McCain Having Trouble Filling Tiny 10,000 Seat Arena

Thursday, August 28, 2008

John “9 Homes” McCain is having trouble filling a tiny 10,000 seat arena at Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Fairborn, OH (a Dayton suburb.)

The Old Coot and Cindy Lou will appear at the event, dubbed the “Road to the Convention Rally.” Doors open at 9 a.m. and the event begins at 11AM. Tickets are being given away at county GOP offices in southwest Ohio and in Indiana and Kentucky.

Union members and progressive groups plan to protest outside at the south entrance to the Nutter Center, said Mike Gillis, political communications director for the AFL-CIO.

“We’re going to be demonstrating on Sen. McCain’s continuation of Bush trade policies, which have cost the Miami Valley over 33,000 jobs over the last eight years,” Gillis said. “Job security is a thing of the past in Dayton.”

By contrast, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, will appear tonight at Denver’s Mile High Stadium before a capacity crowd of 75,000. Scalped tickets are rumored to command a staggering $1,000 each.

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11 Responses to McCain Having Trouble Filling Tiny 10,000 Seat Arena

  1. feminazi says:

    Thanks for the reality check, Christopher. I made the mistake of turning on CNN and the morons they now employ as anchors are breathlessly describing Friday’s event as “massive.” It’s clear that ever since Obama stuck CNN’s nose in their planned coronation of Hillary, their anti-Obama bias and pro-McCain favoritism, has become a real nuisance.

  2. Adirondacky says:

    The McCain campaign will probably resort to paying people to fill the seats. If that doesn’t work, watch for tricky camera work that never rises above a certain level that might show empty seats. They did this the day George W. Bush was sworn in. The media was careful not to show the empty bleachers along Constitution Avenue in DC.

  3. JollyRoger says:

    Yeah, I coulda gottan me a couple of seats to this with no problem. I actually considered putting an Obama button on and trying my luck, but I’d probly lose my job when I appeared on the evening news 🙂

  4. lea-lea says:


    I’d rather go in for a D&C than attend a McCain event.

  5. I can’t believe you’re forgetting about all the fundraisers that he’ll be holding at each of his homes. The combined attendance has got to reach 20, 30, 40k for that. There’s a lotta square footage.

  6. enigma4ever says:

    Here’s the thing- on Friday- at the same time Noon- there is a HUGE event planned honoring Stephanie Tubbs Jones- and many are attending- all political types- cough- even Repug- she was a fixture here for 28 years – so Once Again Out of Touch Johnny is fucking up- and doing something disrespectful….I have heard that down there- he is having a hard time getting people to come ( to be honest he has had trouble filling most venues here and Pa….400-550 max per event).

    He has events- billed as ” Town Hall Meetings”- they are INVITE only- scripted (like Bush events).
    And even the Local Press is not allowed to ask questions or interview him…

    When he comes to different plants here Certain people have been uninvited to the Events ( ie if they are registered Inde or Dem ). ( He does like Walkthroughs at Plants- ie. UPS etc)…..

    Thanks for posting on this….I will keep digging contacts down there…

  7. Harry says:

    I have it! Promise everyone who attends this freakshow a ride in Cindy’s business jet! I could even put up with 45 minutes of McCain for that!

  8. proudprogressive says:

    i hear he has 3 millionares gonna talk about how great the economy is – and that Arnold Schwartzenger backed out –

  9. fran says:

    McCain feels he is losing his non-existent momentum, so he will announce his VEEP on Friday, in an attempt to steal the spotlight of Obama’s nomination.
    I’m still leaning towards him choosing Dick Cheney, just because they can’t get him out of his undisclosed location.

  10. Lynne says:

    Damn lea-lea!!!! ROFLMAO

  11. No Nonsense says:

    I have no idea why he rented an area. I’m sure the MN has its fair share of conference rooms he could borrow

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