Michelle Obama to Open Democratic Convention

Monday, August 25, 2008

What a long, strange, journey it’s been and yet only in America would such a journey been possible.

To hear Michelle Obama tell it, her first reaction when she heard her husband talk about running for president was, “Absolutely not! Please don’t do this!”

She was wary of the nastiness of [national] politics, of the grueling nature of such a campaign, and, above all, of the toll that it all might take on their two grade school daughters.

But these days, Barack Obama has no bigger cheerleader than his wife, and Ms. Obama has developed into an able, dynamic campaigner. She’ll be speaking at the Democratic National Convention Monday night.


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9 Responses to Michelle Obama to Open Democratic Convention

  1. kellybelle says:

    I’m excited to hear her speak. Michelle is the one who got me on the hope train. Like a lot of Blacks I was wary of Obama getting in this mess. But lMichelle reminded me how much stronger hope is than fear.

  2. Ypsilanti says:

    I like Michelle Obama a lot.

    She’s her own woman, didn’t have the brass ring handed to her, a la, Cindy Lou McCain, she’s smart as hell, accomplished in her own right, a great mother and a supportive wife who is an equal partner in her marriage.

    I think she will make a wonderful First Lady and she will work for all Americans.

  3. TOM339 says:

    I like Michell Obama too.

    She will be a great First Lady. Does anyone know what her issue will be? I hope she focuses on poverty and healthcare.

    Michelle will bring it home!

  4. stradella says:

    I love Michelle!

    She’s a smart and beautiful black woman and every time I see her, she makes me proud.

  5. rastamick61 says:

    Hate to be shallow but THAT is SEXY smile. Beats old Pickles Bush’s puss hands down and I don’t think she has a drunk driving record either.

  6. Mauigirl says:

    I think she’s fantastic – this will be a great opportunity for her to get wider exposure and people will realize how great she would be as a first lady.

  7. Aunt Peg says:

    They call Michelle “the closer.”

    Tonight, she will be “the opener.” I find her personal story as compelling as Barack’s and I think portraying her as a working mother — which is exactly what she’s been since the day Sasha was born, Michelle Obama will connect with millions of American women who are also working mothers.

  8. fran says:

    I think Michelle O would use her time well in the White House- on a variety of issues.
    I was wracking my brain trying to think of something useful Laura B did… maybe a few literacy programs & to tell Burma not to torture, or to not buy gems & jewelry from that region.
    Maybe she had a hand in the Barny cam (vids of the dog)…. perhaps the dog yielded more engaging conversations than her monkey– I mean man, George?

    I like the idea of having children in the White House… they serve to remind of future generations. Remember the picture of Jon jon hiding under JFK’s desk?

    I would not want to have to put up with the scrutiny of the press… I can see why she first said NO… & why she may have regrets in the future.

  9. proudprogressive says:

    Watching now live all day – she is speaking – so far this is awesome..the convention is going so very very well –

    all the way to the capital – we need change, we need people who at least will try to bring it about – and clean house..

    Go Obama

    – buh bye neo con/lib maniacs…and good riddence !

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