidate requires hour upon hour of research. Then you have to determine what information you find is biased or not. The typical american is not going to do this; and the campaigns know this. Explaining their economic packages or health care packages in a 30 sec commercial or at a 2 hour convention is impossible. Honestly they would be so complex that most americans wouldn’t understand them and would be turned off. The candidates themselves have advisors that have BA’s and doctorates in those areas. So they are reduced to small shots at each others’ character. Take each commercial or email attachment you get with a grain of salt. Relying soley on these mediums to determine your vote shortsides both candidates. Obviously that poor woman in minnesota was basing her opinion on those very media forms. I know the ammount of info is mind numbing but it is our responsibility to cast votes as informed as we can.

  13. Fran says:

    There have been lots of complaints about McCain’s rallies inciting hatred… to Secret Service & Homeland security. I think Johnny got the official word his campaign had crossed the line.
    I’m glad he corrected her, even said we don’t have to fear a “President Obama”.
    This old bat is looney tunes. I bet she stocked up on duct tape & plastic wrap post 9-11 as well.
    I’m guessing she gets her news from “reputable”
    sources, such a faux snooze & the 700 Club.

  14. Hey, I watch the 700 Club. I keep on waiting for the day when Robertson is unable to open up his eyelids after doing the prayer shake thingamajig. Who would want to miss that cultural touchstone?

  15. HelenWheels says:

    Ha ha! Christopher, now I see why you thought I used to be a rethug. The above Helen is a different Helen (and probably a real one). LOL!

    This wingnut lady in the video is another one of the lunatic fringe that McPain’s campaign successfully wooed. Anna Marie Cox reported yesterday that McPain’s rallies are increasingly populated with them. It’s fun to watch McPain scramble to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

  16. Walk on Socks says:

    I’m past laughter now.

    I just want this campaign to end, Obama and Biden be elected, and finally, FINALLY, the people’s work can commence.

    Things are very bad after eight years of neglect by Bush and Cheney and we must start the clean up or I don’t think this country will be here in 20 years time.

  17. voter says:

    wow how ignorant can you be…? Gayle i have some beachfront property i want to sell you in Alviso Ca.
    you dumbass

  18. Duong Dong says:

    This old bitch is crazy. She don’t know anything.

  19. Conejo1982 says:

    McCain has been reduced to defending his rival, Barack Obama, from trailer park denizens like Gayle Quinnell. This is a stunning turn of events.

    You see, Johnny Keating Five, down in the count and losing everywhere but in GOP shitholes like Texas, Utah and Montana, is learning the hardway that when you reach to hate-mongering, zombies like Quinnell, you can’t seriously think you have a chance to win an election.

    McCain’s rallies have become racist, xenophobic, hate fests, filled with cross-burners and bad teeth. The reasonable folks have long since left and joined Obama’s campaign because they want to support a winner — not a loser.

  20. R.J. says:

    My God, this lady is nuts!

  21. VicoDANIEL says:

    You would be surprised at the number of Gayle Quinnells there are in New York City.

    Some are jewish nonnas, some are Italian or Irish grandmothers, but you see them everywhere you go, especially in Queens and Brooklyn.

    They’re social liberals but they vote Republican in every election. They’re not very well informed and have no interest in becoming more informed either.

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  23. Estacada says:

    People from Gayle’s generation believe what they believe and it is unlikely they’re going to change.

    I was doing the math in my head as I watched this video and I figured the civil rights movement was roughly 45 years ago. This would’ve made Gayle Quinnell about 30.

    What the hell happened to her in the passing years?

  24. chrisso says:

    It isn’t about old age.
    There are plenty of web users of all ages putting forward this quasi terrorist, hussein BS on forums I visit.
    I agree that McCain let Palin put this scare campaign out there. It’s all too little, too late to say Obama is ‘decent’.
    Anyway, this is the near death twitch of a bankrupt campaign.

  25. JollyRoger says:

    McKeating decided that perhaps the only road he had left to the White House was the Klanservative Parkway. Johnny has probably figured out that his racist, white trash running mate is absolutely useless to him in any other setting, because they dare not let her open her mouth when the subject is something she doesn’t know. Racism, she knows all too well. Sarahpoleon is the younger version of Gayle.

    The “base” of Gopperdom has been the Klanservatives for at least the last quarter century, and the “values” groups that pimped so hard for Caribou Barbie got their mailing lists directly from the Ku Klux Klan. What you see unfolding in front of you today is not a surprise, or even close to a surprise. The surprise is that it took them this LONG to dispense with the subtleties.

  26. Rachel says:

    Dear Miss Gayle Quinnell,

    Today I learned Barack Obama broke through the significant 5o percentile threshold in the five biggest tracking polls. If Obama holds onto this lead, he will be unstoppable on November 4th. So, if I were you, I would get used to saying President Obama.

    Have a lovely weekend!



  27. Posy says:

    I’m curious what the letters were that convinced her of Obama being an Arab. Most likely printed copies of all of the email smears that were debunked months ago. I’m so surprised that this is still going on, but I guess if you rely on Fox and chain letters for your information it is bound to happen.

