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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

“If somebody had a crime that the president had committed that would be a different story.” – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whoring her new autobiography on ABC’s The View, and explaining why she refuses to impeach George Bush

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20 Responses to Douchebag Quote of the Day

  1. PUMA SUX says:

    Nanny Pelosi must have Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Bush has started a war based on bogus intelligence, politicized the DoJ, and ignored the Federal bidding rules for government contracts.

    Bush’s list of crimes go on and on and on. Pelosi is a true American moron who just blathers twattery.

  2. Harry says:

    Nancy Pelosi is Bush’s partner in crime. She will go down in history as the worst Speaker ever.

  3. joost says:

    I believe the case could be made that Nancy Pelosi is guilty of gross incompetence and her behavior is counterintuitive to the Oath of Office she took upon becoming Speaker of the House.

    That Oath reads as follows:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God. ”

    It is clear to me that Nancy Pelosi is utterly and completely clueless vis a vis the Constitution of the United States and if I were a betting man, I would put $100 on the position she’s never read the governing document of this nation.

    But then again, when it was shown the Bush administration had engaged in torture (something signatories to the Geneva Convention cannot engage in), Pelosi, when asked about impeaching Bush said, “I do not see any impeachable offense.”

    I have lost faith in this country and the voters who elect people like this woman. I recently saw a poll that shows Dianne Feinstein, if she decides to run for California governor, would receive 70% of the vote. And this is from a so-called “blue, liberal state.”

  4. TOM339 says:

    Joost – What about Pelosi being up for reelection in November?

    The polls in this race show her beating every and any challenger including Cindy Sheehan.

    I am almost there with you when you say you’ve lost all faith in the voters who elect these scoundrels.

  5. Rachel says:

    Nancy Pelosi has a lot of baggage the Bush administration’s lawyers could use against her to embarrass her with if she tried to impeach the president. Like using illegal immigrants to do work on her Pacific Heights mansion. No, I’m afraid the Speaker has turned out to be Bush’s best friend in his long list of lawlessness. She drove the getaway car.

  6. DMason says:

    Thanks, Joost, for the post. I totally agree. Pelosi has abdicated the Oath of Office she swore to uphold and flaunted her nose at the Constitution in the process. She belongs before a judge and jury.

  7. taco says:

    Pelosi is a true American moron who just blathers twattery.


    No argument from me about this.

  8. I can’t wait to see her standup routine.

  9. I’m generally aganist impeachment in any case. If the voters want to reject a politician they should do so at the voting booth. I supported the Clinton impeachment but in hindsight reject it. We as a country need to focus on the problems on hand and not silly politics which are what impeachment hearings almost alwasy amount to.

  10. DCVET says:

    The most powerful tool a president has at his disposal is making the case to the Congress for taking the nation to war. Bush knowing lied about the core reason for the Iraq war invasion: WMD. This is a blatant abuse of power and more than sufficient cause to order the Articles of Impeachment. There is no comparing what Bush did to impeaching Clinton for lying about an affair.

  11. smoothie says:

    I have this image in my mind of Nancy Pelosi and George Bush lounging together in a hot tub at Camp David.

    Pelosi says to Bush: “And people think we hate each other.”

  12. panasit says:

    Grounds for impeaching George W. Bush are quite clear. Let’s begin with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln, who in 1848 wrote:

    “Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion and you will allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose, and you will allow him to make war at pleasure. If today, he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada, to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, ‘I see no probability of the British invading us,’ but he will say to you, ‘Be silent; I see it, if you don’t.’”

    In direct violation of Articles 41 and 42 of the United Nations Charter, a treaty ratified by the United States Senate in 1945 and therefore the supreme law of the land as according to Article VI of the Constitution, George Walker Bush has advanced and executed a policy based on so-called pre-emptive or preventive war, whereby the United States of America claims the right to unilaterally assault, invade or occupy other nations without first engaging in collective measures with other member states of the United Nations or first gaining the prior assent of the United Nations Security Council, and whereas George Walker Bush did apply this doctrine by launching a war of aggression against the sovereign nation of Iraq, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and thousands of United States military personnel, without United Nations Security Council authorization, whereby said George Walker Bush, as President of the United States,by advancing a doctrine of preventive war and initiating and continuing the invasion and occupation of Iraq by United States forces did commit and was guilty of precisely such high crimes against the United States of America as Abraham Lincoln foresaw.

    If the invasion and occupation of Iraq doesn’t meet the threshold of criminal behavior then the United States is a banana republic.

  13. Aunt Peg says:

    I nominate Panasit for Speaker of the House!

    Panasit is obvious much smarter than the idiot Pelosi and has a much better command of the issues and the Constitution. I’m serious. Pelosi should be hosting the society girls back home for teas at her San Francisco abode.

  14. there are about 5,000 reasons and broken laws for impeaching President Douchebag

    but Speaker Scumbag is too busy protecting her bony ass from Rush and Ann to worry about the a little thing like the law

    prediction — nancy will NOT be the speaker come January

  15. Randy Arroyo says:

    When Nancy Pelosi passes away, the first paragraph of her obit will contain this sentence, “The Speaker refused to impeach George Bush saying, “Impeachment is off the table.”” I would think she would have wanted to be known for more but I guess I’m wrong.

  16. Jim says:

    Is she out of her fucking mind? How about WAR CRIMINAL as a warm up?

  17. feminazi says:

    Last summer, I had a conversation with a U.S. House member from my state of Connecticut. He is a very good guy, voted against the Iraq war, votes against funding the war, pro-women’s rights, pro-gay rights, etc., and I’ve known him for years. The topic of conversation came around to the House leadership — specifically Speaker Pelosi and he told me she enjoys zero credibility among members of her own party. In fact, Pelosi is seen as a joke. I was stunned but not really surprised. I asked him if he believed it had to do with the fact she’s a woman? I was told absolutely not but it had everything to do with the perception that she isn’t qualified and she lacks a commend of the issues.

  18. fairlane says:

    There is, at the very least, enough to begin an investigation of the sonofabitch.

    Democrats want the same power, and investigating Chimpy will fuck that up.

  19. fran says:

    Pelosi has obstructed justice for the entire nation, regarding a long & serious list of high crimes & misdemeanors, and human rights violations. The blood & torture (karma) is on her hands.
    There has got to be a special place in hell for Nancy.

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