Did Palin Have an Affair with Her Husband’s Business Partner?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner?

That’s what the National Enquirer team has apparently unearthed in their investigative work in Alaska. The tabloid recently dispatched the same team to Alaska who unearthed the sordid details of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair earlier this summer.

The McCain campaign is so worried about the possible disclosure of an affair between his Christian conservative, vice presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah “McCandy” Palin and her husband’s business partner, becoming public that McCain is threatening legal action to prevent the tabloid from publishing their findings.

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34 Responses to Did Palin Have an Affair with Her Husband’s Business Partner?

  1. But John Edwards talked about helping poor people, so he’s a hypocrite. McFossil and Lipstick never mention the economy, so trysts are okay.

  2. Rachel says:

    How do you manage to find this stuff? My head is beginning to spin. This is what the mainstream media should be doing because it goes to the character of not only Sarah Palin but, John McCain, who selected her to be his VP. If this pans out, they are hypocrites and don’t belong on the national stage.

  3. Harry says:

    Drip, drip, drip. She’s gone by Halloween.

  4. Gryphen says:

    Simply put Sarah Palin is the gift that NEVER stops giving.

    We might be horrified by her policy positions and attendance in an End Times embracing batshit crazy church.

    But the Repugs can accept all of that, or hell even EMBRACE it. But no way will they be able to accept a there little Barbie doll mommy bumping uglies with her husbands buddy.

    Wasilla is now Babylon, and Sarah Palin is their own personal whore.

    McCain campaign starts looking for an exit strategy in 3…2…1…

  5. taco says:

    Drip, drip, drip. She’s gone by Halloween.

    Halloween? Palin is gone by Sept. 22nd, the first day of fall. 😉

  6. Joe in Colorado says:

    No way? Now Palin is schtupping her husband’s business partner? Maybe he’s the father of little Trig? This would explain why Palin refuses to release the medical records. Maybe Trig is her son but the father is the business partner? This family is like watching the freaks on Maury.

  7. Jim says:

    The Enquirer, once again doing the work that the MSM should be doing. Without them and bloggers everywhere, we’d all be “protected” from the dirty little secrets of politicians everwhere.

  8. JollyRoger says:

    Suzie-Q mentioned this last night, and HuffPo says the Enquirer intends to stick by it. My conclusion is that it must have some legs, and sexy legs at that.

    I thieved your new pic, BTW. It works nice with a post I was working on.

  9. fran says:

    I don’t regard the Enquirer as a valid news source, and I don’t so much care about Palin’s sordid life- other than her politics are right wing rancid & she has no business in the highest office in the land.

    Where are you getting these outlandish photos? Too bad the RNC did not do a photo montage on the big screen behind her, of these pics while she prattled on @ the podium.

  10. Estacada says:

    OK, Christopher, you really deserve some sort of recognition for your citizen journalism efforts to bring to light the questionable character in the name of Sarah Palin.

    While all the corporate networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX, are fawning all over this woman, you keep pushing the envelope and refuse to drink the koolaid.

    I don’t know if this story will turn out to be true but I do know it was bloggers like yourself and the National Enquirer who reported the John Edwards story weeks before the corporate media would touch it.

    This is what’s called investigative journalism.

  11. Ypsilanti says:

    The MSM is ridiculous.

    They’re waiting for the story of Palin having an affair to reach a crescendo and then they will report it as if they broke the news. This is how they treated the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair.

    All I know is this. If the story didn’t have “legs” then, McCain wouldn’t be threatening legal action against the tabloid.

  12. Peace Nick says:

    Don’t these religious types ever learn?

    Cheney works for the most homophobic president in history and his daughter is a lesbian.

    Larry Craig and Mark Foley vote against the Federal Hate crimes legislation and we know what happened to them.

    Life is funny. You have to be careful about lecturing others and telling them what to do.

    Unless you’re a saint, it always comes back to bit you in the ass.

  13. Sasha in MN says:

    This could get even more interesting? I’ll pop the popcorn. In the meantime a dose of scary yet truthful comic relief from The Daily Show:

  14. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Sarah Smile is the equivalent of political anthrax.

  15. Maggie says:

    Don’t know if it is true or not, but if she is a narcissist, which I suspect she is, it could be.

    Oh heck, Cindy will just pay whoever it is to keep their mouths shut if it’s true.

  16. I don’t trust the Enquirer, Keith(Rupert) Murdoch owns that too.they could be giving her a assist.

  17. Pamala says:

    Unbelievable! Our economy is in shambles, we’re in a war, and if McCain gets his way…we’ll be in war 100 years, our stock market is negative, gas prices are soaring, were dependent on foreign oil, people are losing their jobs and houses, and the only thing slick talking Britney Spears grandmother look alike can talk about is Barack Obama being a community organizer. Well, for her information, many wouldn’t eat or stay warm during the winter if there weren’t any community organizers…they are the ones in touch with everyday Americans. Also, she comes off very self-serving to me, and by the way what mother in her “right” mind will be parading her pregnant 17 year old daughter around? Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not judging her daughter or her, but I’m a mother and you can believe that I wouldn’t be in denial like she is. What example is she setting for America’s moms? When your teenage daughter gets pregnant… just grin and take it? If Barack Obama had a teenage daughter and she was pregnant, all of America, especially the Republicans will be saying, oh my goodness, what example is he setting for this country. Everyone expects sport stars to be good examples, so why should we expect any less from our public elected officials?