    Some people also have a tendency to believe anything that is in print. Perhaps they didn’t grow up in a time or place where media was questioned. That is our responsibility as readers/listeners so that we can make our own decisions. We need to be critical thinkers.

  28. Sasha in MN says:

    God, I am soooooooooo disgusted that I live within a twenty miles radius from this senile, expired hag.
    Don’t get me wrong, after thirty years (since I was seven) volunteering in nursing homes and starting w/ keeping my father’s patients company and currently the past eight years volunteering w/ a non denominational charity with “The Divas” ranging from 50 to 97 and being raised in a family to respect elders, I do not leap at the chance to pounce on elders. But seriously, I think this woman has outlived what the world is now. If she can’t keep up pace, educate herself and grasp an open mind, there’s no hope for her. I am livid that she represented Minnesotans on spot, all over the networks with her crackpot statement and everyone is taking a second to focus in on this shit. She probably thinks she’s a hero or woman warrior of the times. If she wasn’t so old, honest to God I would probably bitch slap her and give her a piece of my mind..

  29. I gotta say, the ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, if Obama’s name was Harry Smith, would this sort of propaganda really be so high on everyone’s radar. Get over yourself, people. Damn.

  30. mariamaria says:

    In my not so paranoid mind, I see the McCain plotters picking her up from a local halfway house, taking her to the debates and telling McCain to go talk to her, knowing she will begin spouting nonsense. McCain has the most pained expression on his face, as if he can’t believe what she is saying. His body language backs away. Real or practiced?

  31. McCain’s supporters aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box.

    They’re dimwits.

  32. libhomo says:

    I hate how “Keating Five” McCain implied that Arab Americans are not decent, honest people.

  33. twitches says:

    You know, McCain, scaring the crap outta old people just isn’t cool. Think much money poor Gayle spent on those Kinkos copies!

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  35. Compassionate Liberal says:

    I am outraged by comments referring to Gayle Quinnell as a “crazy old woman.” These vitriolic attacks are both unjust and unprovoked. Unfair characterizations such as these represent vicious assaults upon decent, innocent citizens; furthermore, they cast a negative stereotype upon those who deserve better. Mentally ill, elderly, and female citizens should be spared from comparisons that might associate them with the likes of Gayle Quinnell. I am certain that the average “crazy old woman” would distance herself from such a comparison. She might defend her integrity by saying something like: “I may be a crazy old woman,” but I’m not some idiot like Gayle Quinnell. Gayle Quinnell appears to be a sane, lucid, and calculating idiot, not some sweet “crazy old lady.” I am certain that she has always been an idiot, who over time has simply become an older idiot. Some of my closest friends are old, crazy, or female. They deserve our compassion and respect, unless of course, they also happen to be bigoted idiots bent on political activism.

  36. Hank says:

    It is amazing how ignorant people can be. Doesn’t this woman know that only american born citizens can run for office? How could Obama run for president if he was not american? Does she truly believe that Obama would have gotten to where he is without being a bona fide american?
    Give me elitists any time! I’m sure this woman would love someone as ignorant as she is governing us.

  37. Famous Monkey says:

    I agree with Compassionate Liberal. I look at this woman and my heart breaks. She is confused, scared and uninformed, living in a culture which does not permit dissent or independent thought. On the one hand, I think it’s her responsibility to educate herself. But when I see her and listen to her speak, it seems she has been exposed to this mindset for her entire life and you just can’t teach some old dogs new tricks. I truly pity her.

  38. theodore truth says:

    Turns out Gayle Quinnell was a plant sent by the Obama campaign.

  39. dotmafia says:

    When the bigoted ignorant old woman told McCain she had heard Obama was an Arab whom she did not trust, McCain said, “No ma’am, he’s a decent family man.” While McCain is correct in this assessment of Obama, is McCain inadvertantly implying that Arab’s are not decent or family-oriented people? Because this would seem to be the case. If this is so, then McCain has mistakenly and clearly shown his own bigotry at the same time disrespecting thousands upon thousands of fellow American Arab citizens (of whom I’m sure McCain or the old fool woman would not consider American). Why isn’t the media shedding more light on McCain’s response?

  40. Raymondo99025 says:

    This crazy old hag is repeating the tired rumors she hears on AM talk radio: Obama is an Arab, Obama is a Muslim, Obama is foreign national, Obama is a terrorist, blah, blah, blah, blah. She’s a moron and the dangerous face of NASCAR Nation. Even after McCain corrected her, Quinnell refused to change her opinion of Obama. This is the type of moron who believes you will get cancer if you stand to near a microwave or a TV. This is the type of moron who thinks the Reader’s Digest is the best source of news and information.

  41. Joaquin says:

    After the CNN reporter corrected her, and said Barack Obama’s father was Muslin but not Obama who is Christian, Quinnell said the following:

    “Yeah, but he’s still got Muslim in him. So that’s still part of it.”

    While a number of people are posting about how sad she is, and how uninformed and how their hearts go out to her, I have to ask you this?

    Are you people playing fucking stupid?

    What Gayle Quinnell is really saying is, she dislikes him because he’s black but she knows she can’t call him a nigger. She’s a racist.

