Where Obama and McCain Stand on LGBT Issues

Monday, August 25, 2008

Let’s look at where the presidential candidates stand on LGBT issues.


• Supports the inclusive Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act to protect the entire GLBT community against bias-motivated violence

• Voted Against the Matthew Shepard Hates Crimes Act three times


• Strongly supports ending the unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” barring  the service of openly gay and lesbian people

• Opposes ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


• Supports equal benefits for same-sex couples

• Opposes relationship recognition of any kind for same-sex couples


• Supports ENDA (including the protection based on gender identity)

• Opposes ENDA and cast the deciding vote against it in the United States Senate


• Supports Ryan White CARE Act and access for early treatment of HIV under Medicaid (ETHA)

• Has never co-sponsored Ryan White or ETHA, and voted for a Jesse Helms strategy to remove funding aimed at protecting the community from HIV/AIDS


• Supports the right of same-sex couples to adopt

• Opposes the right of same-sex couples to adopt


• Senator Obama voted to against President Bush’s judicial nominees who had taken anti-GLBT positions such as the the nomination of Judge William Pryor and he has pointed to traditionally liberal Justices such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer for future Supreme Court appointments

• Senator McCain voted to confirm President Bush’s judicial nominees who had taken anti-GLBT positions such as Judge William Pryor and he has pointed to ultra conservative Justice Samuel Alito as a role model for future Supreme Court appointments


• Obama “Opposes All Divisive And Discriminatory Constitutional Amendments, State Or Federal. That Includes The Proposed Amendments In California And Florida.” [Statement, 5/15/08]

• Supports discriminatory state constitutional amendments that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, including the proposed amendments in California, Florida and Arizona

If you’re LGBT, or a supporter of the LGBT community, it’s clear who the superior candidate is and who deserves your vote.

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38 Responses to Where Obama and McCain Stand on LGBT Issues

  1. DMason says:

    An excellent summation and a clear argument of who is the better candidate. Barack Obama has been a friend to the gay community for more than 20 years. His record of support can be traced all the way back to his early days in community politics in Chicago.

  2. emcee says:

    Why do you think the Old Coot hates gays so much?

  3. TOM339 says:

    As a straight man with two adult daughters, who is an ardent supporter of the gay community, you have made a cogent argument as to which candidate is better on LGBT issues.

    For a gay man or woman to even consider voting for McCain, is the stuff of craziness, in my opinion.

    If McCain defeats Obama, you will hear a loud crash as the closet door swings closed again and the nation returns to the 1950’s vis a vis gay rights.

  4. Walk on Socks says:

    The facts don’t lie.

    This exhaustively researched list leaves no doubt as to who you must vote for if you’re gay, lesbian, trans, or bisexual.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Christopher says:


    Good question and one I have no answer for.

    It’s ironic that McCain has demonstrated such a level of contempt for the LGBT community since it is the Republican party who has provided safe harbor for more lawmakers living a “DL” life than any other party in modern American history.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    Up to and including George W. Bush and the 18 months of secret overnight visits to the White House while Pickles was away by Jeff “M4M for Hire” Gannon. God, how I hate the Republicans.

  7. PUMA SUX says:

    So is there any doubt that the PUMA kooks are as homophobic as McCain? After all, they’re willing to throw the gays under the bus by voting for McCain.

  8. DCVET says:

    DCVET here. I’m straight but not narrow and like TOM339, I fully support the LGBT community and the struggle for equal rights and full equality. This is a brilliant comparison chart and if any voter is still undecided, I urge you to read and reread the policy positions of Obama and McCain on gay rights.

  9. Christopher says:

    Thanks for the support, folks.

    When the straight community reaches out to my tribe, I am humbled and filled with appreciation.

    Thanks again.

  10. stradella says:


    This is such an important comparison.

    I plan to print this out and show a couple of women I work with who are still on the fence. I just don’t understand how anyone with a functioning brain can still be undecided.

