Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming soon to a news rack near you is this piece of filth from the New Yorker Magazine.

On the cover is an illustration of the Michelle and Barack Obama. Michelle is wearing an Angela Davis-style afro and over her should is slung a machine gun. Barack is decked out in African attire and wearing sandals. The couple is engaging in the “terrorist fist jab” as first characterized by ED Hill of Fixed Noise.

What made the lefty New Yorker indulge in such a smear campaign of the Obamas? Why it’s enough to make the hearts of the PUMA crowd sing with glee!

The illustration, by Barry Blitt is called “The Politics of Fear” and, according to a New Yorker press release, “satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama’s campaign.” Strange how the New Yorker decided to “satirize” the Obamas but not John and Cindy McCain?

The joke isn’t so funny or enlightening to Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton, who called it “tastless and offensive.” Jake Tapper at ABC, another high-profile Obama supporter called it “as offensive a caricature as any magazine could publish.” At least the New Yorker don’t show the Obamas eating watermelon and smoking menthol cigarettes.

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24 Responses to Why?

  1. VicoDANIEL says:


    From the New Yorker? Please, the New Yorker have written nothing but glowing pieces about Hillary Clinton from day she first declared her intention to run for the US Senate.

    Their pieces during her presidential campaign — one of the worst run presidential campaigns in modern political history, have also been glowing.

    The New Yorker should be ashamed of itself for perpetuating the myths of the Obama’s faith and ties to radical political groups. They’ve handed a template to every kook group in the nation who want to see the Obamas destroyed.


  2. RainBro says:

    I Love It.
    Of course, I don’t believe it should have been on the cover, though. Only 10% of the people who see it will actually read the article.

  3. Kellybelle says:

    I bet Brack does eat watermelon–you know it’s natures viagra. LOL.
    This is just…wrong.

  4. R.J. says:

    Too bad I don’t have any drawing skills. Otherwise, I’d draw McCain running off with Cindy to their private airplane and money from the Keating 5 would overflow from his suit pockets.

    He might even call her a cunt, too.

  5. I get the cartoon and think it’s funny. I’m going to have to actually defend “The New Yorker” it’s meant for the non-hick crowd and if you don’t get the cartoon then you are really stupid. Problem with the cartoon, lot’s of stupid people out there.

  6. feminazi says:

    OK. I’m trying to follow here. The New Yorker prints a cover that shows Michelle Obama in an Angela Davis-style afro and slinging a machine gun over her should and Barack Obama in sandals, wearing Northern African garb and the couple is doing the “ED Hill terrorist jab” and this is supposed to help him in Lawrence, KS? What am I missing here?

  7. Ypsilanti says:

    This cover is blatant, unapologetic racism.

    Imagine the screeching by the Hillbots if the New York published a cover of Hillary with huge hips and the string from a Tampon dangling down between her legs?

    Or McCain looking like a cadaver, spooning prunes into a mouth missing teeth?

    But it is somehow acceptable to portray Michelle and Barack Obama as dangerous, un-Americans with ties to terrorist images? Sorry but this dog doesn’t bark.

  8. Winnie H. says:

    Piece of filth is right, Christopher.

    Oh, I “get it” alright. I’m one of those east-coast lefty types. But I also “get” that it’s racism hiding under the veneer of satire.

    Racism by any other name? Still racism.

    And I also get what vicoDaniel is saying about The New Yorker’s relationship with Hillary. I bet Bill and Hillary will have a signed copy of this hanging in their home. After all, they’ve been trying to tell us all along that Obama will never win because he’s black. :/

  9. Estacada says:

    Good satire is difficult to pull off.

    This is not good satire. It’s a not-so-thinly veiled attack on the Obama’s ethnicity, as well the racial and religious stereotypes and misconceptions they have has to deal with since the day they were born.

    Only a conservative or an angry Hillbot would find humor in this terrible cover art. I am not surprised to see the New Yorker engage in this sort of thing. After all, they’re the unofficial “mag” of the Upper Westside swells who voted for Hillary over Obama in the primary by a ratio of 2-to-1 earlier this spring.

  10. Aunt Peg says:

    Sickening. I think we should deface every copy of the New Yorker we encounter in Borders, Barnes and Noble and the library. Send these racist New Yorkers a loud, well organized message from the little people who live outside Manhattan.