  42. Bob says:

    Has anyone pointed out to her the many past and present Republican governors, Congressmen, and White House staff (including Cabinet members) are Arab-Americans?

  43. Wayne says:


    These people make my head hurt.

  44. Wayne says:

    PS: It will be interesting to see how these goons react if Bobby Jindahl ever rises to national prominence.

  45. Steve V says:

    I believe Rush Limbaugh was pushing the notion that Obama’s Kenyan ancestry is actually Arab. So, while some of these people are just making it up, some of them are getting it from Limbaugh and whoever his “sources.”

  46. Fisch Fry says:

    Look, it’s clear that she’s confused about the difference between “Arabs” and Muslims”. She’s neither smart, not well-educated. She’s incredibly ignorant, and so simple-minded that she can be manipulated by a “letter”.

    However, she’s also a hateful, bigoted woman. Of course, she’s ignorant and absurdly stupid to be saying that “he’s still got that (Muslim) in him”, as if it’s something that passes in one’s blood. That doesn’t mean we can’t publicly shame her for her nonsensical hatred. We can, and we should shame her.

    Props to Dana Bash for realizing this woman was a story. I suppose that CNN won’t go with her story, but this kind of ignorance needs to be confronted. You can’t just pretend that she’s the crazy aunt no one wants to talk about. There are a lot of people like her, all across the country. We need to talk about them, and talk truth to them. Right now, the only ones talking to them are the wingnuts passing around the lying letters.

  47. Holly says:

    This lady is the McCain version of Harriet Christian. Remember her angry tirades from the Dem primaries? How can someone live her whole life making decisions based on lies and prejudice? Seriously…. it defies imagination. How sad for this poor old lady that she doesn’t have the ability to think for herself. I thought age brought wisdom. Loos like Iwas wrong.

  48. Holly says:

    This lady is the McCain version of Harriet Christian. Remember her angry tirades from the Dem primaries? How can someone live her whole life making decisions based on lies and prejudice? Seriously…. it defies imagination. How sad for this poor old lady that she doesn’t have the ability to think for herself. I thought age brought wisdom. Looks like Iwas wrong.

  49. Joel R says:

    My question is: So what? What if he is 100 percent Arab AND a Muslim? (Neither of which he is.) So what? Did we not trust George Washington because he had English blood. Did we not trust Benjamin Franklin because he was not a Christian but more an anti-church Deist? I am a 68 year old, veteran, and Republican who is convinced that Barack Obama is the far better choice for President and that Sarah Palin should be flipping hamburgers at a local diner.

  50. Dee says:

    The thing I just can’t understand is, if these people are in favor of the Iraq war and think we were justified in starting it based on govt. “intelligence,” and if they think Bush et al. are doing their jobs, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if Obama were a terrorist he would have been outed and arrested and wouldn’t be running for POTUS? I mean, where is just a weensy bit of logic?

  51. James G says:

    Anyone picking on a 75-year-0ld woman is an ass. I have always voted democrat, will vote for Obama, think Palin is detestable, and as an black man from the southside of Chicago can identify with Michelle and Brack, but for those of you who boost yourselves by piling on an elderly woman, wow, that must make you a cut above, doesn’t it?

    Thats what is utterly cheap and mean-spirited about the internet, the way absolutely anyone and everyone becomes a target for trolls who so casually scorn an ELDERLY woman for believing unstubstantiated rumors and acting on them. BTW, all of you who believe, without any independent or certifiable proof beyond a blog post, that this woman is who she the OP describes her as are no different from her.

    Go on, pick up your stone and throw it, it’s the internet lottery!


  52. LaurenF says:

    For everyone who is sick and tired of all the fake rumors and ties to Ayers, ACORN, and terrorists, watch this:

    It will ease your mind and make you laugh.
    Gayle, soak your head.

  53. bob says:

    I don’t think this woman is crazy or nuts or a propagandist as some have said. She is misinformed and may be a bit gullible, but remember that people like her are the target audience for these smears. You can’t fault her for trusting the sources she believes in and for eagerly digesting smears that were designed to fit her worldview.

  54. Ross says:

    I feel a little sorry for her. She is clearly a little….. ‘confused’.

  55. Brad says:

    Hey now, why all the extra piling on Texas and NASCAR? I’m a lifelong Texan and proud of it. I’m a huge NASCAR fan. I’m also an Obama supporter. The calling Texas a shithole and saying all NASCAR fans are racist and backwards is the exact same thing as this woman saying Obama is an Arab, a misinformed, wrongheaded attack.

  56. lea-lea says:

    Well, la-di-da, Brad.

    If you’re a “life long Texan” as you claim, then you should be more than a little familiar with Vidor, TX and the dragging event. It didn’t happen in Omaha or Reno — it happened in Vidor, TX.

    And I agree. Texas is a shithole.

  57. Marie Burns says:

    A very interesting interview. Is anyone in a position to go to Mrs. Quinnell’s library to find out just how she is getting this information? Is the library disseminating these stories about Obama or is she using a library computer to go on-line to the hate-job sites? It might be illuminating to intervew her local librarian.