    McCain is a homophobe. His voting record doesn’t leave any doubt.

    I have never felt more certain about a candidate and that candidate is Barack Obama!

  11. Winnie H. says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for putting the facts out there in stark contrast. It couldn’t be plainer.

    To my way of thinking “supporter of the LGBT community” is synonymous with “decent human being.”

    I like the way PUMA SUX puts it. Anyone who is voting for McCain is throwing the gay community under the bus…..and women under the bus….and veterans under the bus…..and children under the bus………

  12. enigma4ever says:

    wow Chris this is an excellent run down- after reading this how could anyone vote for McCoots..
    really….PUMA Sux is right…hell- everyone is thrown under the bus…( well except his buddies and the Beer Baroness..)

  13. ac says:

    I’m with Michelle O on this (she represents my tribe quite nicely): clearly the struggles the LGBT are going through now are similar to the struggles of the Civil Rights movement back in the day. Any supporter of civil rights needs to stand with and behind the LGBT community. Obama does, McCain does not -’nuff said.

  14. Mauigirl says:

    Certainly this is a very clear choice – anyone who believes everyone should have equal rights in this country has to vote for Obama. Thanks for pointing this out so well.

  15. Joe in Colorado says:

    Very informative, Chris. You know I’ve got your back on LGBT issues from the straight community and I plan to use the details here to educate some of my less informed family members who may lean toward McCain. There is no discussion here. Obama is clear head above his GOP counterpart.

  16. Jim says:

    Thank you for the excellent, clear contrast of the values of the two candidates. Seen in stark black and white, your post leaves no doubt as to who would be more positive for LGBT individuals. This list alone should be enough to explode the gay Republican delusion that somehow Repuglicans have something to offer gay people.

  17. Bruce says:

    Christopher, thanks for posting this for all to see. I’ve also written about how McCain will throw gays under the bus. (I’ve even gone on Republicans for Obama to write about it there for the Log Cabin ones).

    It’s nice to see their stances on the various issues all in one place. I’m going to point people out to this.

  18. Rachel says:

    As everyone knows, my brother is gay and I would never support a candidate who was anything less than supportive of my brother and his partner. This chart really makes the case for why Obama is the clear choice for president in 2008. The fact that 5% of disenfranchised Hillary supporters would cast their vote to help elect McCain, knowing where he stands on women’s and LGBT rights, is a comment on the stupidity of Hillary’s supporters.

  19. Dick Small says:

    Christopher, I just noticed I’ve been bumped off your blogroll. I’m profoundly disappointed…
    Did I say something????

  20. Dick Small says:

    … well, it was bound to happen eventually. Yes, everyone eventually dumps on the old Dickster. Well, that’s okay. I can take it. It doesn’t matter that you’ve totally ripped my heart out…

  21. Christopher says:

    Dick, thank you for telling me!

    I deleted the blog beneath you (or I thought I had) because the blogger no longer publishes and I checked off the wrong box.

    One million apologies and I have put you back where you belong.

    Again, my mistake and thank you for telling me.

  22. Dick Small says:

    That’s better (o:

  23. Dick Small says:

    … um, btw, if you wouldn’t happen to have a larger image of that profile pic of yours, I wouldn’t mind having a copy for my “personal” folder…

  24. Aunt Peg says:

    The gay community has been used as a political football by the GOP for decades but never was this more true than when George W. Bush ran for president.

    The religious right and the GOP wrapped their legs around each other and they never looked back.

    This is why I will never be able to understand how a gay American can call themself a Republican?

  25. kellybelle says:

    Isn’t it amazing when you care enough to research the issues that matter to you, you can find very clear positions from Sen.Obama?

    Every person who says they don’t know enough about him is just a lazy bum who wants to be fed pablum by the MSM.

