Sarah Palin is NOT the Mother

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unconfirmed sources have told this blog that Sarah Palin’s unwed, 16-year old daughter is actually the mother of the Downs Syndrome infant Palin is claiming as her own. If this is true, expect the tabloids to be all over the story in the coming weeks, even if the MSM is afraid to touch it.

If confirmed, then it is a stunning revelation and it will sink the McCain/Palin candidacy. Even if Sarah Palin whines about the unfair scrutiny the media is giving to her personal life.

The clues to watch for will come in the form of the GOP protectively circling the wagons around Palin.

Does this woman look 7 months pregnant to you? Here’s Sarah Palin just three days before she announced the pregnancy to her stunned staff at the governors office in Juneau. And I have a bridge I want to sell you, too.

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30 Responses to Sarah Palin is NOT the Mother

  1. jamessye says:

    I’m not even going to go there…

  2. Jim says:

    Unbelievably creepy, and therefore perfect for the Republican party.

  3. Rachel Cohen says:

    And a complete fabrication. Not liking her and not liking her politics is one thing, but spreading a lie about her, her daughter and a baby seems pretty low.

  4. kellybelle says:

    Mr. Belle, who believes every conspiracy known to man, thinks I’m crazier than a crayon. But it’s that whole water-breaking, then the speech, then the 8 hr flight from Texas to Alaska thing that has me going.
    Plus, it was a story line on Desperate Housewives. And she looks like the kind of tightly wound woman who would try to do something like that. Very Holly Hunter in “The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom” ish!

  5. Winnie H. says:

    Just from what Ms. Palin herself claims to be the truth, we can make a case that this woman is guilty of gross negligence.

    Every pregnancy of a woman over the age of 35 is automatically dubbed a “high risk” pregnancy by medical professionals. At 44, this pregancy would have been even more urgently deemed high risk. And given her advanced age, no doubt an amniocentesis test would have been administered earlier in the pregnancy, revealing that the baby suffered from Downs Syndrome. This would make her pregnancy a double risk.

    There is no credible doctor on earth who would allow a 44 year old woman with a double high risk pregnancy — delivering prematurely with her water broken — to fly 8-10 hours on an airplane back to Alaska.

    So even if she actually was pregnant, then she was guilty of gross negligence and child endangerment. And that is something that cannot be denied, even if she proves this child is hers.

    And every mother and woman in America should be enraged that she would endanger the life of her unborn child in such a reckless way.

    So either way this story goes, Christopher, there are serious issues involved.

  6. R.J. says:

    Rachel, it’s been said on five different blogs, so by the Fox News Network rules of journalism it must be true.

    Seriously, I hope it’s not true but if it is it will put a bizarre ending to McReckless’s White House run.

  7. Nathan says:

    Very interesting rumor indeed. My gut tells me it’s nothing more than a rumor, but I must confess that since the announcement of Palin being running mate, I have caught myself wondering how this woman could possibly have just given birth last spring. Something about her physical appearance isn’t adding up.

    Even if Palin took up an extreme routine of exercise and dieting after the birth, she still doesn’t look like a woman that just gave birth mere months ago… Further, she is a woman of 44. While that’s certainly not “ancient”, it would require a longer amount of time for the body to bounce back, especially since she’s had kids before. Everyone knows that with each child birth, the physical toll it takes on a woman’s body becomes more visible.

    I’ve watched the physical transitions of many of my friends in the months after giving child birth, and none of them look the way Palin does for at least 6 months after giving birth. And that’s after their first or second child!

    Again, very interesting rumor. I’ll be curious to see if any more details pop up. It would be very sad and messed up if it were true, but deep down, I kind of hope it is. That would just be the final nail in the coffin for the Republicans this November 🙂

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  9. Nathan says:

    I take back my previous skepticism. Every video and photo I’ve seen points to this being a cover up.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait on some doctor records and school records of Bristol’s attendance to really confirm either way.

  10. VicoDANIEL says:

    Props, Christopher on breaking this.

    You reported the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story two months before the MSM would touch it and I can still remember how angry his supporters were with you for dethroning their hero. But it was a story that needed to be told.

    Sarah Palin’s immaculate conception fits neatly into the pioneer gal mythology the Republicans think they need to create in order to help win the west and more importantly, a majority of Hillary’s 18 million supporters.

    It makes sense of a story that makes no sense. I have seen at least five other bloggers report the pictures of Palin at the energy conference are beginning to disappear from the internet. These are the pictures showing a woman who isn’t pregnant just hours before she gave birth.

    I don’t know you unearth this stuff (Edwards and now Palin) but it’s what investigative journalism used to be. Good job.

  11. Rachel says:

    I knew two people in high school who were raised by their grandparents. Their biological mothers had gotten pregnant young and were unable to raise them. There wasn’t any shame about it. I think this is what people are scratching their heads over with Sarah Palin. Why the elaborate cover-up? Did she have some inkling she would be tagged for national political office years ago and conservatives don’t like this sort of family drama? Just tell the truth, for goodness sake and be done with it.