    If you’re appalled by this poor old stupid lady (& “everybody” she knows who agrees with her) you might like my website at — it has links to both news & the best analyses of the presidential race.

  58. Jill says:

    This lady is “box office poision” Holy crap! she needs to go far far far away!!!! I think she pushed her brain out with all of her kids!!! UGH!

  59. Aaron says:

    Wow! I live no more than 10 minutes from this lady and can’t believe she said that. I am a former registered Republican and from 1998-2004 a McCain supporter.

    My disgust for what the party has become has forced me to make up my own party Repulicrat- ie socially responsible yet fiscally conservative.

    Anyway even though I know Scotty County Minnesota to be a Repulican strong hold in an otherwise Democrat state… I was still shocked that not only by what she said but that she was from my area.

    This is not fair to say because not all elderly people are this way but I will be very happy when that generation passes.

    I being a former Repulican was again so disgusted by the Repulican party becoming the Christian Right or Far Right that I voted for John Kerry in the last election… and I hate John Kerry!

    How could any moron vote for Bush twice? Now the man I once supporter, who once hated Bush himself, has become a Bush backer and sellout. I only on occasion would find myself agreeing with John McCain but always respected that he would take a position and be passionate about it… sadly the Maverick became less and less independent the past 6 years (for about 2 years under Bush he was still okay).

    I have never given money to a campaign before and in Mid January I almost gave to Joe Biden. I thought Biden to be the most presidential candidate on both sides of the aisle.

    I decided to wait and see if Biden could survive the Barack momentum. Even Rev Wright couldn’t slow Barack down and my guy Biden was out. I then watched and listened and about the end of Feb 08 decided Obama was my new choice and have donated on a couple of different occasions.

    Barack will restore the world’s faith in the United States. We will have a President who is not so quick to run off to WAR and who can actually speak a paragraph without stumbling over his words… hell after Bush I would just like someone who can do one sentence correct.

    How did we elect a moron for President?

    Anyway I am so proud to be a Minnesotan and when this lady spoke I could not have been less proud. For the record she doesn’t speak for Minnesota but a small racist group. You want real hatered check out all the pretend do gooders in and around the St. Cloud, MN area… chaulk full of racist! I guess ever place has these kind of low life people.

    I only hope my children grow up in a world without them.

  60. VicoDANIEL says:

    This old bitch is a disgrace to humanity.

  61. Odieguy3000 says:

    Haha, how can I get in touch with this woman? Does she realize she’s helped the Obama campaign by perpetuating the stereotype of an uninformed, asinine, old, white racist?

  62. Andy S says:

    Filed under: Douchebags, Election 2008, John McCain, Old Coot, Politics, Republican Lunatics

    HA HA HA.

    I run into people that say they won’t vote for Obama because of his name, or because of what some talking head said… It’s sad, it really is.

  63. Polite NYer says:

    To Conejo1982, Brad and Lea-Lea:

    Brad, I’m from NYC (where people are supposed to be rude and obnoxious) and I wanted to apologize for Conejo and Lea’s anti-Texas hating (since they seem too narrowminded to apologize for their own conduct).

    You’re right, regional prejudice is another form of bigotry, just as pernicious as other forms, and it inhibits the kind of dialogue that could bring our country together. I make it a point to leave NYC and see other parts of the country, and I usually like what I see and the people I meet. People who say Texas, Utah and Montana are shitholes have probably never bothered to visit them–there are some beautiful nat’l parks in all three.

    And although I’m not a huge sports fan, I once went to a NASCAR race just to check it out. I’ll probably never go again, but it was worth seeing, and I encountered friendly, reasonable people (which is more than I can say for some sporting events you might see in the Northeast).

    Conejo and Lea: Carefully explore other regions of the country before disrespecting them. Racist acts in states such as Texas have indeed been deplorable, but there are also good, honest people who live there. And in Montana this summer, I was happy to see some proudly displayed Obama signs.

    Polite NYer

  64. Randy Arroyo says:

    Polite NYer,

    I haven’t found New Yorkers to be any more or less rude than people from anywhere else. Now, it has been my experience that New Yorkers tend to be some of the most provincial people I’ve met — truly amazed there is opera, French roast coffee and big universities outside Manhattan, but not rude. About Texas, Utah and Montana. These are three states where Bush still enjoys bizarrely high approval numbers, so you must admit they’re not quite normal.

  65. lea-lea says:

    To Polite NYer – Go fuck yourself and don’t lecture me about “carefully explore other regions of the country before disrespecting them.”

    I grew up in Houston and I got the hell out of Texas the day I graduated from college. So I know from what I speak.


  66. yurgus says:

    To Polite NYer – Go fuck yourself and don’t lecture me about “carefully explore other regions of the country before disrespecting them.”

    I grew up in Houston and I got the hell out of Texas the day I graduated from college. So I know from what I speak.


    Yeh. You have a foul mouth and a narrow mind. You can take the girl out of Texas, but apparently in your case, you can’t take Texas out of the girl…

  67. ivan says:

    “so I know from what I speak.”
    … yeah, ok, from what college was that again?.

  68. Conejo1982 says:

    Why do I get the impression there is a doppelganger posting here?