  11. Harry says:

    Truly shameful. But the Clintons made racism an acceptable part of the 2008 presidential campaign.

  12. Brigadoon says:

    Did Chelsea Clinton draw this? Everyone says the Clinton’s little princess hates Michelle and Barack Obama for “stealing the nomination” from her mother. I seem to recall reading Chelsea was a talented sketch artist and once thought of becoming a fashion illustrator. This looks like something little Chelsea would offer up.

  13. Kurt says:

    Yep, let’s all fight with each other and let McCain run Bush’s third term.
    Job well done, New Yorker.

  14. Travelingman says:

    This is the most moronic thing the New Yorker could do. I hope they go fucking belly up and out of business. Satire is suposed to be funny…does anyone find this funny?

    From Wiki “This “militant irony” (or sarcasm) often professes to approve the very things the satirist actually wishes to attack.”…nuff said, or am I just a stupid, bitter homo who does not get the joke?

  15. proudprogressive says:

    The feminist majority website sent me an email i was happy to receive..i find the cover absolutely horrific , and beyond the pale and on the fuckin New Yorker , please they knew exactly what they were doing and shame on THEM – we are demanding the cover be pulled. seriously ! at first i had heard wrong, that it was only a cartoon within the inside of the mag know for its cartoons…ok bad enough.

    But the cover ! If you want to sign a petition – google feminst majority – my link has my personal info and i am not great at links. I am reasonably sure the color of change website will be starting a campaign to the New Yorker as well – but i have not received that yet.

    I am outraged. my self we know people absorb these images subliminally and this is a disgrace.

    we need to let them know this is NOT OK – anymore then a heinously stereotyped misogynous image of hillary would be – its just not ok.. who is next you know what i mean –


  16. Miranda says:

    OMG….Ypsilanti…..now I can’t stop laughing. That visual is what The New Yorker completely missed. There is supposed to be a bit of truth in any good satire, and that’s the point people have been trying to make all darn day. Hillary’s a woman…the tampon angle would be hilarious (although she may be pass those days)…McCain is old, I just HOPE he has prunes everyday, Lord knows him being stopped up can’t be good for anybody. Where was the bit of “truth” in that New Yorker cover? If the only truth was that it was all a lie, then why were the liars spared any acknowledgement on the cover of their ridiculousness?

  17. Tengrain says:

    I refused to snark about it, I found it so offensive.

    Oh, and you are absolutely right. The PUMA crowd is thrilled (I’m getting their daily email blast for some reason.)



  18. Randy Arroyo says:

    Agreed. I’m sure the Clintons have enlargements over their mantle, headboard and the bathrooms of their homes in Chappaqua, DC and Florida. The Hillbots are gleeful at DU and the PUMA whackos at 44 are licking their chops. I guess New York really is the Clinton’s plantation. Shameful and disgusting.

  19. Circle See says:

    They knew exactly what they were doing and it isn’t satire.

    This has the ring of PUMA and ths lunatic Hillbots who still can’t get over the fact Senator Pantsuit got her fat ass kicked in the primary.

    For me, I don’t plan to buy another copy of the New Yorker again.

  20. missy says:

    …just popped over after reading your comments at The Field…great points and cool blog!

  21. fran says:

    Someone with advanced photoshop skills should do up a nice counter cover– a huge dumpster with the top New Yorker title showing at an angle on a heap of garbage with flies buzzing around. Trash in trash out.

    Please! Put out the garbage.

    Can you imaging the conversation they are having with their kids? This is low down dirty politics, racist bullshit.
    Pay no attention to it kids– this is the nasty stuff we warned you about.

  22. DMason says:

    Ypsilanti – Bwaaaaaaaaa! Now that’s an image I could go a lifetime without seeing!

  23. Rachel says:

    No comment. Everyone has said it better than I can hope to.

  24. TOM339 says:

    Sorry, but this cover isn’t satire.

    Look up the meaning of the word. It’s clear to me that the New Yorker has joined the lunatic fringe trying their best to destroy Obama’s chances of becoming president.

    Does anyone think they would’ve had such a cover if the Queen of Manhattan, AKA, Hillary Clinton, had been the nominee?

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