  12. California Dreamin' says:

    The politicians may lie but pictures don’t.

    As I look carefully at this tiny woman, there is no way she could be full term and only days before delivering. No way.

    Picture evidence is accepted in a court of law as evidence and unless photoshopped, Sarah Palin isn’t pregnant here.

  13. Hey with the confirmed stuff she’s fucked.A former Buchanan supporter an inch away from the red button.Buchanan hates Jews more than Hitler.Let’s see how this plays in Jerusalem.

  14. mbmdl says:

    One of the fundamentals you’re taught in maternity class is, when your water breaks, get thee self to the hospital immediately. If you don’t, you’re at risk for a serious infection and can damage the unborn child. I simply can’t believe Sarah Palin — trooper that she is, broke her water in Texas and then waited eight hours to fly home to Juneau. She’s an experienced mother of four and knows better. Her story, sorry for the pun, doesn’t hold water.

  15. Adirondacky says:

    What’s the popular saying? You’re only as sick as your secrets? It appears that Sarah Palin is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. If this woman is indeed a family values conservative, why the need to cover up the truth about the infant? The only thing I can come up with is, Sarah Palin is wildly ambitious and she knows how poorly her conservative pals would greet the news that her unwed, 16 year old daughter is actually the kid’s mother.

  16. DMason says:

    This is quite a story. Here’s what angers me. There is no shame in having a child. It’s a normal part of human existence and yet Sarah Palin’s rightwing values have polluted her daughter into thinking there is something shameful about getting pregnant. Bristol needs to embrace this child as her own and stop the charade.

  17. this only gets weirder and weirder — how about the pics of her daughter in March – who actually LOOKS pregnant

  18. Harry says:

    Where is the mainstream media? They should be all over this like white on rice.

  19. Christopher says:

    Here’s what Sarah Palin said when asked about abortion during her 2006 gubernatorial race:

    What if her own daughters were raped and became pregnant?

    Palin replied: “I would choose life.”

    Just so that we’re all clear. McCain’s choice for VP said on the record that should her daughter be raped, she would force her continue have the baby.

    This is the type of depraved pro-life doctrine that makes most sane and civilized people cringe.

  20. Aunt Peg says:

    This broad disgusts me.

    What else is she lying about? They say it isn’t the crime but the cover up that will destroy a political career.

    Babe, get ready for the ride of your life.

  21. Brigadoon says:

    I have no use for people who lie. I can’t stand a liar. Maybe it comes from having an alcoholic parent. I have made a clear path in life to be honest and to surround myself with honest people. Sarah Palin is a liar. I have no use for her and her carefully, crafted scheme to hide the truth about her alleged 5th child.

  22. Roger says:

    See, THIS is what happens when you don’t vet your VP pick. Notice, we never heard a THING about McThuseleah’s VP team the way we did about Obama’s. He had qualified, experienced people vetting people left, right and center (and I suspect they knew about that whole Edwards adultery stuff, which is why he was never on a short list). Now, McThuseleah has picked a Bree Van DeKamp.

    The sickest thing about this choice is how the Rethuglicans are trying to shore her up. I just saw Rudy Giuliani actually saying that Obama has less experience than she does and that’s why he picked Biden as his VP.

  23. Joe in Colorado says:

    Sarah Palin was vetted? By who? Michael Brown?

  24. nytexan says:

    Thanks pointing this out here and at Bluebloggin. I did read that she announced her pregancty at 7 months. I think thats odd most people tell eveyone right away. And, for public figured it’s usually known right after the doctor tells them. I hope this story has long legs.

    I love GOP family values.

  25. taco says:

    Palin replied: “I would choose life.”

    Too bad she didn’t choose compassion — for her 16 year old daughter.

  26. Nathan says:

    You HAVE to see this:

  27. Woodcliffe says:

    My wife — a CPA, is a woman who deals in facts and numbers and doesn’t even like soap operas.

    When the Sarah Palin Chronicles broke, she basically said, “What the hell are they doing? Doesn’t the McCain team realize women are smarter than this?”

    Palin and her “compelling personal story” didn’t go over too well in our home.

  28. Charles says:

    hey, listen to Sarah Palin in her own words in this NewsWeek Video that was done back in March 2008! Its very telling!

  29. Winnie H. says:

    If you want to see what a real pregnant woman looks like, just turn on The Weather Channel. Those meteorologists are always pregnant and standing in profile — and frequently their protuding bellies cover up the East coast of the U.S.

    Just tonight we were watching the weather and hurricane coverage, and there was another one who was expecting. I turned to my husband and said, “That’s what a real pregnant woman looks like!”

  30. Scott says:

    I’m wondering how at 7 months you even fit into your high heels let alone wear them.

    My understanding is that your feet, and everything else, swells and plus your feet and legs are carrying extra wieght.

    Ladies aren’t comfortable shoes a maternity gear necessity?

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