    Just saying………………… 😉

  69. Mary Ann Bray says:

    Hey y’all! Mary Ann Bray here just checking in.

    Looks like Little Stubby’s campaign rallies have turned into klan events attended by asshole conservatives. See, Little Stubby and that Alaskan twat he asked to be his running mate, have a collective IQ of 60 on a good day.

    Little Stubby even has that drugged out, addict wife of his out there on the campaign trail. You can tell she really wants to call Obama a “nigger,” but she knows if she does, Little Stubby will deck her with one of his freaky, bionic arms.

    Politics suck, that’s all I know.

  70. Mark says:

    Ralph Nader is an Arab. Journalist Helen Thomas is another. So what? I haven’t noticed too many people calling for Ralph Nader to be killed, and if any did they were probably Democrats in 2004. And it wasn’t because he’s an Arab. Some people (GayleQuinnelGayleQuinnellGayleQuinnell) seem to think all Arabs are out to destroy America. Hey, Mr. Zadir in “Night at the Roxbury” was an Arab, and you couldn’t ask for a more fun-loving guy than that, right?

  71. Nick says:

    She is just a nice old woman who doesn’t understand. I hope nobody sends her any hate mail or anything. I know they will though because of this. It saddens me. Vote for Obama and sit your grandparents down and talk to them. Please leave this woman alone. Let her grandchildren talk to her.

  72. Wilson says:

    So what if he’s an Arab or a Muslim? How come no one has even considered how offensive it is that being those two things is somehow reprehensible?

  73. Elvis Lives says:

    Calling Obama an “Arab” is just part of the whispering campaign that began in McCain circles to prove Obama is different and can’t be trusted. It’s a shameless example of racism and un-American. This is not who we are and I will not fall for it.

  74. mbmdl says:

    Unfortunately, there are people in the world who happen to be women, who derive their power from being afraid. They have no interest in facts that challenge their organization of reality. I see them in the blogosphere and in everyday life. When I tell them, “No, Obama isn’t Arab, he’s a Christian,” they don’t want to hear it. They want to believe he’s a terrorist cell just waiting to go off and harm them.

  75. RJNerd says:

    The question I wanted to hear her struggle with is “What made you think what the pamphlet said was true?”

    If you are up to a book length on how such people can keep their beliefs despite clear evidence (even their leader saying they are wrong) , see:

  76. toddyenglish says:

    Y’know what they say…

    There is no fool like an old fool. Gayle Quinnell is proof positive that wisdom does not always come with age.

  77. Kari says:

    Even if I weren’t half Arabic, this crazy old woman would still offend me on so many levels. How disgusting this mindset is, where people are more concerned with slander and smears (and racist fear tactics) than the truth.

  78. honestpoet says:

    Campbell Brown made a great commentary about the underlying assumption here that “Arab” or “Muslim” is a slur. I just put it up at my blog. Here’s the URL:

    And yes, please leave this crazy old lady alone. Her own ignorance must be punishment enough. Can you imagine BEING her? No, thanks.

  79. carmenrose says:

    She believes that you are Muslim if your daddy is Muslim… like it’s a gene and not a religion. It’s an interesting perspective but still wrong.

  80. Randy says:

    Unfortunately the myths (such as the Muslim myth) confuse voters when there are very real concerns about Obama’s ties to Wright, Ayers, and so many others. Much in-depth reporting has been done by the National Review, Weekly Standard, and Wall Street Journal. I’ve posted a few samples on my blog. Ms. Quinnell and those like her are to be pitied. But so, too, are those who ignore genuine questions. Too bad so many voters just lump everything into one category.

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  82. Dr. Robyn says:

    What struck me the most is that she is clearly passing off these delusions to her family– her young, impressionable grandchildren who of course, would believe their Grandma. As a Child Development Specialist, this makes me cringe. When people ask me to comment on how children learn racism, I bring up incidents such as these (along with other ways). Adults need to be so careful after all, we’re talking about children who will grow up to become our future leaders. What they learn young is often difficult to unlearn.

    Dr. Robyn Silverman

  83. retahyajyajav says:


    Who cares? Not me. Not at all.

    What I want is someone in the White House who cares about the needs of the American people as opposed to the needs of corporate America.

  84. tread says:

    I dont think we’ve had a candidate take as much crap over “what or who he is” as Obama has, so its hard to say whether the hypothetical “Harry Smith” mentioned above would take this much crap

  85. Rocket says:

    One of the hopeful things about an Obama presidency is that he could help eradicate this sort of virus. Once people see that he doesn’t want to overthrow the government, change everyone’s religion or authorize the bombing of government buildings, maybe they’ll wise up just a little and admit their ignorance. Obviously some people can’t be reached, but there’s an opportunity here to educate a lot of people.

  86. Jeff says:

    The Gayle Quinnells of the country scare the hell out of me.

  87. sarah says:

    The best part about this is McCain’s response: “No, he’s a decent family man!” As if “Arab” or “Muslim” is something to be refuted and defended against, as if “a decent family man” is the exact opposite. Did McCain really think he was saving himself with that? [Thank you, honestpoet, for that great link!]

