McCain Ad Plays PUMA Loons for Fools

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The McCain campaign is appealing to the PUMA loons.

In a not-so-subtle attempt to remind supporters of Hillary Clinton that she didn’t get the vice presidential slot on the party’s ticket, McCain’s campaign is up with a new ad called “Passed Over,” featuring some Clinton quotes attacking Barack Obama from during the primaries.

“She won millions of votes,” an announcer starts, “but isn’t on his ticket. Why? For speaking the truth. On his plans.”

If John McCain is so worried about Hillary Clinton, then he should ask her to be his vice president.

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13 Responses to McCain Ad Plays PUMA Loons for Fools

  1. Peace Nick says:

    I feel confident the PUMAs will fall for it.

    These are mentally unhinged women and a few men and they’re just looking for a meme to rally around.

    McCain sounds devious and desperate and if I were a betting man, I would bet Karl Rove is running his campaign.

  2. Maggie says:

    Yep, and it’s going to get dirtier too. McCain – who personally I think is just another puppet of the neocons – is desperate. Thxs for the coverage Christopher.

  3. Bruce says:

    I know, can you believe it? It’s the stupidest ad ever. McCain will stoop to anything. Disgusting.

    Here’s my latest on the PUMA pussys:

  4. R.J. says:

    I’m looking forward to the rest of this primary season. If this is all McCain has, he’s already lost the ad war.

  5. Estacada says:

    A cynical, frustrated, calculated political ad that attempts to exploit the still-raw nerve in 5% of Hillary’s supporters.

    If the Hillbots fall for it, then they really are hopeless and deserve a McCain administration.

  6. kellybelle says:

    I’m so sick of McCain. The GOP’s Biden talking points are that picking Biden shows that Barack knows he’s weak. As ridiculous as it sounds, you get enough talking heads on tv saying it for two days straight people believe it.

  7. Travelingman says:

    McOldwhiteguy can have the PUMA’s far as I am concerned. These are people who live on the fringe. Any democrat who would vote for a republican before voting for a dem deserves to get pushed out of the party. Who needs em.

  8. fran says:

    Oh so that’s how they will play this? Two can play at this game– I recall some serious bickering w Romney in the debates. McSame got downright livid w Romney, we can roll film & serve it right back.


    Then again there are a whole lot of other angles with which to spar– maybe they are getting along now because they are busy counting their oober wealthy tax breaks for the richest 1%. (Dollar signs in their eyes).

    Seriously, I halfway wondered if Cheney would be picked just because they can’t get him to budge out of his cave (undisclosed location). VEEP by default.
    Maybe he’s dug in with his gun & refusing to leave in January?

  9. ellis says:

    For Hillary supporters to vote for McCain as a form of retaliation is beyond petty, especially considering how close Hillary and Obama’s politics actually are. The sense of entitlement amongst some in the Hillary camp continues even after Hillary has taken the high road and endorsed Obama and criticized McCain’s recent ad. It’s time her supporters follow suit. There’s a reason she was passed over twice. Deal with it.

  10. rastamick61 says:

    Hey, imagine anyone getting over on the Petty Unglued Menopausal Psychobitches ! They come across as the worst sort of roobs and dupes you’d ever want to meet.

  11. Randy Arroyo says:

    KABC announced tonight that Hillary planned to released her delegates to Obama. This is what she should’ve done when she suspended her campaign and not drag it out. By delaying, it made her forever look small and petty and I wouldn’t vote for her for president in 2016 or in 3016. As far as her nutty followers are concerned, I hope the Denver police lock them up and throw away the key.

  12. Ypsilanti says:

    I can only speak for myself but this is where I stand on Hillary’s lemmings.

    I am sick and tired of hearing about them.

    They are not normal and they are not healthy and if I were Mrs. Clinton, who has a young daughter, I would urge her to meet with the Hillbots and tell them in no uncertain terms that their rhetoric is damaging the Obama and the Democratic brand and could help elect an anti-choice, pro-war, neocon.

  13. proudprogressive says:

    Tonight the keynote she has got to shut them down once and for all – in no uncertain terms.

    She knows how to fight the repubtards – she better catch this fly ball, low ball batshit crazy shit and play it for the party – we can reach the working class , and win this thing. If she shuts them down – tells them to stop it NOW. i heard that she might do something twisted ? like saying that to vote at the convention for her was to vote for mcpain – she would never do that , altruistic –

    or would she….if we get a taste of hope , and her followers , backers divide us – and we get more of the same – it is the end , my friends. Welcome to the long emergency…I am in Mountain time and on the edge of my futon. She had better give up dem delagates NOW.

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