  26. proudprogressive says:

    oh yes the choice is clear ! And the fact is the lgbT agenda is part and parcel of every non uber rich person in this country – the uber rich have had their day and their way with the wedge issues..

    now to make sure all e voting issues are addressed – we need poll workers. Black box voting, caging are still issues , this will be a fight to the bitter end..NO more coups – if there are questions NO supreme court appointments – WE the people want a re vote. Even if it takes 6 monthes ! we can wait to make sure all votes are counted and counted fairly …

    no more coups !

  27. Randy Arroyo says:

    This is a very important list and one I plan to print off and post on my fridge. The information is a reminder of how different Obama and McCain are vis a vis, LGBT rights. There is no argument who the preferable candidate is and his name is, Barack Obama.

  28. Nathan says:

    Even if Obama absolutely hated gay people, he would still be a better choice than McCain 😉

    In any case, there are two votes in this household that you can count on for Obama in November!

  29. libhomo says:

    The problem with this list is that these are positions Obama took during the primaries. Since then. Obama has made it clear that every past position is subject to revision or reversal. At this time, all claims as to where Obama stands on queer issues are speculative, not factual.

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  31. joost says:

    Regardless of what your issue or issues happen to be, it’s preposterous to try and equivocate Obama and McCain.

    Whatever you think of Obama, he’s 100 times better than McCain.

    There’s no argument.

  32. RainBro says:

    Thanks Christopher.
    Once again, I have to say Hi to Aunt Peg.
    I’d give her a big bear hug, but these damn electrons are just so itchy…

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  34. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says:

    HATE CRIMES / OBAMA Supports the inclusive MSHC Act… If he’s not lying then why didn’t he fight for it when Reid, Kennedy and Pelosi tossed it in the garbage… was he afraid that all his pandering to christer bigots would be in vain – exactly.
    MCCAIN Voted Against the MSHC act three times. Of course, and the difference is he doesn’t bother pretending to be our friend…

    DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL / OBAMA:• Strongly supports ending the unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” barring the service of openly gay and lesbian people solely because he’s going to continue the war and wants cannon fodder…
    MCCAIN : Opposes ending Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which Democrats voted for overwhelmingly and which they adamantly refuse to repeal…

    OBAMA: a pig headed opponent of same sex marriage
    MCCAIN: ditto
    ENDA / OBAMA: Supports ENDA (including the protection based on gender identity) but didn’t bat an eye when Kennedy and Frank to a hatchet to it…
    MCCAIN: another bigot

    HIV/AIDS / OBAMA: opposes socialized medicine and suppressing religious cults that encourage the spread of HIV…
    McCAIN: ditto…

    ADOPTION / OBAMA: Supports the right of same-sex couples to adopt BUT wants to continue our second class status by opposing our right to marry…
    MCCAIN: Opposes the right of same-sex couples to adopt AND wants to continue our second class status by opposing our right to marry…

    Republican majorities among the US Supremes killed sodomy laws and granted marriage rights in California and Massachusetts. A non issue. The courts are only our friends when were pushy.


    OBAMA: Obama Opposes the law that Clinton boasted signing and that Democrats then voted for overwhelmingly and which they refuse to repeal. ‘States Rights’ is a racist and homophobic crock…

    If you’re LGBT, or a supporter of the LGBT community, it’s clear that neither are worth a plug nickel. Vote socialist or communist as a protest or joint the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re clearheaded enough to know that a lesser evil is evil…

  35. Maithri says:

    A resounding Amen to your thoughts here brother,

    Peace to you,


  36. Joe says:

    what i want to know is, who wrote this… and it sounds as though it was narrow to state what he mccain hasnt done rather then what he has done that would stand out… and make his even a qualifying candidate…

    from a non obama, non mccain reader

  37. Titiana Williams says:

    okay, so I’m a republican, but I have A LOT LGBT friends. I support them full heartedly b/c it’s not my life or decisions. Does that make me look like a bad republlican, confused, or just a good friend??

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