    And hey–my grandfather is 75 and he’s the most politically aware and active Democrat that I know. Let’s not start throwing around “stupid old lady” bombs. There is currently a large group of twenty-somethings in my town rallying *opposing votes* for one of the MA ballot questions because they completely misunderstood what the question is. Point being: it isn’t about age.

  88. Pingback: 7 Ways to Raise a Prejudiced Child « Dr. Robyn Silverman’s Blog

  89. O. Kassabian says:

    There’s no question that when it comes to red state America, Texas, is the reddest of the red.

    Let’s look at the Congressional leadership elected in overwhelming numbers by Texans.

    Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn.

    When H.R. 2082 — the bill to outlaw torture, TX Sens. Hutchinson and Cornyn voted against the measure. Now mind you, this bill came after the Abu Ghraib scandal rocked Washington DC and the intelligence community.

  90. Dr. Robyn says:

    I was inspired by your blog post on this topic– and based on some recent questions I’ve heard from parents and teachers, I figured I’d write something up on the topic. How do statements such as these impact our children?

    Here are 7 ways to raise a prejudice child (and yes, you’ll see how Gayle Quinnell inspired some of the tips:

    Enjoy and thanks-

    Dr. Robyn

  91. Michael Morris says:

    So, I still think Obama is really OSAMA without the beard and mustache, with a little plastic sugery taking away the wrinkles! UNPATRIOTIC? Only two towers taken down, we got plenty more!

  92. dbarber59 says:

    Wow, I’m surprised at the attacks. I thought it was always the right who said these things.

  93. carloslopezphotography says:

    Only two towers taken down? you got plenty more?
    People died on 9/11 and you said you got plenty more, so why all the fear after that? let them take down more buildings with innocent people inside if you have more. You show no care for people life nor respect for the relatives of victims.

  94. emcee says:

    Michael Morris – your mother is a whore.

  95. kpsilverman says:

    at this point McCain’s only hope is based on lies and hatred.

    republicans are so desperate, they’ll believe anything the McCain campaign shovels out.

    I break down the lies at check it out.

  96. girldujour says:

    She showed up at the rally without even combing her hair… She’s a kook.

  97. roqayah says:

    So far I haven’t heard anyone say “SO WHAT IF HE WAS AN ARAB!!”

    people can be so pathetic sometimes

  98. sarah says:

    Hm. There are actually several posts here that address the “so what if he was an Arab” factor, and links to several media responses, too. You’re right, it’s an inherent part of this whole debate, but not entirely overlooked.

  99. honestpoet says:

    Roqayah, those very words are in the title of the post I made with a video of Campbell Brown making that very necessary point.

    Not all Americans fall for this racist garbage. Don’t you fall prey to the perception that we’re all the same.

  100. Billup says:

    Even if Senator Obama were of Arab ancestry, I fail to see how this would disqualify him for the job of president.

    This pathetic old woman needs to get out more.

    Everyone in the world isn’t Nordic, with blue eyes and blonde hair.

  101. Miss Cee Jay says:

    So ignorant…
    And why would someone being Arabic have to mean they were untrustworthy?

  102. Patti says:

    this is insanity at it’s best. This is spreading horrible lies and for this lady to be spreading this shows that she is out of her mind. with media and everything else there is no way a women this nuts could dig up anything they couldn’t and especially at a library. It very sad how ignorant out country and the people in it have become. Patti

  103. FriendlyFred says:

    It’s pretty amazing at how the propaganda from the Republican party has worked. They put up racist ads on their official GOP sites, just to remove them a week later and after being mailed out to thousands or millions of supporters.

    The Republicans have stepped up their propaganda and when you watch videos like this, you can really see how effective it has been, although, whether or not it wins the election is still up for debate.

  104. Sam says:

    What kind of library is this she is going too? It’s just frightening that with all the facts out there about Obama’s real background that this woman has somehow completely ignored it all and chooses the fake information as the truth.

  105. neelster says:

    No no no…see a lot of people are still racist and because it’s passe to hate black people for being black they make up that he’s arab and it’s cool to hate arabs for being arabs. They’re not misinformed it’s more like cognitive dissonance from being a douchebag.

  106. Pingback: not nice . . . but I couldn’t help myself. « I wanna love You better whatever it takes . . .

  107. prohvac says:

    dotmafia only an idiot would take a response like what McCain made and try to twist it around to be a bad thing. He was obviously speaking with emotion directed toward her emotions. He wasn’t saying Arabs aren’t decent people.

    Since you obviously lack the ability let me break it down for you.

    She heard he was an Arab and she couldn’t trust him.

    No mam (He is not an arab)
    She couldn’t trust him (he’s a decent family man)

    I am an independent and beware foolish responses like this is what has helped turn me away from Obama whom I had strongly considered voting for. When someone like you feels they must find a way to demonize even the obvious good things someone does that is a very strong indicator to me of a troubled situation. They are both good people and there is no need to slander the good they do!

  108. Robert says:

    This is exactly why it is important to vote, otherwise individuals like Gayle Quinnell will do the voting for you.

  109. jimmy says:

    she had too much crack.