  18. Aunt Peg says:

    Here’s what loyal Clintonite, Gloria Steinam said of Sarah Palin:

    “Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton.”

    Even the feminists are turning on her now!

  19. JollyRoger says:

    I don’t regard the Enquirer as a valid news source, and I don’t so much care about Palin’s sordid life- other than her politics are right wing rancid & she has no business in the highest office in the land.

    The wingtards made “family values” a legitimate discussion in a political campaign. Now, they must be ready to discuss THEIR shortcomings, as they have so gleefully trashed the personal lives of any and all of their political opponents. People like Hillary Clinton, and “Brown Baby” McCain.

  20. stradella says:

    Christopher, You are amazing!

    I just knows the media is scoping y’all out to get their headlines. You never disappoint and you always keep us informed.

    Love ya!

  21. PUMA SUX says:

    Gloria Steinam said this about Palin?
    The PUMA kooks just lost a warrior!

  22. VicoDANIEL says:

    So the McCain team have shut out the media and now claim any examination of Gov. Palin and his record as mayor and governor is “sexist.”

    Are they insane? Palin is in line to be the next vice president of the United States. Of course her record is germane and should be open to scrutiny.

    I reject on its merits the notion that it’s “sexist” to vigorously examine Palin’s qualifications and this includes her judgment. I know Republicans aren’t accustomed to playing by the rules (remember the 2000 presidential election?) but this is the number two job in the nation and Palin’s record, her judgment and her character are fair game.

    Show me a feminist who disagree with a level playing field and I will show you a phony feminist.


  23. Mauigirl says:

    Oh please let this be true…

  24. dirti boi says:

    Palin is like a subscription to a monthly cheese basket.

    Each month, a new basket of delicious cheese is delivered to your door only this cheese is the albatross necessary to sink McCain’s presidential hopes.

  25. No Nonsense says:

    I swear the moment she came on the scene, it like an unfolding soap opera. Stay tuned for ………

  26. Randy Arroyo says:

    This is a potentially huge scandal and if true, will not only sink the McCain/Palin ticket but could have implications in Congressional races across the country. When does the National Enquirer come out?

  27. joost says:

    I can’t ad anything that hasn’t been said by people smarter than me.

    I just think this is the sort of thing that would’ve come up in the vetting process and proves the McCain camp was in such a rush to get a veep that they didn’t bother to vet Palin.

    Big mistake.

  28. rstuck says:

    Last week you same fools thought Sarah Palin was a grandmother…and when all this turns out to be false who is going to apologize???? none of you sheep.

  29. Elvis Lives says:

    Last week you same fools thought Sarah Palin was a grandmother…and when all this turns out to be false who is going to apologize???? none of you sheep.

    Moron, nothing has been proven. No medical or birth records released at the order of McCandy.

    So until this happens the question remains on the table.

  30. Tony says:

    I must say, good photoshop job on the pic (you or whoever your source was). Next time, make sure that the resolution of the face and background match. Along with why would one wear glasses in a swimsuit? And you attack others for their credibility/honesty? What was that word that started with hypo… I know I’ve seen it somewhere around here…

  31. Christopher says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m leaving Tony’s post up as an example of the more than 2 dozen similar posts I’ve received from the Sarahbots livid over this picture.

    I think they’re getting scared now and they’re working 24/7 now to shore-up the myth of “the great American.”

    I’ll keep you posted.

  32. simpletruthiness says:

    That would explain all the secretiveness around pregnancy

  33. Tony says:

    Wow! My post got to stay up. Maybe I’m cleaner than most… I must say I’m honored, even though the assumption that I’m a – what was it? ah yes, “Sarahbot” – makes takes the defensive position that I support a candidate at this time. Slow down, Johnny. Just put the gun down now, boy. I’m just a voter looking for answers. I can tell that I struck a nerve, though, so let’s move on to more important issues.
    Going through Barack’s website, I’ll start with the first category: Civil Rights. Perhaps, if the post stays up, I can get some objective responses. If not, I’ll move on and I’ll take my true portrait of each candidate’s supporters with me.
    1. What is the sentencing difference between the different types of cocaine, and why does it matter?


  34. Dee says:

    I don’t regard the Enquirer either, but they were right about Edwards!!!!!
    McCain is all about changing things to a different topic when they’re not going his way.
    By Oct.1, Palin will be gone and Lieberman will replace her. They will sight personal family issues for her exit. That is when McCain will stuff it up the GOP’s nose, he always wanted Lieberman they just flat out told him NO!!!

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