Bushwhacked Again, Harry and Nancy Crawl Home


The first Democratic-led Congress in a dozen years limped out of Washington last night with a lengthy list of accomplishments, from the first increase in fuel-efficiency standards in a generation to the first minimum-wage hike in a decade.

But Democrats’ failure to address the central issues that swept them to power left even the most partisan of them dissatisfied and Congress mired at a historic low in public esteem.

Handed control of Congress last year after making promises to end the war in Iraq, restore fiscal discipline in Washington and check President Bush’s powers, Democrats instead closed the first session of the 110th Congress yesterday with House votes that sent Bush $70 billion in war funding, with no strings attached, and a $50 billion alternative-minimum-tax measure that shattered their pledge not to add to the federal budget deficit.

Some senior Democrats have grown so distraught that they do not expect any significant change in Iraq policy unless a Democrat wins the White House in 2008. “It’s unfortunate that we may have to wait till the elections,” said Sen. Ted Kennedy yesterday.

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7 Responses to Bushwhacked Again, Harry and Nancy Crawl Home

  1. feminazi says:

    My great wish is to see both Reid and Pelosi defeated in their home states by voters as sick and tired of them as I am. They can shuffle and dance and juggle until the cows come home but the fact remain, they ignored the will of the American people and failed to cut off funding for Bush’s Iraq war. Nothing else matters. Nothing else, as long as Americans are dying needlessly for oil.

  2. Christopher Dodd deserves to be Majority leader, if not Vice President. He is one of the few true statesmen left in our simpering Congress. I want to remind people, that Wexlerwantshearings.com is still collecting signatures for Impeachment hearings. I urge all of us to continue to email our friends and lists etc with the link , there is plenty of time. Its about the process, and this is the absolute closest we have ever been. There is no deadline. It is growing by several thousand overnight. WE need to get it up to a million. All lgbT rights are found in our Constitution. One million people will send a message to Reid and Pelosi – they have NO RIGHT to deprive WE the people of the right to address High Crimes and Misdomeaners, nor our right to address Congress with our Grievances. If we are passive about this, than we are colluding with Tyranny.

    luv Yuz all – P2

  3. dguzman says:

    Oh Teddy, as if a dem president will get us out of Iraq anyway! Not on your life–we’ve already seen every major dem candidate refusing to commit to ending the war. It’ll be business as usual up there; the lobbyists and Blackwaters and Halliburtons of the world will make sure of that.

  4. Rachel says:

    Pelosi and Reid hide behind, “We don’t have the votes,” because they’re too timid, too weak, to do the right thing and that means fight for the people who elected them to office. They’re despicable.

  5. Larry says:

    Good post.

    The “Devils Duo” have accomplished everything Bush has set out to do.

    The “Devils Duo” are a pair of successful sellouts.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    Support Cindy Sheehan. Give her the resources she needs to knock off Nanny.

    Next, we can look at how to dethrone Stepnfetchit.

  7. since Bush has shit all over the constitution — it is time to start all over again…….

    with people like pelosi and reid and bush– no wonder so many people have divorced themselves from their govt. it is too depressing

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