  110. Sonny_Amou says:

    I don’t know which is scarier: the woman’s views or the fact that she is disseminating this information on her own dime. Kudos to the next Kinko’s lackey who calmly asks her to step away from the photocopier. Ditto the reporters who asked her plain questions without aggressively scaring her off.

    McCain’s lone bright spot in an otherwise embarrassing campaign was his taking the microphone away from this woman at that rally.

  111. Tania says:

    Quinnell has the same low level of intelligence as do those who are persuaded to become terrorists.

  112. wordgymnast says:

    Quinnell has the same low level of intelligence as do those who are persuaded to become terrorists.

    (I’d forgotten to sign in before leaving this reply before…)

  113. reuseitall says:

    If everyone who is not a racist, who would embrace a black man, an arab american man, a woman or WHICHEVER AMERICAN who ran for the president of the U.S., got out and voted we could cancel out all of the ignorant, narrow minded, racist, cowardly voters who walk through life with blinders on. This woman makes me incredibly sad but I agree with Dr. Robyn, its learned behavior. She believes what she is saying and yep, its poisoning the minds of the people who she makes an impression on. I am a white woman who just lost two 81 year old white grandparents who were so excited to see Barack Obama running for president. That is how I was raised. That is how my children are raised. A white man ran our country into the ground for 8 years. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is and what your background is. My vote for Obama will cancel out this woman’s vote for McCain. I will make it my mission on Nov. 4th! If you do it too then, like I said, we can cancel out this type of voter! Pray for peace no matter what and an educated leader above all! God made us all different to teach us to embrace difference and grow. Not to be evil.

  114. I had read on many lying Sites that Barrack Obama does not drink alcohol and that is not true.. is Obama an alcoholic

  115. Compassionate Liberal says:

    With the 1974 release of their second album, the Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd scored their first hit song. Note the following excerpt from Sweet Home Alabama:

    “In Birmingham, they love the governor. Boo! Boo! Boo!
    Now we all did what we could do.
    Now Watergate does not bother me,
    does your conscience bother you?
    Tell the truth.”

    George Wallace, an overtly racist segregationist, was the Governor of Alabama at that time. Lynyrd Skynyrd punctuates their acknowledgement of his popularity with jeers, and admits to a failed opposition effort.

    Additionally, they absolve themselves of any guilt stemming from President Nixon’s overwhelming landslide victory in 1972. Given that Dixie firmly anchored her support for Nixon, the electoral returns fell considerably short of revealing a bottom heavy bias.

    Both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, along with the Western Frontier shared blame in 1972. There was ample blame to be had. The entire Union, save Massachusetts and DC, cast their electoral votes for Nixon.

    “Now we all did what we could do.”

    Undoubtedly, many residents of Alabama opposed Wallace. A brave few might have even publicly denounced injustice, inequality, and intolerance. More would have cautiously echoed that denouncement from the privacy and safety of the ballot box. Collectively, they could not amass a majority.

    Utilizing one’s moral compass to navigate turbulent waters has always proven a formidable task. Those who maintain a righteous heading rarely drift off course. They sustain their focus upon the destination even while treading in the wake of limited and sometimes receding success.

    Do they understand regionalism? Are they aware of the stereotypes ascribed to them by some who actually share the very core philosophical values that they fight so hard to preserve and promote? Of course they do; however, they are insulated by an intrinsic moral fiber woven throughout their being.

    The inherent, constituent composition possessed by Southern liberals, precludes a heart-shaped, saccharine sensitivity to be sewn upon their sleeve. They do not require, nor do they seek validation from likeminded brethren hailing from other regions.

    They possess acute awareness sharpened to crystalline clarity. Their indigenous vision parallels, but is not born of a wider liberal intellectualism. They stoke the fires of change in hopes of illuminating the ambient darkness. At times the light flickers, but it shall never be extinguished.

    We overlook those few who cast generalizations and stereotypes upon us. We understand what you really mean, and who you are really talking about. We appreciate and thank our political allies across the land. We will maintain the good fight amidst the hatred we loathe to be defined by.

    The agents of hate are not confined to sole dominion in the South. Their kindred counterparts represent a malignancy which has metastasized throughout the nation. The cancer of hate was visited upon our republic from the very beginning.

    Ironically, hatred does not discriminate. Hatred finds a welcome home amongst every society on the globe. It infects the hearts and minds of the most vulnerable of our citizens. In times of hardship, strife, or hotly contested political battles, hatred is the catalyst that fuels scapegoating.

    If the idea of liberal-minded voters residing in Southern states does not comport with your current thinking, then perhaps some introspection is in order. The reddest of red states remain united to the remainder of the federated states comprising the republic known as the United States.

    Should the registered voters whose ballots cast a bit of a violet tinge upon red state election returns forsake their beloved homes? Do they give up and relocate, rather than risk being characterized as rednecks or bigots? Well if they do, then who will be left to combat and cure the systemic ills that tarnish their regions? Those ills are threatening to become pandemic, but not only in the South.

  116. hanno says:

    ich wichse heute

  117. simonofthebollocks says:

    people talk about ‘freedom of speech’ but some people just do not deserve it.

    our planet is in peril, millions have died in needless wars because of the kind of mentality this woman represents – i don’t care how Obama wins just win.

  118. purerichard says:

    Great post, and hilarious. It does make you wonder how we ever get anywhere with people like that. Its too bad that so many people process information that way with some seriously skewed views.

    Thanks for being a member of the “reality based” community and bringing that up.

  119. rpm1122 says:

    If you want reality based, check out robert phoenix’s site. He looks at Obama, Plain, McCain and The Economy through an astrological lens.

  120. rpm1122 says:

    If you want reality based, check out robert phoenix’s site. He looks at Obama, Plain, McCain and The Economy through an astrological lens.

  121. SquidInAJar says:

    Honestly, people. This woman’s an idiot, but you’re all unbelievable, too.


    Jesus Christ.
    Grow up.

  122. SquidInAJar says:

    Put yourself in her place at an Obama rally.

    You say to him that McCain’s a racist or something, and chances are he’ll come to McCain’s defense the same way McCain did for Obama here. They’re both decent men.

    You’re all being caught up in the hate and you demonize McCain while blaming his supporters for demonizing Obama. You people act remarkably like her.

  123. Avocat_231 says:

    I’m all for Obama and everything but enough of the blatant exploitation of this senior citizen who is obviously confused and who is very likely mentally ill. This is shameless. These people have flocked around this woman praying that they can goad her into giving them another crazy sound bite. News flash: crazy people say crazy things. Wow! I guarantee that I can walk around any major metropolitan area and, within five minutes, I will find an Obama supporter who is every bit as crazy as this lady. It is intellectually dishonest to hold a mentally ill person out as a mouthpiece for the McCain camp (particularly when he shut her down) or as a typical McCain supporter. Moreover, it is morally repugnant to exploit a mentally ill person like this. Let this woman photo copy her little letters and let’s move on.

  124. honestpoet says:

    I agree. This sort of feeding frenzy undermines Obama’s message of inclusiveness and forgiveness. Enough already.

  125. Pingback: Best Of New Orleans Blog » Blog Archive » Bark at the Moon

  126. For the record, Obama is NOT “African-American,” as that would require an ancestor to be a black American of African heritage.

    Obama’s mother was white. Obama’s Kenyan father was primarily of Arab ancestry. Candidate Obama is thus technically an “Arab-American” – for those who insist on using hyphens. (Obama is about 6.25% African, 50% white, and the rest is Arab.)

    Obama is NOT a descendant of slaves. With Arab ancestry, he is more likely to be a descendant of slave owners. (Arabs have historicially been slave owners and slave-traders, much moreso that whites.)

    His ancestry is irrelevant, of course, but please get the facts straight if you want to consider it relevant.

  127. For the record…

    Obama is 50% white (his mother’s side).
    Obama is mostly Arab on his father’s side; Obama, Sr.’s ancestry is mostly Arab.

    Candidate Obama is

  128. Jujubee says:



    For the record, stop posting Rush Limbaugh’s talking points and think you’re going to get away with it.

    Here is what Fatso said on-air:

    LIMBAUGH: But he’s not black. Do you know he has not one shred of African-American blood? He doesn’t have any African — that’s why when they asked whether he was authentic, whether he’s down for the struggle. He’s Arab. You know, he’s from Africa. He’s from Arab parts of Africa. He’s not — his father was — he’s not African-American. The last thing that he is is African-American.

    Almost word for word what you said.

    The fact is, Obama’s mother is Caucasian and his father is Kenyan — which is not an Arab part of Africa.

    Get your facts right before you appear here and get schooled by a regular. You fucking racist wingtard.

  129. honestpoet says:

    And the fact that he was raised in America with dark skin means he knows all about the struggle, whether or not his forebears were slaves here.

    And you and Limbaugh can call him President Obama, thank you very much.

  130. Kali says:

    Well, her stupidity is now immortalized by SNL, and it was funny as ship to watch.

  131. The Right Side says:

    Shame be to all of you, picking on an elderly lady. At least she has done her homework on the election, and knows whom she is going to vote for. Everything she said is correct about Barack Hussein Obama. If any of you listened to his speech in Cairo, you will know that he is a Muslim. He changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama when he came to America. If you idiots would only study up on the one you voted for, our country would not be in the position it is in.

  132. honestpoet says:

    There is no honor in simply being old. With our social net age is no proof of wisdom, and I refuse to be cowed by a head of gray hair when what comes out of someone’s mouth is solid proof of ignorance and xenophobia (which you bear the mark of yourself).

    Our country is in the position it’s in because of the damage that eight years under the ignorant and corrupt “right” side did to us. Shove off.

  133. Janie, MO says:

    Change is difficult for anyone, especially 75 year olds. But whether we like it or not, the world is changing. America can be stubborn and resist the obvious, or drag the dead weight of rabid-right wingers with us into the future.

    As of 11/23/09 on the eve of the greatest legislative process in history (healthcare reform), I’d say his election was well worth it.

  134. I click on so many websites that are clearly not as perfect as this one. I found all the info much clearer to understand. Now I can see clearly the way forward.

  135. Al Zach says:

    This little lady just needs to get laid more often. Maybe that would clear the cobwebs from her brain.

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